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Circular No 456

Newsletter for the Alumni of the Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 31 July 2010 No.456
Dear Friends, 
News on Monastery and the unofficial story of the state and how it got there.
Unfortunately there is no official version, neither there seem to be plans to integrate old boys in the solution.
RE: Top of the Mount
...16 july 2010
From: Glen Mckoy   
Thank you Nigel for this summary of events,
Let no one never say we did not try, and try we did, generations from now will read this in our Circulars, for that is all that will be left of our history, to think that only a few good men built such a great place, and now to see only a few small minded men, on a small island, let it go into ruin, all because of pity differences, pride and selfishness, may God have mercy on us all. 
Do you think the Muslims would like this place to be a Mosque ??
Just a stupid question. 
This is the highest church of the land, does it symbolize anything ??
this is bigger than you and I, believe me this is only the beginning, of what will happen to the flatlands, who once looked up to the mount for their blessings. 
May God look over our remaining Fathers and the great lady Kitty, that still lives on the mount, for we certainly are not capable of doing even this.
I still remain upset about this situation; this is not a nice day, 
Glen McKoy. 
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 21:39:29 -0400 
Indeed, the loss of St. Benet's Hall by the Monastery seems to have been due to lack of oversight by the authorities.
One must wonder whether the monks have been relying, over the years, on legal advice, and if so, how come this unfortunate occurrence has come about.   
But be that as it may. 
The point is that we as a group have approved the establishment of a small administrative office, whose purpose it is, as I understand it, quite manifold, including the responsibility to keep us apprised of developments relative to MSB, offering to assist Fr. Abbot in any way in which he might request our help, seeking input from the Old Boys as to suggested actions we might undertake, and so on. . . .  
But definitely, for the past year, at least, I do not recall seeing any newsletter, any advisory, any notification, any suggestion, anything at all emanating from the Administration. 
There had been plans, I know, in the early days, when enthusiasm was high, and discussions were held between Fr. Abbot and some of the Old Boys, as I recorded in an email dated September 24, 2007 to Fr.Cuthbert:  
"I have just received a note from Manuel Prada indicating that some sort of discussions have taken place between Fr. Abbot and a number of the MSB Old Boys with regard to the Sports Complex at the Mount.
I must confess that I really do not get much information from the various attached notes, and I am wondering whether I could request a report by email from whoever at the Monastery is handling this matter, as to the plans for the various buildings , lands, Sports Complex, etc. which all form part of the Monastery's holdings. 
"The Abbey School holds many wonderful memories for all of us who were privileged to pass through its halls, and we must now consider that we were indeed blessed by the very fact of our isolation and togetherness, as these have hardened us and brought us together as a group, even though many years have passed since we walked on those grounds and played on those fields. . . . .  now, we see that the day has arrived when the very Monastery where, individually, we received the greatest spiritual gifts that any boy could desire, is soon to close its doors.
What is to happen to the buildings?
What to the lands, the playing fields, the swimming pool, the tennis courts, the Visitor's House, the Rest House, the Abbey School itself, St. Benet's Hall, the entire Complex?
Surely, there must be a plan somewhere! 
"Is it possible that among the many of us who were fortunate to attend classes at the Abbey School, there might be one or two who are in a position, as Lawyers, as Surveyors, as Real Estate Agents, as Politicians, as friends, who could come to the aid of the old place and offer some advice and help?"
On September 25, 2007, I wrote to Howard Ho: 
Far be it from me to tell the good monks what to do with their property.
I've not given much thought to this myself, but it would seem to me that they must have foreseen the day coming when this could happen, and if so, their contingency plans should be put into place.
I am simply wondering what their plans are for the huge holdings at the Mount, and if they would be so good as to share the info with us, perhaps some of us might be in a position to advise / assist. 
Seems to me, at the outset, that an Advisory Council / Committee made up of Fr. Abbott, his legal counsel, one or two trusted members of the T'dad community and perhaps some of us Old Boys could be set up to examine the question and to make recommendations.
But maybe they've already done all of this - I just don't know.
On September 25, 2007 also, Jon Golding had written  
I am not sure what this is all about but if reading between the lines we understand that they want to sell off the field to raise cash perhaps we could all be informed about the situation, as Nigel has put it so well below, and find an in-house solution. 
Some of us have on several occasions told the Abbot and Fr Cuthbert (and even Bro Vincent the night we saw Manuel in TT last year) that the old boys collectively have the resources (mental as well as financial) AND the motivation - to build a retirement retreat for us and our families - somewhere in the vast acreage - which would create a real community with considerable pedigree and support for the objectives of the Abbot and monks. 
Can we know more about all this please? 
Jon Golding
Geoff Golding
Ian Golding
On September 25, 2007, Manuel Prada also contributed
I believe that this confusion has arisen after having read Kertez´s Mount circular. 
I think it´s #30. Please check it out.
The person in charge of a leasing and reconstruction of Mount´s sports complex is Bro. Rupert.
I know of this because he comes often to Venezuela and we have a close friendly relation, including Isaias.
Rupert is a very close friend of the Tangs, my Trinidadian famly.
The monks don´t want to sell or anything of the sort.
I understand the complex could be revamped and it would be of great service to the community as a whole and to the Abbey, specifically, as an important source of money.
This is what it is all about.
Please contact Br. Rupert or the Abbot.
Pud was just a very important and fortunate contact with the government authorities after Rupert made the comment to him and Rupert being sort of despaired for the government not having answered after having they made an offer in the sense that I have mentioned.
This last august was in TT for a very short visit: a Tang´s wedding and a meeting with dear fat Pud.
I don´t have his new  email but he can easily be reached in TT.Hope this note  clarifies things. Do contact Rupert or his excellency the Abbot for further actual details. . Regards and promise to see you on my next visit. 
And Che Che Echeverria added: 
Gosh ! ... I am soooooooo proud of you all.  I really do not know what is going exactly regarding the preservation of Mount's lands, but it makes me feel so proud to see how you guys take care of the most beautiful memories of My life.  And then I notice that perhaps they are also Yours !!! I was thrilled and sad at the same time to see the latest pictures of the football field, I so much enjoyed, seemingly abandoned.  And the pool, the showers.  It brought so many memories.
GOD bless you all.
My Brothers ......................................... The Mount Boys !
You make feel privileged and proud !
On October 19, 2007, Winston Ramsahai explained: 
The Monastery - in particular, Fr Abbot does not want the Abbey's problems published and comments on the circular, hence my reason for reaching out to you. 
The concerns are :
1- About 10 yrs ago The Monastery allowed a person to upgrade and use Benet Hall and its facilities including the prep rooms and now the individual do not want to sign a lease or pay an increased rent, the laws in TT, permit an occupier of premises to claim ownership of property after 16 yrs if you do not have a proper lease agreement in place.
The guy is looking in that direction.
Rent to Abbey is under TT$ 1,000,00 per month, and the charges TT$5,000,00 per day for the dining room use. 
The matter is now in the hands of JD Sellier & Co.
 The Abbot was verbally abused at the Hall during a function and the monks refrain from going up there...sad 
2- Similar scenario at PAX Guest House exists, here is a not bad as Bennet Hall, because the wife of the local guy operating PAX is Fr Augustine's niece, and quite frankly they will be seeking compensation for building PAX Guest House "name/goodwill"  before leaving.
The Abbot's plan is to address PAX after Bennet Hall is resolved. 
3- Several Old boys approached the monks over the years with grand plans, and nothing materialized, most were self motivated and not planned properly. 
Now that the major issues (have been) downloaded,
The Abbey needs us more the ever before, Fr Cuthbert spoke the words into my life a few month ago, " Why don't I start doing something about ASOBA " .... quite honestly, I pretended I did not hear him. 
I know that there had been talk about establishing a museum, for example, where we could all submit our odd stuff from the MSB days for the interest of visitors; we had discussed having a Sports Day at the Playing Field, and so on . . . .
But to this day, there has been no further word on these interesting plans.  
Where is the interest, guys? Where the motivation? Where's the leadership?  
What's going on? 
Nigel Boos  
Don Mitchell, CBE QC
09:13 (12 hours ago)  
I'm retired now, but it used to be my job :-)
On 8/8/2010 9:01 AM, azizul mohammed wrote:  
I saw this in front of a church and found it very interesting , any comments , guys
God Himself doesn't propose to judge a man until he is dead.
So why should you?  
Azizul Kenny Mohammed 
Rafael Echeverria
12:40 (9 hours ago)  
Don ... what a GREAT reflection ... what an incredible opportunity to exercise some philosophy !!!  
Well .... The Christ has the best answer to your question   
"Do not judge so that you are not judged" 
So ... We cannot judge people ... however ... we CAN judge VALUES. Behaviours. That process ('axiological knowledge' - conocimiento axiologico) is what makes us choose between good and evil ... But we are not entitled to set a judgement - or even less condemn - anyone.  That is not even Christian. [Of course, prudent exemption must be made of the judgement of men on men with regards to imposing the laws that rule relationships between men or between them and the public power... Jesus also said "Give to GOD what 'belongs to GOD' and to Cesar what 'belongs' to Cesar".]  
And .... regarding then what is 'good' or 'evil' ... the answeer is found within one's spirit inspired in the "natural order of things" ... ("sindéresis") ... inspired in the eternal truths ...  
And even after "he"... "the man" is dead is HIM ... GOD !  ... who judges .. not us ... and the judgement is imposed through LOVE.  
How much we have loved ? ... well .... the answer to that question will condition "the  judgement" under GOD.  Have we loved GOD and our neighbours as ourselves ?   
.... or .... in said in other words that I have heard over the year from some good friends "...  and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."  (The Beatles) ...  
There ...  
Regards .... 
 Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
06WK0016, Winston Kerry
09LK1767ASAATEAM, here are four of the five members
09LK0053EDIMSB, Bro. Bruno´s Poultry building
59XX0001FOOTBALL, Team that went to Guyana

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