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Circular No 444

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 8 May 2010 No.444
Dear Friends, 
Looking for Stephen Pitcher, the appropriate title for the saga.
Another example of the detectivesque work done by the ALUMNI in their effort to track down friends.
We can help you to find your long lost friends, and maybe find some that need to be in the listing.
From: Glen Mckoy (
Sent: Wed 2/10/10 2:00 PM 
We got this mojo working, it was a shot in the dark,
I am so happy, we were of service my brother, have a wonderful day, and call on us anytime,
Best Regards
Glen McKoy. 
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 04:18:53 -0800
Hallo Glen, Salvador et al,
Very many thanks!
I called and it is Stephen Pitcher!
I am very glad because I've been looking for him for months.
I spoke to his wife and, although they're separated now, she will let Stephen know that I'm trying to reach him and will pass on my contact info.
Three BIG cheers for the MSB Old Boys!!!
From: Glen Mckoy
Sent: Wed, February 10, 2010 6:27:00 AM 
Hello Salvador & Brian,
This is what I found, it was the only one.
We could be lucky.
Could someone in Ontario, call and check it out. 
Best regards Glen McKoy. 
Stephen Pitcher, 
1270 Gainsborough Dr
Oakville, ON. L6H212
Tel: 905-337-0707 
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 16:43:20 -0800
Subject: Re: Seeking Mt St Benedict Old Boy Stephen Pitcher
Dear Salvador,
Thank you for your very quick reply.
I'm still reading old MSB OB Circulars hoping that Stephen might have emailed in and I'll see his email address directly. No luck as yet.
I see Nigel Boos is pressing for a more pro active OB website and Ladislao Kertesz has a database of over 500 email addresses, so he would have been my next on the list to ask.
I met an old friend, Anthony Seheult, today and he also went to MSB around the same time as you, and he also doesn't remember Stephen.
Other little memories which might stir yours - Stephen was a white boy with blond hair and grey eyes, from Bel Air in San Fernando who stammered when he became anxious.
His father, Oliver Pitcher, worked for Gransaull in San Fernando, and his mother, Jean Searl, was from Canada.
Today, Stephen must be around 52 or 53.
Thank you and all the other OBs very much for all the help.
From: salvador coscarart 
Hello brian,
Nice to meet you.
I don't remember right out of hand, but will do everything to locate him in Canada with all the other old boys that are living in Canada,
I can put you in contact with Nigel Boos and he may have a better idea how to locate him over there in Canada if possible
Okey my friend. I will pass your message to all the old boys.
God bless.
Salvador Coscarart. 
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 15:49:42 -0800
Dear Mr Salvador,
I got your name and email address from the MSB website and decided to write to you.
It appears that the older boys from the 50's are keeping in touch via the website, but very few old boys from your time, the 60's and 70's, so I thought I would try my luck in finding the whereabouts of Stephen Pitcher who attended MSB the same time as you.
I am Brian Kong who attended Trinity College with Stephen's brother, Wayne Pitcher, from 1965 - 72.
Stephen was a boarder at MSB the same time you were there.
Do you remember him?
Have you kept in touch with him?
The last time I saw him was around 1978 or 79.
He had married and had a daughter, Kelly.
He, his wife and daughter emigrated from Trinidad for Canada around that time too and I lost touch.
If you can contact him, please tell him that Brian Kong, friend of Wayne, is trying to contact him.
He can email me at this address -
Thank you.
Best wishes,
Brian Kong 
From: Brian Kong (
Sent: Wed 2/10/10 1:26 PM 
Hallo Nigel,
Thank you for replying and for your efforts.
Glen Mckoy replied to me this morning 
When I speak to Stephen, I'll either ask him to contact you and pass on his new contact info to you for your database or ask him if I can send it to you.
Who knows? Others like me may be trying to contact him and this will make it easier for everyone.
Stephen was at MSB sometime after you'd left so you wouldn't have known him but I find it odd that neither Salvador nor Anthony Seheult knew or remembered Stephen despite his attending MSB the same time they were there.
I must ask Stephen if he remembers them.
Thanks again,
From: Nigel P. Boos
Sent: Wed, February 10, 2010 6:45:05 AM 
Hi Brian,
I knew nothing about a Stephen Pitcher attending MSB until I received Salvador's email.
Thank you for bringing his name to our attention.
But this is how it goes -bit by bit we're building the database, so than you for your input.
I've found a few "S. Pitcher" names and addresses, so I'll have to try them all and see if I strike paydirt.
Will get back to you:
Nigel P. Boos 
P.S. Salvador - thanks for your input here.
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 21:46:56 -0600 
Hello everyone , our friend Brian is trying to find his friend Stephen Pitcher , any help will be appreciated.
Thanks guys.
God bless. 
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 12:33:47 -0800
Hi Neil,
Thanks for your email and enquiry.
I spoke with Stephen's (estranged) wife this morning and am now waiting for her to pass on my email address and tel # to Stephen so he can contact me.
We have a few things to discuss and then I'll ask for the details that are important to the Abbey Old Boys (his years at MSB and his current contact info plus whatever stories he may have after leaving MSB).
I met Stephen only once because his family lived in San Fernando and I lived in POS.
His brother, Wayne, was my best friend at Trinity College in Maraval and he mentioned Stephen sometimes so that I have only bits of info about Stephen.
Wayne and I were the same age and Stephen was 2 or 3 years younger, not more than that, and attended MSB, so therefore, by extrapolation, he must have been at MSB from 1967/68 to 1972/73, and he must be 52 or 53 years old now.
I may be wrong about his age, but I can't be far wrong.
Wayne died in an unfortunate car accident in 1975, so I couldn't phone him up to ask.
I couldn't help but notice that the MSB old boys have much stronger bonds than we Trinity old boys and I surmise it might be due to you boys boarding there and spending lots more time together than we day boys.
Did you also spend holidays visiting one another's homes?
I recognised some MSB names - David Pampellonne who sold Bultaco motorbikes and Bel Ray oil; Jean de Meillac who manages a radio station; Robert Huggins (if he has an amputated arm and did karate); Christian Gurley who owns Book Specialists, Nigel Boos of the Harriman Boos, etc. 
Salvador, your email just came in so I hope you don't mind if I reply to you in Neil's email !
I've been searching for Stephen for over 8 months, first, calling all the Pitchers in Trinidad, then looking on Facebook, then Canada White Pages, and People Finder, so you can imagine how happy I am that you guys found him in just one night, less than 24 hrs.
I had had the impression that Stephen's mother came from mid-west Canada because Wayne knew the wheat states so well in Geography and I had assumed he would have migrated to the part of Canada where he probably had family.
I wouldn't have looked for him among the Pitchers in the Toronto area.
As Glen says, you guys have mojo.
Now, how about the winning lottery numbers for this weekend??  :)
My very best wishes to all you guys,
PS: I'll get back to you with Stephen's contact info when he calls me.
Hello, brian .
I am very happy that you were able to find Stephen .
Always count on the good of the abbey old boys association.
God bless, good job:
Glen, Nigel 
Tim Mew
Monday, March 17, 2008 12:19:39 AM

Please excuse my spelling mistakes in hurrying to send this off, which I have corrected below.
And I can not even say that English is my adopted language!!!!
In the mean time thanks Ricardo for your email and I will be in touch directly very soon.
Cheers for now and hope you are all well,
----- Original Message --------------------------------
From: Tim Mew
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2008 12:50 PM 
Hi Ladislao,
Your newsletters are always read with much interest and very fond memories of MSB, although you might not personally think so for lack for my feed back..... sorry,
Your efforts over the years are very much appreciated by me and I am sure lots of other MSB boys, who keep popping up every so often in your circulars .... to be honest I do not know how you do it and who would ever replace you.
God Bless you Ladislao and I wish I could meet up one day in person with you and all my class mates.
I am very sure the "Unknown" picture taken by the very busy Robert Boddington, God bless him for all the photos he took, is an American boy from "El Tigre" [where his father worked] called Ricky Chacon.
I have often tried to get in touch with him, but to no avail.
The last I heard was that he was married in the USA to a girl called Martha, but that was many years ago.
Ricky was in class 1957 but I cannot remember if he finished with the rest of us in The Class of 1958.
To be honest I do not think so.
Maybe Ricardo, Attila, Urbano, Farcheg, Luciano etc may recall.
With thanks once again,
Tim Mew.
On Skype check " timmewaussie " 
Ok, long story short, soon we shall include his email for his friends to read. 
Ladislao Kertesz
64PD0001CHAMPS, Lots of Unknowns
09PD0001PDE, Patrick Devaux
03MF0004DINCCS, Lost ALUMNI of the Caracas chapter.
62UN0001CLASS1965, Lots of UNKNOWNS

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