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Circular No 443

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 1 May 2010 No.443
Dear Friends, 
This workers issue is about our incorporation of the Abbey School Alumni Association.
Although the date that the Certificate is 22 of March 2010, we wanted to prepare the by-laws and strengthen the formation of the non-profit company, before letting you know the news.
Here are the latest interchanges on the subject.
19 abril 2010
From: ""  
Dear Ladislao; 
I received your e-mail below under reply. 
I think that you should inform our fellow alumni that the Abbey School Alumni Association has been incorporated as a Non-profit company whose main object is to promote camaraderie amongst past students of The Abbey School, Mount St. Benedict, and invite past students to indicate if they have any suggestions in relation to furthering that main object, membership of the ASAA, funding and/or the governance of the ASAA. 
I also agree that you may place the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation and Notice of Directors on your Circular so that the alumni can have an understanding of the corporate structure of the Association. 
If there are any questions from past students I shall attempt to answer them. 
Fondest regards,
Dennis Gurley 
P.S. Peter, Chris and/or Joe can indicate to you if they have a different view and/or if they have any other suggestions.
129-131 Abercromby St.
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel # (868) 623-4283 Ext 1168/1169
From: ladislao kertesz []
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2010 9:55 Pm 
Dear Dennis,
Are we ready to place the Certificates, Articles and Notice of Directors on the Circular???
Please keep me informed and tell me what to publish
God Bless
From: ""
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 5:49:03 PM 
Dear Ladislao et al;
I am pleased to inform you that today I received from the Registrar of Companies the original Certificate of Incorporation of the newly formed Non-profit Corporation called “Abbey School Alumni Association”.
At long last we have a formal legal body with an identity separate and apart from its members and with a legal framework under which to operate.
I think that the “old boys” will be pleased to know. 
A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (which bears a March 22, 2010 date) Articles of Incorporation and Notice of Directors are attached for your record and information. 
In the coming weeks I propose that the Directors named in the articles should call a meeting to inter alia:-  
1. Appoint you as an additional Director and Member,
2. Appoint a Corporate Secretary,
3. Make a By-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of the company (along the lines of the model by-law as set out in the Companies Regulations, 1997 for a typical Non-profit company),
4. Make banking arrangements and
5. Transact any other business. 
If you are interested I can send you a copy of the model general by-law set out in the Regulations.
I expect that there may be some discussion as to classes of membership and membership fees (perhaps only nominal).
Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions on the way forward. 
Fondest regards and best wishes,
Dennis Gurley 
From: ladislao kertesz []
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 10:04 PM 
Dear Dennis
I am glad to hear the ASAA news.
Please inform me of the details.
When can I publish the news???
God Bless
GOOD NEWS, WE HAVE THE ASSOCIATION REGISTERED, here are the emails direct from Christopher Knowles. 
RE: ASAA name registration and news of Miss Markus.
17 MARCH 2010
From: Chris Knowles   
As I understand it, the Registrar of Companies saw no reason why we could not use the name.
Hence, we have gone ahead.
I do not know whether this information is 'up the hill' yet; I have not passed it on, nor will I, maybe until the registration is complete.
At that time more details if any may be available for circulation.
I heard today from Gary Matthews that Miss Markus is not too well these days, but I have no details. 
Please pass this information around.
Now is the time when the onslaught of collective prayer would be useful.
She needs the Comfort and Blessings of the Almighty.
Finally, I am travelling out of TT tomorrow and so may be out of the loop for a while, though hotmail will still be working.
God Bless,
From: Glen Mckoy   
My Brothers
This is an historical day for our Alumni, I am so happy to finally hear this wonderful news.
I must thank you gentlemen for sharing this, may God Bless everyone of you, for all the ups and downs, you have been on with this project.
We must thank God for hearing our prayers, as long as we walk in the light, we will accomplish many good things.
Best Regards, 
Glen McKoy.
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 14:07:46 -0700
Please see attached e mail from Chris Knowles.
I understand that Dennis Gurley got the approval of the Registrar General for the use of the Name.
Glen, it is so strange that the day before the actual signing of the documents that you should write about the communication of information.
Chris wanted to have this done and then break the good news.
I understand that Joe and Chris were supposed to attend Dennis Gurley’s office to sign the relative documents today and Chris will be up dating Ladislao on the issue for his circular.
Glen I will forward an email from Skippy to you.
He may have explained it a little better than I.
After registration a meeting will be held to elect officers and arrangements will have to be made to open a Bank account for the organisation's business.
This morning on the radio I heard Jean Ambrose (also an old boy) stating that the condition of some of the buildings at MSB is deteriorating and we need to address this with the monks as well to see how we can help.
Stand firm brother this is Trinidad and doing anything is like as Skippy says "Pulling Teeth".
American can do ways will not work here.
You were born here and I know you were involved in your dads business so you know how it goes.
Your brother
On 2010-03-17, at 3:50 PM, Chris Knowles wrote: 
We have been informed by Denis Gurley that the Registrar of Companies has approved our use of the name ‘Abbey School Alumni Association’.
Legalities have been set in motion, and in due course we will have to have a meeting to formally set the Association in motion.
Success at last!
We will be in touch as things progress.
Chris Knowles. 
From:  Chris Knowles
17th March, 2010. 
Dear Ladislao,
Denis Gurley was in touch with Joe and me recently to let us know that the Registrar of Companies has approved the use of the name ‘Abbey School Alumni Association’ by our group.
Because of the length of time since we (you, Joe, Denis and I) signed the application it has become necessary for us to resubmit a newly signed application, and Denis has prepared such a document which I signed this morning, with Joe and Denis to sign shortly.
We have gone ahead without you as you are in Caracas and we are anxious to conclude this aspect of the birth of the Association.
It is permitted to use three signatories.
In order to acknowledge your input into our efforts we will be recognising your status at the meeting which we will hold after the Association is legally incorporated; this initial meeting is a normal part of the practical establishment of such legal entities.
We will keep you up to date as things progress.
With best regards,
And here the last phrase: Keep on working !!!!
The next issue on the subject will be No.447.
Your editor
Ladislao Kertesz at,
65TF0001DGUROB, Dennis Gurley and Robert ??????
59GI0001PINGPONG, Table tennis table inside sports house.
62TF0001TFETUG, Tug a War competition between houses.
06WK0001XXXMHO, UNKNOWN and Michael Howard

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