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Circular No 455

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 24 July 2010 No.455
Dear Friends,
 In this issue I am writing about Tony Vieira from Guyana, also a little on John Giaonnetti, whom you know by now.
He has created an On Line Forum for discussion of several issues that he has argued ably and he has strong opinions, please join him.
OK Abbey Old Boys Online Forum is up, please join and post‏.
From: John A Gioannetti (
Sent: at 7/17/10 3:16 PM
Domain: (MUST click link above first)
As soon as the following people join, I will grant them moderator rights
My role will be purely Technical
Shaun is also very Tech Savy, so I'll give him my Creator Rights, so he can do anything
I have never done an online forums before, I just have about 5 min experience, so please be patient with me on technical issues.
PS Pass this link to other Old Boys as its open to all former inmates sorry Freudian Slip students of Abbey/MSB, The Priest, Teachers etc.
I have Updated Photos on the MSB/Abbey Web Site
10 june 2010-07-17
From: John A Gioannetti
You can leave comments on each individual picture, so I can include names correct etc.
Send me any pics you have so I can Include
You appear to have e-mail Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities)
Ladislao which is your primary e-mail, you have both me and my Mac very confused????
(Please include me in so that the corrections of the files can be made , do not forget the long CODE number as I have many files, editor)
Hi everyone, 
I just updated my website and thought you might want to check it out.
To visit, just click on the links below or paste the URLs into your browser.
Take a look and let me know what you think!
RE: chill out, Father's Day‏
From:  Schaefer, Glen O CIV MSFSC, N02M (
Sent: Sat 7/17/10 2:29 PM 
I have been restraining myself from entering this but here we go, all my educated mount brothers,
The only this worst that an extremist is another extremist, regardless if they are Christian, Muslim  or whatever.
Fellas opinions are like assholes everyone has one.
Now to a more positive vibe. 
This father's day I spent it with two very special comrades YES, they were Olde Boys.
This was one of the best father's day that I have been fortunate to have experienced.
Here I was in Central California visiting my son when I got a phone call from one of our fellow Mount brother, Jerry Krishna Toolsie.
Jerry suggested that with me on the West Coast it would be great that our families link.
He then told me that Hudson Mckoy was on the West Coast also and he wanted to do the same.
Man... Hudson, I have not seen Hudson in thirty five years and it had been a couple of years since I last saw Krishna and his wonderful family.
So it was on. Krishna selected a wonderful Resort Spa with a fabulous restaurant and we decided to meet at 3:pm.
Here Krishna was driving about 75 miles North, Hudson was driving about 90-100 miles South and I was driving about 210 miles south to the rendezvous point.
My fellow olde boys I got there one time and we limed and hung out until about 8:pm that evening.
What impressed me the most is our families had never met before and my wife and daughter were interacting with Krishna’s and Hudson's family like they all attended the Mount with us.
Gentlemen that was like the best father's day present I ever received.
We sat and talked for hours and during those hours of conversation the Mount was not the focus.
I was so happy to hear my brothers Hudson and Krishna relate to their negative experiences at the Mount as great life learning experiences and have since utilized those negative experiences to grow and teach friend and family that when life gives you a lemon don't pucker your lips but rather make lemonade and market it with a smile. 
Gentlemen Hudson's son Jeno has an exceptional gift, I listened to his demo CD and it was outstanding, if any of my fellow Mount Olde Boys may know or know someone who knows any producer or folks in the music business I truly ask that you contact Hudson and give this CD an ear. 
On another note there is a 400 yr anniversary of some sought coming up for MSB.
I would really like for the olde boys to get together and render some labor force by assisting with an environmental clean up of some of the facilities up at the mount for this anniversary.
Please give some feedback.
I can really see the olde boys spending a Saturday and a Sunday volunteering cleaning up the facilities with food and drinks provided we can break out the weed eaters ,power washers paint brushes and really provide a face lift for the Mount.
Once we have completed our goal we can really put down a nice beach lime.
Positive and Negative feed back welcome. 
(all that is missing is the photos taken on the occasion, editor)
From: Nigel P. Boos  
I've got your message and implemented the changes you requested.
How interesting, that you should be leaving Guyana at this time.
I had thought that perhaps Pres. Jagdeo was getting things under control, but I may have misunderstood. 
Are you therefore now, making Miami your permanent home?
If you'd care to share your telephone number with me, I could alert other OB's from MSB who live in the area and let them know of your address change. 
Re. Roland Da Silva, I must admit I’ve never heard of him until now.
I'd be most interested to get all the dope on him and his (what's his name?) brother. 
Thank you for your kind input, and good luck in Miami
Finally, as you have requested, I'm relaying your info vis this email to other members of the Guyanese OB fraternity of which I'm aware. 
P.S. To all you ex-Guyanese folks - I'm trying to contact Marcel Gomes (Class of '58), who, perhaps, lives in Toronto, but I'm assured, does live somewhere in Canada. Can anyone help me to locate him? Thanks.  NB
On 23-Sep-09, at 11:30 AM, Tony Vieira wrote: 
Hi Nigel,
I found an old boy from the mount his name is Roland Da Silva he had a younger brother at the college as well in the early 60's
I will get you more information on them both, but please note I have left Guyana and I am now residing in Miami,
I will be relinquishing this email address soon,
My new email is Please pass on to the others.
Tony Vieira 
The PNCR yesterday said MP Anthony Vieira has resigned from the National Assembly. 
Anthony Vieira
In a press release the party said Vieira’s resignation became effective on January 1.
It also extended gratitude to Vieira for his services to Guyana and the PNCR.
Vieira last year migrated to the United States and sold his TV station business to the Ramroop Group. 
The demise of Vieira Communications Ltd began when the lottery company moved the nightly draw from VCT to NCN 
Dear Editor, 
It is time to set the record straight regarding my retreat from Guyana.
When I first sold VCT I was embroiled in several court cases and negotiations regarding such matters as property taxes and outstanding income taxes which constrained me from speaking for fear of further victimization. 
At the time I told the public that I was retiring and that I was disposing of my assets since I wanted to lead a less stressful life.
Nothing could have been further from the truth.
I loved being a broadcaster in Guyana and I liked (not loved) being in Parliament; it’s boring!  
There is one inaccuracy in your report about my resignation from Parliament.
I have not migrated; I am for the time being in the US (although it could very well be the Bahamas), but I do not have a green card so I am essentially here as a visitor and I have been back to Guyana three times since June.
I am a Guyanese and a Vieira, and that makes me a substantial shareholder in real estate at Houston and I do still own a house at Versailles where my son Anthony lives, and I have acquired a house lot at Houston from my family where at some time I hope to build a house.
Yours faithfully,
Anthony Vieira 
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
06WK0011BRUGRP, Bro Rupert, Fr. Abbot and others.
XXSC0012UNKNOWN at the Pool.
63DM0102POOL, Photo by Don Mitchell.

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  1. The black and white pool photograph above in No 455 is a good one. It says it was taken by me. But it was not and I cannot claim credit for it.

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