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Circular No 439

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 3 April 2010 No.439
Dear Friends, 
A new friend has written to us, Raphael Howchung, welcome to the ALUMNI Newsletter and the Association of Alumni. 
While you read this Circular, you can watch the latest video that Glen Mckoy sent me: 
Hi Laci,
My name is Raphael Benedict How Chung, and I attended Abbey School during the period ( 1960-66) .
I was in St Francis House and I played Soccer and Cricket during my time there.
I also ran for Abbey School against the other secondary schools, but was not very successful in the 100 and 200 yards race then.......
I have always wondered what became of my compadres since we all went separate ways..........whatever became of the likes of John Fimian, Allan Apo, David Chow Chong, Terrence Ferreira, Paul Tadros, Fernandes etc.......
I see Richard Clerk at Mass from time to time, and I also see our ex-coach, Desmond De Nobriga. also known as "Tuco".
I hear that Harry Laughlin lives in Haleland Park, but I have not been able to hook up with him.
I am aware that Dennis Gurley is in the legal profession, and he's in Trinidad, like me.
I met his younger brother at a "wine and cheese” function, Christian, and we promised to keep in touch, but that never materialised.
Actually, when I left the Abbey School, I went to a Catholic Jesuit University, St Mary's University, in Nova Scotia, Canada, and I met quite a few Ex- Abbey boys there.
There were the Henderson brothers," Cush" I had known whilst at the Abbey, his elder brothers, I had only heard of them....the Gurley brothers were there, together with the Herrera brothers, Allan being my contemporary.
When I was leaving SMU, the Poon Tips and Bhagan boys were just arriving.
Oh, Roger Ames was also at SMU when I was there, and I forgot, Ian O Connor and Lee Teung et al.
I see Charlie Kong Ting and his brother Kenneth every now and again.
Please!!! Gentlemen of the Mount, if you have info, please share it as we continue to re-establish past relationships. 
I remember Bro Vincent, but I did not know what became of him until I read your recent e-mail.
Got to go now, but please let us continue to keep in touch.
Josh (Joe) Schoemaker and Attila Gyuris meet again after 40 years.

Wed, February 10, 2010 1:22:09 PM

Hi, Attila.
This was so nice, to get your email reporting your recent reunion with Josh.
The photographs tell a great story, too, and thank you for sending them on to all of us, who have been suitably impressed.
I'd also never seen the pic of your 2nd MSB patrol, with both you and Josh featured, so I'll add it to my "Scouting" pic.
I would hope that, now that you have found one another again, you'll be able to keep in touch more regularly.
Of such contacts are commitments made.
Wishing you both well, you and your families.
On 2010-02-09, at 1:26 PM, Attila GYURIS wrote: 
Well, it finally happened last Saturday Feb 6, 2010.
After having to postpone this reunion for one reason or another, we finally met.
We were able to carve out some time out of our busy schedules for a long-overdue reunion at Joe Schoemaker's beautiful house in Orange County California.  
We had been living only about 40 minutes away all these years without knowing it.
The last time we saw or heard from each other was when we said goodbye at the Abbey School Senior dorm on the third floor as we were furiously packing in our cubicles to go home,
After having sat for the last "O" Level GCE test, sometime in June 1969. 
We used to know him as "Josh" at the Mount, but since his real name is Joseph, when he and his family moved to Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii, (right after we both finished Form V in 1969), his name in the US became Joe. 
So it is Joe from now on. 
Joe and wife Adrienne have 3 children, two older daughters (in their mid to late 20's), and a younger son, Matthew, 20.
His two daughters were not there, as they have moved out for jobs elsewhere.
One daughter is in Singapore and the other is married and living in the Middle East, they are both chefs.
Youngest son Matthew is still living at home and is studying at a local college to work in the food and beverage industry.
His charming wife, Adrienne is from Texas.
Joe has dual degrees, one in pure Chemistry and then one in Chemical Engineering.
He made a career working in the food processing industry and now he owns his own engineering consulting company, TriTek Inc.  
He is fortunate to be working out of his home.
His wife Adrienne runs the home office and keeps the books. 
It was a magical evening, meeting Joe after 40 years of not seeing or knowing of him.
He was one of my best friends at the Mount.
We were together in the house of St. Anthony, in the Aqualads swim team, in the Woodpeckers patrol in Scouts, and of course in all the same Forms in school for the entire 5 years we were there. 
During "Parent's" day at the Mount, Joe's mom and dad always "adopted" me as my surrogate parents for the day.
Sometimes, during the long holiday weekends, and once for the entire Easter vacation, he would invite me to spend it (when we were allowed to leave) as a guest at his house in the sugar plantation, where his Dad worked as a manager.
Those outings were always so special for me since all my family was far away in Caracas.  
Also, there were quite a few girls in that beautiful compound where they lived in the sugar plantation, so you can imagine me, a Mount boy, suddenly let loose on unsuspecting girls,... girls,.. real girls, everywhere!!! 
It didn't really matter what they looked like. : - ) 
All in all it, was a wonderful evening, Joe and Adrienne are looking terrific and in good health.  
We did a lot of "catching up" about our lives during the last 40 years.
Interestingly, we hardly reminisced at all about the old Mount days. 
Time just flew by, and suddenly it was time to leave. 
We will leave the Mount reminiscing for our next get-together at my house in Lake Mathews, where I will bring out all the old photos. 
See attached 10 pictures of the reunion, plus one old Mount Scout camp photo to see what we looked like then, for those of you who might not remember. 
Attila Gyuris 
From: Nigel Boos
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 2:37 AM 
I may be wrong with some of these dates, so I'll need you guys to correct me. 
I have it on record that you, Attila, left MSB in 1969. (Correct?)
Now, there seems to have been 3 Roquefort boys who were OB's at MSB. Their names were, I'm told, Manuel (1967), Jose (1969) and Carlos (1974). If you are one of the Roquefort boys were both together in Scouts at the same time, I'd have to say that the name of the boy you refer to as "Roquefort the Younger" must have been Jose. Then, if you had fistfights with his older brother, your opponent must have been Manuel. Carlos would have been too young to be involved in a scrap with you, I'd say. 
Any sense in this?   
On 2010-02-24, at 1:06 AM, Attila GYURIS wrote: 
You may be right, but we need someone to verify it.  
Also, I need first names for boy #1 (Roquefort, the younger).  
He had an older brother who was also in Scouts, with whom I used to get into fistfights all the time.
I got the first name for # 4,... it is CARLOS Malaver.
I am attaching the photo again; to see if anyone could help out with the first names.
Waiting for a response from someone who remembers. 
Attila Gyuris 
--- On Tue, 2/23/10, Nigel Boos <> wrote:
From: Nigel Boos <>
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 2:32 AM 
This correspondence has opened up memories of two previously unmentioned OB's - Lee Hong Sing and McCartney.
My notes to date indicate that there were 3 McCartney Boys who attended school at MSB - Thomas, Raymond and Richard.
So far, only Richard has been listed as a 2nd MSB Scout.
Therefore, I'd say that the odds are, that the boy identified as "McCartney" could very well be Richard McCartney.
Thanks, fellas.
On 2010-02-22, at 9:48 PM, Attila GYURIS wrote: 
Hi Specs:
Yes it was a wonderful meeting.
Long overdue. Just to think we lived so close all these years without knowing it!
To answer your question... You do remember it correctly.  
As I described in my report below, Josh did indeed move to Hilo, (one of the big island of Hawaii,) with his parents right after he got out of Form V at the   
And that's where they stayed for the rest of their lives. (not a bad place to stay, I may add).
(By the way, Hawaii is part of the USA. 
It is the 50th State, incorporated in 1959. 
It is the only State of the USA composed entirely of tropical islands.... Maybe you meant the "Mainland" USA ?.)
Anyway, while living in Hawaii, Josh graduated from High school, then got a BA degree in Chemistry from a small local college there, and after that, he decided he wanted to go on to get a Chemical Engineering degree.
Except that career degree was not offered in Hawaii where he lived! 
So he applied to the University of Oregon (that's in the mainland, on the West Coast of the US, just above California), and received his Chem., E. degree from there.    
After graduating from the University of Oregon, he never returned to live in Hawaii, as he went on to jobs with food processing companies all located in the US Mainland. 
He is now self-employed as a consultant and works out of his house mostly. 
Thanks for the names on the scout camp photo.  
Would you remember McCartney's first name? 
Attila Gyuris 
PS:  I will gladly convey your regards when I see him next. But you all can write him directly also!
From: Michael D'Ornellas <>
Date: Monday, February 22, 2010, 8:57 AM 
Hi Attila,
What a great e-mail and such a wonderful experience.
Man, the last time I saw Josh was at Mount.
Josh & his parents lived at Sevilla in Caroni and were very friendly with Robert Wakefield.
I was always under the impression that Josh moved and settled in Hawaii … was not aware he moved to the USA .  
Kindly give him my fondest regards when you speak with him.
Attila, you and your family look great.
The two unidentified people in your Scout camp photo are: # 8 Mc Cartney & # 5 Lee Hong Sing
Take care my friend and have happy, healthy and peaceful 2010.
Jorge Iwaszkiewicz
30 Jan 
Estimado Ladislao:
La foto en este Circular, person #2...I think is Gerhard MOST?????!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW, during my time I was in MS boarding, my last year, we had a boarder from Africa, whose father was the Ambassador to Trinidad...........we nicknamed him "jambo"....I believe he was the first ever African accepted at MSB...well, those were the times!!.......anyone remember him???????? the moment I am in Nairobi, Kenya on a bank assignment for about a month!...not bad, but can only visit the wildlife on the weekend.
Te puedo mandar unas fotos!.............Jorge
Jorge Iwaszkiewicz 
Dear Friends, 
I am on vacation since the 26 of March and I am writing you from Valencia, Spain.
Finally I have had time to make corrections on the email addresses but not much more.
I sent you the regular emails and this one shall be sent soon.
The days have been running fast but I would like you to watch out for the presentation on the city of Valencia in my next Circular.
I have two sons living here and they are doing well,
I shall include two photos from a side trip to Madrid, one to the Air museum and the other to the train museum.
And two other that are the family photo and a photo to the city of Segovia, close to Madrid
Ladislao Kertesz at,
10JS0002JSCFAM, Josh Schoemaker and family
10JS0001JSCAGY, Josh Schoemaker and Attila Gyuris families.
48TE0003JDA, John Darwent.
56CJ0001FOOTBALLTEAM, Sent by Csaba Jakobszen

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