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Circular No 442

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 24 April 2010 No.442
Dear Friends, 
Here is news on our classmate Bernard Tappin, and his email address so that you I can contact him.
He has been met by our Webmaster, Kazim Abalasi, during one of his many trips to TT. 
Dr. Bernard Tappin, Holy Cross College, Arima, 4th Principal‏.
From:  kazim abasali (
Sent: Mon 11/23/09 3:47 PM 
Hi fellow alumni friends.
Here are 2 pics of Dr. Bernard Tappin at Holy Cross College Arima Alumni meeting held in the month of September in Arima.
The pic together with him is discussion about Mt St Benedict Abbey School alumni as we are both past students of our beloved Abbey School.
Blessings to you and the fraternity and your families....
Ladislao Kertesz
Dear Glen,
Yes, there is much to do before more of our associates leave us, i.e. ALUMNI.
I have been thinking to travel this year to TT, but I know that this would put pressure in the finances of the Association, so maybe we can work up something so that at least the lodging could be obtained free of cost.
I say this because under the circumstance we Venezuelans cannot get USD necessary to cover this, under the law.
But we can purchase the airline ticket, "for now" in local currency.
There needs to be a way to regularize the reunions in TT, specially taking into account that lots of ALUMNI have families there.
This must be managed from outside TT as I do not see any action inside and as you say there is a necessity of keep pushing.
Also since there is a need to have a salaried member of the Association to cover at least 4 hours work, there are still quite a few ALUMNI left out of the list.
I would vote for Christopher Knowles, who is retired and some TT dollars would not be rejected to cover his free work up to now, to round out his month.
The rest of the Association members are working so it should be not a big deal.
What about 3000 TT dollars/month?? Between 100 members = 30 per month?? Just guessing, that would be 5 USD aprox. or 72 USD per year per collaborating member.
With one look at the TT phone book I managed to find at least 20 ALUMNI that are not on the email list, and for who there is no information in the listing.
So here are ideas for you to work on.
I would like you to send me the answer thru Kertesz12@yahoo,com, the address used in Association business.
Maybe we could get the bylaws of one of the large associations as the lions etc. and work something while time passes.
God bless
Glen Mckoy
Thank you Ladislao,
Always so good to read these articles. 
The one on Peter Gorinsky, what a story, I would like to hear more from this brother, the adventures of his life. 
The ending photo, just beautiful.
Please, send me a note whenever, you think of it, what’s on your mind.
I need some directions, in general, what would you like to see, just picking your brains, I need to communicate, with you, we are at a cross roads. 
My actions have been random, many times on the spur of the moment, hopefully most were good.
Nigel and yourself are over worked, and should be compensated, for office supplies, and general maintenance, up keep of the Circular and Records keeping.
We are growing every month, these services are essential, in order for us to function and to stay as a group, and will not be taken for granted.
Full support must be given here.
We will address this in the New Year.  
It is working great and we do not want to lose it. 
Ladislao, if there is anything I can do to assist you, equipment you need, supplies, back up stuff, tell me, I will see what I can do.
Thinking of you mi hermano, the humble one.
Best regards
Glen McKoy.    
From: Nigel P. Boos
FYI. From Louis Lacour. 
Dear Nigel,
Please address all future E mails at 
Thanks for all the recent news, hope everybody in good health and getting along as they wish.
I am retired playing bridge every evening .
Next time I’ll give more details.
Bien amicalement
Re Gordon Lang (MSB)‏
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Tue 1/22/08 3:20 PM
To:  Johana ( 
So great to hear from you, how is Dad doing.
I have not been able to get hold of Peter Gaffney for him, will keep trying.
We are all fine and buzzing along.
Our prayers and good wishes continue to flow.
Love and blessings to you all.
As ever,
Val & Art 
RE: Re Gordon Lang (MSB)‏
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Fri 1/25/08 8:09 PM 
Thanks for reply; I deal with Carol in Colombia, but mostly Joanne Linterman in Toronto.
I am in Toronto now, as my wife's Mother just passed away.
I e-mailed Joanne and copied you as Gordon has passed on.
You continue to do such marvellous works.
Keep trucking! You spirit, friendship, and persistence has really stirred up the MSB Clan, and the "Ripple Effect" is tremendously successful in really re-uniting great blocks of all years and ages, and bonding camaraderie.
Yet we only have a given time to serve the Good Lord, and we never know when He will call us, so many of "my time" oldies are fading (hopefully not in oblivion).
Do continue to fill your days and time with love, caring and friendship.
Hopefully, when the Great One returns He will have a big bunch of those who spiritually and emotionally touched each other as we all glided through those "PAX" gates.
Peace be with us all, and especially the 'Motivators" like yourself, and those others who are ardently serving the cause, and getting the effect.
Friendship is a creation, not just a gift.
It gives much, and returns plentiful. In giving we do receive.
As ever, with mucho gusto,
(PS. Please remember that you started all of this thru snail mail, ed)
Subject: RE: Re Gordon Lang (MSB)
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 02:40:50 +0000 
Dear Art,
Are you writing on Gordon Lang??
Which daughter are you talking to?
God Bless
Re. Circular No. 358, The Abbey School MSB‏
From: Roberto Lipavsky (
Sent: Sat 11/29/08 5:11 PM 
Dear Laszlo,
My answer to Circular Nº 358 is like a scream of "BINGO", because with that circular, there is a picture of two Mount Boys:
One is Robert Bodington and the other guy "Unknown" will be known in the future as in the past as: Timothy Mew (I am not sure of the spelling) both were with us in class l958.
Timothy was from B.G. (Today Guyana) just like our other partner Attorney Marcel Gomes.
As I always say thanks for being there for the Mount Boys Association.
Once more Congratulations
Roberto Lipavsky (1958). 
From: "Maurice Lloyd"
Date: 28 Apr 14:50 (PDT)
Subject: RE: Ian Smart/phone 
I have found his brother in law and called but no answer so I will try later this evening.
God bless 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------.
On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 16:43:44 -0700, "Maurice Lloyd" wrote:  
I am trying to locate him as I live in Pitt Meadows, he is not in the phone book, but will ask around.
From: "Ladislao Kertesz"
Subject: RE: Ian Smart
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 16:40:08 -0700 (PDT)  
Any address, email, telephone?
He used to be in the listing but has cancelled the service.
God Bless
From: "Ladislao Kertesz"
Subject: RE: Ian Smart
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 18:05:21 -0700 (PDT)  
He used to have the 403 616 5788 phone number, and the company was Advantage Energy?
Re: MSB Abbey Old Boys Group
Nigel Boos
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 12:14:19 AM 
Dear Kazim,
Thank you for your kind note.
Please understand, I am not in charge of any activities whatever, of the MSB Old Boys Association and I have no authority at all in this matter,
Instead, I shall refer you to a few others who have far more knowledge than I, concerning these matters.
If any one of these folks (above) wish to contact you Re. your proposal, that I entirely their own business. I am not involved.
As you rightly point out, however, there is already in existence, a website for the MSB Old Boys, and I cannot believe that we should spend any money in financing a new one.
With every good wish.
Nigel Boos 
On 13-Oct-08, at 8:40 PM, KAZIM ABASALI wrote: 
Hi Nigel,
I googled something to research and I came upon The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict circulars.
A lot of memories flooded back as I am sure everyone experiences.
I am very much interested in the group and any activities I can support or assist in any possible.
I am a 'certified geek'. I build websites and do multimedia productions.
I built a website for my college (Holy Cross College before I came to MSB for 2 years).
The college is Holy Cross College of Arima.
I am at present in New York and also live in Phoenix, Arizona.
I am contemplating going home with the loss of a dear friend today for his funeral.
The Holy Cross College website is
I am also using Facebook to bring together the younger past students of Holy Cross and it is overwhelming with the enthusiasm as well as the interest shown.
We have to embrace the new technology to serve the goals and the good we intend.
I will be very happy to do a website, whatever for this group of ongoing students of MSB.
Anything that assist in our togetherness and love.
This is truly wonderful for all of you who have done so much for this group.
My life's work is shown in my personal website
I have other websites for myself as well as clients.
So take a look and I am extremely happy to support our old boys as I am already doing for Holy Cross College.
Blessings to you....
Kazim Abasali 
PS. I realized the Mount has its own website already. This website I will love to do for our group is for the old boys of The Abbey Mt. St Benedict. And when is this gig in Florida?
Kazim, your digital artist 
Thank you Kazim. 
Ladislao Kertesz
09GI005QSCOUTBADGE, George Iwaszkiewicz badge.
09RD0001RDEFAM, Richard de Verteuil family.
10KA0007KABBTA, Kazim Abasali and Bernard Tappin
10KA0010BTA, Bernard Tappin

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