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Circular No 445

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I
Caracas, 15 May 2010 No.445
Dear Friends, 
Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:46:27 PM 
Alfredo Montiel Bezara <> wrote:  
That's how I remember you !!
It has been a real pleasure to hear from you, at one point I thought you were in Germany, and since them we never heard from you.
Probably Andrés Larsen knew but also for some time I did not see Andrés.
Me agrada si vienes a Caracas podemos vernos en algún momento.
Pronto te escribo nuevamente,
Alfredo Montiel Bezara
MSB 67-72 
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 23:07:44 -0430 
Hi Salvador,
It has been a long time since I have had any contact with mount boys who went to school during the 6 years I spent in mount.
Actually I have had more contact with the older generation like Urbano v. Fedak who i know from the German church in Caracas.
Also his brother Mathias I see often when he goes to play tennis at the Caracas sports club were I am a member.
I am also in touch with Pedro Castro, his brother Reinaldo, who is now working in the German church and Donald Goddard, whom I know from the time I worked in the oil industry for ten years in Maraven.
I do remember you and your mother and the hotel where we always used to stay when we went to Cumana.
I think I have only gone back once more when i took my wife to see where we use to live in Tunapuy, pasando carupano where my father was a doctor.
Let me tell you a little bit about what I have been doing since I left mount (63-69) and provide some correct information since Andres Larsen did not get all the information correct.
I went to St. Marys university in Halifax, Canada, for one year, since my brother had gone there.
Then I followed my brother to memorial university in Newfoundland, Canada, where I obtained a bachelors degree in geology.
From there I returned to Venezuela and worked in the Ministerio de minas with Donald Goddard for about six months before i went back to Canada, Windsor, university in Windsor, Ontario.
There I did my masters degree in geology and my thesis was the study of the natural solar pond that exists in the island of grand Roque in the archipelago los Roques.
In Windsor I met my wife and once I finished I left for Gottingen, Germany, where I did a PhD in geochemistry. 
I returned to Venezuela and worked one year in Intevep and nine years at Maraven.
In 1991, I left Maraven and went into the wholesale jewellery business where I continue to work.
Actually, I just came back today with my wife from New York, where we attended a jewellery show.
I have a house in boca raton and we come and go about once a month.
I have two boys, misha (23) and yuri (21), they are both in university in Canada.
Misha is at York in Toronto studying economics and Yuri is in Carleton University in Ottawa studying computer science.
Misha played professional tennis until last year but that did not go too good.
When he was 12 he spent two years at the niki pilic academy in Munich.
I will send you pictures of him with the current Australian open champion novak djokovich.
With regards to the Nazi name, that was the name given to my brother while in mount and once I got there they also called me nazi.
I think it had to do with my brother speaking German, I was not that fluent at that time.
Actually my mother is German and my father Ukrainian.
The Ronnie is what my mother still calls me but my real name is Myron, a common Ukrainian name.
I am returning to Venezuela on the 9th and I will send you some pictures of the family once I am there.
I am glad that all is going well with you and your family.
By the way, how is your mother doing? My regards to her.
If you ever come to Florida let me know, maybe I might be here and we can get together.
All the best
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De: Salvador Coscarart []
Fecha: 29/01/2008 16:12:57 
Hola Ronnie .
Espero que tu y tu familia estén todos bien y también tu mama .
Aquí estoy viviendo en Lafayette Luisiana y mi hermano Pedro en St. Petersburg Florida.
Después del Mount nos vinimos a estudiar aquí en Luisiana State University en Baton Rouge Luisiana.
Y nos quedamos por aquí.
Yo casado desde el 80 y con tres hijos ya todos graduados en physical therapy.
El mayor casado y el segundo para casarse en mayo 17 y mi hija de 21 también con su fiance para casarse muy pronto así como ves ya la nueva generación de los Coscarart para adelante jajajaj.
Pedro también casado dos veces y cuatro hijos el mayor de 23 y 21 3 1 y medio jajajajajaj 
Parece a un conejito.
Bueno veo por el e-mail que me mando Andrés Larsen que estas muy bien también .
Un cordial saludo y abraso que dios los protejas y los cuide siempre.
Salvador Coscarart.
Abbey boy 67-74. 
Donald Goddard
Tuesday, February 5, 2008 8:53:14 PM 
Myron es un buenísimo amigo quien aprecio muchísimo.
También trabajamos juntos unos cuantos años en Maraven donde él fue un excelente geoquimico.
Those were the good old days.
Ojala nos podría visitar aquí en Luisiana un día de estos para que vea lo bueno que vivimos aquí los coon asses. 
Lo he invitado en unas cuantas oportunidades pero no quiere llegar más allá de Fort Lauderdale en Florida.
Saludos Myron, un abrazo para todos,
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Abbey School Database additions: Myron or Ronnie Lew alias "Nazi"...
Andres Larsen ...
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 11:41:37 AM 
Hello Nigel,
"Nazi" is none other than Myron, also known as Ronnie, Lew.
He is married to a Canadian, they both are chemical engineers but he is in the precious gems business, also doing business in the Netherlands and Belgium.
He and his wife commute between Florida and Caracas.
They have two grown sons, both in college, and both, from what I understand, also majoring in chemical engineering.
Myron and his two sons are professional tennis players on the side.
In his younger days Myron and family would stay on vacations at the hotel that Salvador Coscarart's mother, Theresa, owned and ran in Cumana in eastern Venezuela.
Hope that clears things up a bit about "Nazi".
His e-mail address is
Best regards
Andres Larsen 
"Nigel P. Boos" <> wrote: 
Wonderful, Andres.
Man! Didn't the guys at Mount have strange names, eh? Just like mine, I guess!!
Say, did you know a chap named "Nazi" during your time.
I never knew the poor guy's name, but I always called him "Nazi". Why? I don't even know.
But he was a great fellow, and in fact, I have a photograph of him, to share:
I thought his name was "Nascimento" or something like that?
So, do you remember him?
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 8:02 PM 
Hi Ladislao.
Sorry I could not make it for Csaba´s dinner last Thursday.
Anyway I had him and Maricarmen at home for lunch just a couple of days before.
Photo 57RB0002a2 in Circular 330 is Richard Chacon.
When I left Mount upon graduation in December 1958, he must have been finishing Form III or Form IV.
I don´t know where he was from, but he was a very close friend of Timothy Mew who was in my class.
Timothy is from BG but now lives in Australia.
Not long ago Timothy told me he had been trying to find Chacon for many years but unfortunately without success.
By the way, for quite some time all e-mails I have sent to Timothy Mew have been returned.
Do you have his new e-mail address? Thank you.
Best regards.
Ricardo Figuera (Big Figuera)
Have you got Skype?
Thursday, November 6, 2008 7:49:48 PM 
Hello Ladislao Kertesz 
Hi Ladislao, It was really nice to talk to you today and I will first send this info on Skype for you and then follow it up with an email with more details for all MSB members who may wish to talk to each other. This has all the necessary info for you so that at least you are ahead of the bunch. The message below is from Skype on their list. All the very best and will be in touch Tim & Gail & Family. Download Skype and make and receive free video and voice calls with other people on Skype like me. You can also make great value calls to landlines and mobiles, and send SMS messages. 
6 de noviembre de 2008 20:00 
Hi Ladislao,
Here is the web site for any MSB ex student to use if they wish to down load and use Skype to talk.
One has to select a Skype name for use, with mine being "timmewaussie".
This way one can search Skype for either a Skype name or via their emails, from there contact can be made one-way and the choice is up to the recipient to reply and share their details with you.
I chose to open an account with Skype via Visa for a small amount [say USD 20] with which I can call anyone on their normal phone landline.
When this falls below a certain $ value, I have elected for an automatic top-up of $20.00 again to keep a credit, but this choice is individual.
The costs vary from country to country, but are always rather inexpensive, eg. my phone call to Venezuela was only $0.04 per minute from Australia.
PC to PC is Free for both Skype users and broad band is better [than dial up] for reception and talking.
If your PC or Note Book has a video camera built in or a Camcorder attached you can see each other.
Or at least one of the two on the Computers if only one camera.
If I go to Skype on-line and wish to talk to a friend, who is not on-line with Skype, I usually call their Telephone and if at home they go on to the computer to talk free.
I transfer my call from the telephone to a new Sykpe call.
It can be a very nice way of keeping in touch with and directly talking to one's old class mates, rather than only use emails or faxes etc.
One can have a laugh, share a joke, answer questions directly, tell each other about families, or "getting old" and reminisce about past days together, whilst sharing the present.
I hope when you have the chance, you can publish this email and encourage other MSB 's to join Skype.
Also when you have the chance, please send me any telephone numbers from my 1958 class friends in Venezuela and also any MSB members in Australia, particularly Melbourne.
Cheers for now and I thoroughly enjoyed our talk and my "surprise" call to you.
...30 dic 2009
From: Tim Mew MHC  
Happy New Year.
May you and family have a truly wonderful 2010.
I have an idea which I would like to pass across you two guys first and then if accepted in principle, we may be able to take it further for broad approval.
I was thinking that for those MSB students who were interested, a ring featuring the Abbey School could be designed.
If worn everyone we met by purpose, accident or sheer co-incidence could recognize we were from various classes of Mt. St. Benedict.
Most universities have such a ring and if made of gold [14 ct] it could last a lifetime and be passed on to our children as a memento of our school days.
What do you think?
If it is too difficult in your opinion we could shelve it. However if and once we gained substantial acceptance from students, who would like to have and wear such a ring, we could then decide on the design and where to make it etc.
Some new thoughts for 2010 which may bring us closer together in a different way.
Ring in the New Year.
The idea of a ring has been put forward and shall be considered by the ASAA. 
Ladislao Kertesz,
08RL0002RLEREC, Raul Leoni and Rafael Echeverria.
01ML0099MLESBE, Mess hall St. Bede.
06WK0002RGA, Randal Galt
08DM5214REUNION2008, Joseph Berment and Fr. Cuthbert

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