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Circular No 454

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 17 July 2010 No.454
Dear Friends, 
Here is the movie taken during the Deacon´s ceremony where we contributed the DALMATIC robes, all of which had the name of Kitty Marcus. 
Now to the tales of the Circle of Golden Rings / Tales from the Knights.
From: Nigel P. Boos  
Hi there, Cornel.
Based on your last message, I believe you'd like to see the attached:
By the way, "Bandit's" real name is David de Castro. He lives in Miami.
Here's some "stuff" he'd written about himself a long time ago
I believe that when I went to Mount St. Benedict the school was just one year old.
Here are some of the stories from those early years. 
In those days the schools was divided into two sections – Big Boys and Little Boys.
The big boys would rough up and tap up the little boys until they realized with me that I liked to pelt stones so after a few stones in their back side they didn’t bother me any more.  
However, they made myself and John Maingot (the second youngest boy) fight every week.  
The big boys would tell John that I said that I was going ‘to cut his ass’ and they would tell me that John said that he was going to ‘cut my ass’. 
So it was standard procedure for myself and John to fight every week. 
As I remember it, I won some and I lost some. 
In those days Father Ildefons was the Head Master. 
One day he took off his collar and the boys formed a boxing ring and he had a fist fight (no gloves) with one of the Darwin boys. 
As Father Ildefons threw a right hand, Darwin blocked it with his arm and Father Ildefons broke his own hand. 
That was the end of the fight. 
Colin Phillip’s and I also had a big fight on the cricket grounds. 
We became best of friends after that and we are still very good friends today. 
I speak to him often. 
In 1945 when World War II was over (VJ Day) the priests made all the boys paint a ‘V’ for Victory sign, with white wash over the entire mountain, starting from Marsden Pool. 
It stretched for about 5 miles.
Somewhere around 1948, Macauly, my brother Delano, DeSantos and Michael Boyack and myself, founded the Bar Bell Boys and had a den in the bush.
With permission from Father Ildefonse I formed a steelband side called The Mount Mariners. 
It included not only the Bar Bell Boys but also Stanley Ferguson, Colin Phillips and Michel Nassief and some others. 
We were to have our first ‘pan around the neck’ parade for the carnival that year. 
Donald Boyd, Colin Phillips, Michele Nassief and Myself, got one of the day students from the village to buy us a bottle of rum. 
We got the bottle and the four of us took it to the den, drank it, chased with water and we all got thoroughly drunk and puked and fell down in the bushes. 
The next day we ended up in the infirmary with our so-called Doctor, Brother Michael telling him we had stomach problems. 
He never realized we were just sick drunks with a hangover. 
We revived in time for the carnival and we performed for the school and they all enjoyed a jump up around the school grounds. 
We also played for concerts at Mount St. Benedict. 
The Last Term
The night before we were to leave the Mount for the ending of the school year, myself and Philip Nassief decided to put shoe polish and toothpaste on the boy’s faces and hair while they were asleep.
In all the commotion and laughing Father Ildefonse found out about it and beat the shit out of Michel and I in the morning while we were still in our pajamas (6 strokes each with a cane) 
What a going away present. 
That was the year 1953 when I graduated from Senior Cambridge and left Mount St. Benedict. 
My first job was at Alstons in Port of Spain.
Reminiscing as I write I remember Father Leesingh, ( the dean at that time) beating me every week until he got fed up and told me to get out of the line as he was tired beating me.
Myself and Father Leesingh also played as a pair, pitching the biggest marble games in the history of the school. 
Some pots in the rings were 1000 marbles. 
I pitched with an iron slug and got the nickname ‘Dougles’ because an iron slug was called a dougle.
After Graduation I worked in Trinidad for one year, flying all over the place on my motor cycle, the flying tiger.
I then left for Canada in the year 1955. 
I formed a Calypso Band called the Fabulous Calypso Bandits and I was known as ‘The Bandit’. 
We traveled all through the United States and Canada for 12 years. (I will be mailing you  my latest compositions on my latest CD)
At present I am married to a lovely lady from Trinidad who was formerly a de Montbrun. 
I have 6 children and 10 grand children and live in a nice home with a pool and life is wonderful.
I thank God that I was fortunate to go to Mount St. Benedict and get a great education. 
I loved every minute of it, including the discipline and the beatings.
Yours Sincerely
Dave De Castro
“The Bandit” 
On 2010-06-16, at 11:14 AM, Cornel de Freitas wrote: 
Hello "Mr." Bandit!  (Just so you know I copied Glen on this.)
I do not know your real name, nor do I know which years you spent at The Abbey School, Mount St. Benedict, Tunapuna, Trinidad ....
But, what I do know is, that you are one of my Brothers! ... and that's all that matters.
So, whenever you feel up to it, drop me a 'little tale' of your time at that now famous castle in the sky that Our Dear 'little'  brother Glen writes so "Eloquently" about, he is good!!! ....and I believe everything he writes about.
And, yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you, that (I wish) more of us would encourage him to write a book!
Mount St. Benedict, although at the time I did not realize it, was a wonderful place and it (The Mount) and all the memories I have of it will live in my heart forever, especially the really great group of brothers I had the privilege and even honour to grow up with!
Until I received an email from Ladislao Kertesz some time ago saying:"Cornel, thank GOD we've found you." .. I felt there was a part of my life missing, like an emptiness.
(By the way are you a born Trinidadian? ...and do you still live there?)
I remember when I first came to Canada, I was having a conversation with some people, and among them were some Trinidadians, and when asked where I went to school and I told them that I attended The Abbey School Mount St. Benedict, do you know what they told me? 
"Oh, you went to the school of the 'Elite'." 
I did not understand what exactly they were speaking about, but you want to know something?
They were correct!  --- we were ALL of us "A Special Group Of Young Men" and specially blessed for the opportunity to attend in that Castle in the Sky, that our younger brother Glen writes about so beautifully. (Thank you Glen)
You nurture such beautiful memories and often touch our hearts.)
A little known fact, I was attending school at the Mount when the Union Jack was taken down and Trinidad's Tricolours was raised for the first time all over the nation, and also when 'Fidel Castro' made an impromptu visit to the Mount. 
The night before many of the boys were staring out of the window in the annex dormitory (Where there were all bunk beds) and saw his motorcade as a very long snake of lights leaving Piarco Airport coming across the flatlands.
He thought Mount St. Benedict was a fortress! and as I understand,  demanded' to visit it.
Take care,
GOD's Blessings on you and your loved ones. 
Cornel A. de Freitas   MSB 1959-1964 ...
TorontoOntario, CANADA
Subject: RE: Circle of Golden Rings / Tales from the Knights.
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 11:45:37 +0000 
you want to see me work hard, I may in time, it's all inspirations, I cannot just say I am writing, because I am not a writer, when all is calm and cool and going well, out of the blue it comes to me, so maybe your wishes may come true, I some pages already written, will try to put together, also I am a little lazy, ha! ha! later
Subject: RE: Circle of Golden Rings / Tales from the Knights.
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 18:08:51 -0400 
Subject: FW: Circle of Golden Rings / Tales from the Knights.
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 15:23:34 +0000 
Welcome to the Club the above names, have found their way back, within the past year, since they also left the mount, many live in different countries, and did not have any contact, and by some one in a million chance, a contact is made, too many impossible stories, for me to tell, of how and why these Knights are drawn to the
This is just one of tales, you have missed while you were away, please check the circular, where it is all written.  Cheers!! 
Tales from "The Knights of White Stones.", from the book,"The King of Hearts". 
Circle of Golden Rings.
In a Circle of Golden Rings, around a square table, high up in the mountains, of Tabor. Eight knights, eating & drinking & playing music, inside their bunker, in the middle of a mountain.
Celebrating, a knight who would soon be leaving, and going down to the flat lands. Cheers!! 
As a knight begins the day. The year, October/1962, from the book "The King Of Hearts" May the Lord bless, and protect our castle," The Abbey". 
As she still stands strong, in time through all calamities, as she looks at us from across the skies, with her always blessing eyes.
She still brings tears and smiles to our faces, in near and far away places, 4years ,4ever, The Mount.
Today's Tales, our new knights, are secrets, spoken only here, in this Bunker, in Mt.Tabor.
It is written, that a messenger from the voice of one, whispered into the ears, of a chosen few.
Since the year 1942, plus another 42, you must send your sons to the mount. 
This is a great sacrifice, you must make, and some hate you must take, but in the end, decades and decades, from now, your sons will sit, in the realm of the Knights, in the power of one, only then will they understand, their fathers wisdom, when they enter a world, of a golden time, hidden in the mountains, of this emerald forest, that surrounds us.
Right here, right now on Mt.Tabor.  Cheers!! Long Live the" Knights of White Stones", Yeah!! All for one, and one for ?? The Mount!! 
My story today, from the book, the"King of Hearts" The night that "White Stones", glowed.
On a warm April evening, around 7:45 p.m. in 1958. Some boys said they saw, a UFO, hovering above WhiteStones". 
Like the craft was looking for something, on top of the mountain,(Tabor) it came down so low, that the Stones, started to glow, and sparks started to fly, the craft pulled back up, stood for a minute and a half, and then shot up into the sky, and disappeared. 
All the Knights remained silent that night, the head knight on the mount at the time, decided in the morning, to call and inform, an outside, older knight of the Club. 
No more sightings, were recorded, that year 
New Knights, the Jungle is always alive, with so many creatures, slowly moving, or sitting and waiting.
The Knights like the animals, synchronize their senses, by spending long hours, learning how to focus, by slowly observing, their emerald surroundings. 
By closing their eyes, everything could be heard, in the wind, the jungle gently speaks to you. 
With open eyes, you should see, the eyes that are also looking at you, if you seek you will See, like the Eagles we feed.
Always moving with the spirit, made them strong and brave, as they ventured deep into the forest. 
As I leave, the only thing I will take, are our secret tales & stories, forever in my heart I will keep. 
A few months later, this Knight was leaving on a jet plane, and no one ever heard from him again.  
Short stories from the Tales, as the years went on. 
Those days you taught would never end, has only just begun. 
From a bunker, somewhere in the mountains of Tabor. 
The emerald forest is always alive.
Thank you again for your time, my fellow Brother-Knights, big hello to my brothers in Hurricane Zone, to the rest of my brothers, have a sunny day, 
Take care, and Smile, O.K.

FW: Circle of Golden Rings / Tales from the Knights.
From: Glen Mckoy   
Welcome to the Club the above names, have found their way back, within the past year, since they also left the mount, many live in different countries, and did not have any contact, and by some one in a million chance, a contact is made, too many impossible stories, for me to tell, of how and why these Knights are drawn to the Mount
This is just one of tales, you have missed while you were away, please check the circular, where it is all written.  
Cheers!!  Glen.  
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
59LK0001SPORTCERTIFICATE, Given to me by the East St. George AAA.
09LK0418CKNFAU, Christopher Knowles and Fr. Auguatine.
57RB01e9FBEFBE, Fr. Bernard and Fr. Benedict.

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