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Circular No 441

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 17 April 2010, No.441
Dear Friends, 
Who remembers this song?? 
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Fri 11/27/09 5:53 PM
To: Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 12:30:31 -0400  
              ART'S  STORY or (His Story) 
Born Feb 1932. Attended Mount 1944-1949.
One of Fr. Ildefone's first five (King Scouts).
Enjoyed a marvellous, exciting and challenging 'batchelorhood until 1964, when I married Valerie, and it got so much better, six children, and now 10 grans.
Left Trinidad in 1978 for lots of significant reasons, but mostly because Val's Mum was in Toronto; her brother Mike was terminally ill; and we decided grasp the opportunity and school our kids up here; all worthwhile and fulfilling decisions.
A Trini 'buddy' (the great value of networking) got me a job (marketing liquid handling equipment and materials) in Ontario.
Two Years later, I was transferred to the East Coast to handle the four Atlantic Provinces, as Branch Manager; and to date are still here.
I had made a lot of "Old Boy" contacts before I left, and really got cracking with my News Letter ( I had 'de ja vous) being surrounded by 98% Salt water (just like "Home"). I then inveighed (really 'begged') some close buddies to contribute to the printing and postage (no NET or E-mail in those days).
In my travels I came across a Motel called 'Oasis'.
Yep 'The Source of the flow', very appropriate, so I started "Old Abbey School Interested Students". It flowed for many years.
To give you a sample, I found a copy #8 of 1983 to examine the buffoonery, etc. that it was.
The whole box of them was posted to someone (to whom I haven’t got a clue .... memory loss as we lose age).
My vision and mission now is to endeavour to live the Scout Law in life's simple (yet challenging, complex) journey of rapid changing ethics and values.
There is good and evil always before us; hence God's great gift of 'free will' to elevate us above the animals.
I often wonder if the animals have a less complicated journey not having to be entangled with choices.
Viva con Dios.
P.S. will end separately the attachments
My new Mount e-mail‏
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Thu 2/18/10 7:56 PM 
Dear Nigel and Ladis,
I am not an ardent Computer User and am technically challenged, spending as little time as possible on our rusty, slow, fabricated machine; so I am establishing a Special Mount e-mail for me, along with the other info you requested. 
Address..................2 Dubonnet Dr., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,Canada, B2X 2V3 
That’s about it, so make the changes on the new format list.
Deeply appreciated.
As ever,
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Mon 3/01/10 6:07 PM 
Thanks a million, we older fellows get excited over the slightest things; it's what keeps us 'trucking'.
Just back from B'dos where we spent 3 weeks, with son Ed, wife, 2 kids and in-laws; so, rented a mini-bus (it seats *) and booked in at Bath for two fabulous, sunny, fun & extended family and friends, popping in, or we adventuring out.
Then we return and soak in the Winter Olympics (no Caribbeans...wonder why?) and Canada ended up with the Gold in Ice Hockey, plus the highest in Gold Medals ever 14; now I feel more Can-Trin than Trin-Can, as we are often referred to as.
All else great and we had a very mild January (today +8 deg Cent.......normally 5 - 10 deg Mine-ass; in other words "Frozen Backside!)"
All else cookin' sweet, and my health is improving monthly; Graduated from the Heart Clinic, and on reduced medication, and keeping fit, with some vim & vigour.
All the very best, and thanks for straightening me out (not that I am crooked).
I now use the above e-mail for mounties.
Scroongie (my Mount stigmata) 
Karen Kirkpatrick
Dear Ladislao,
Thank you very much for sending this to me. 
I apologize for not being in touch with you or Deacon Lionel over the past few months.
I have been very, very ill and I have been living in a homeless camp since July. 
I was in a car accident in May in which I was the passenger. 
It is such a long story.
I have not forgotten about the Deacon and my manuscript which is in my storage room at U-Haul with the rest of my belongings. 
I have discovered a way to publish the book through a historian I met at the Panama Canal Museum in Seminole, FL. 
I need photographs to do this - scanned or emailed photos.  
However, as of now, I also need a book the abbey was to have sent me last year to my post office box which I did not receive. 
It was written by a priest or monk who lived at the abbey. 
I think he was from Ireland.
Do you know how I can get a copy of this publication? I can pay for it.
I need it to help with the research.
I have been working as much as I can when I am not sick. 
I worked seasonal part-time for United Parcel Service (UPS) as a Christmas employee over the holidays and also for a small store in the mall. 
But that will be over with this week and I will not have anymore employment until April, when I go back to work for the local baseball team, UNLESS the job counsellor I have been working with since March of last year thru Vocational Rehabilitation can assist in securing a full-time job. 
I know the economy is still very bad but I can not understand why she can not be of my assistance with my qualifications. 
The again, I have also been sick a lot too.  I even went to the hospital for a week.
I have extremely limited access to a computer, my phone was stolen and I have lost my address book.
I continue to be a parishioner at Most Holy Name in Gulfport, FL but it so hard for me to get there as my car is not working and I have to take three buses. 
The bus system is very, very poorly ran here, esp. on Sundays. 
So I have been going back to St. Mary's as it is just plain easier.
I hope the Good Lord has been treating you well and please do email me again.
Give the Deacon my regards and please tell him I have not forgotten about the project, I just have not been able to do much of anything but take it day by day and I can not write or research under those conditions. 
Heidi Sumner (Diocese) is very upset with me for not finishing and refusing to hand over what I have compiled and, you know what? 
I can not help that but only pray she will get over being angry. 
I do not need anyone upset with me right now as I am trying hard to get better and it is taking everything out of me to do so.
Please remember me in you prayers as I do you and all of the monk boys and the Deacon.
I hope you had a joyous Advent Season. 
Merry Fifth Day of  Christmas!  Happy New Year!God bless, 
Karen  Kirkpatrick
Pinellas Hope
5726 126th Avenue North
Clearwater, FL 33760 
P.O. Box 530004
St. Petersburg, FL 33747 
Ladislao Kertesz
1 Jan  
Dear Haley,
Please could you look up Karen??
She is a writer and as you see, you might be of help.
I am sure she can use your stories on the mount, and who know, God is big.
Please write me the results for the Circular.
Maybe you could contact Deacon Lionel Roberts once you meet her???
I know that I am asking too much but what are alumni for??
In our case a faith driven army, jajaja
God bless
RE: The Abbey MSB Book‏
From: Glen Mckoy (
Sent: Mon 11/09/09 8:28 PM 
Hello Art,   
I am not sending forwards any more, it had its purpose and it’s not really me, but we had a lot of interest, and it kept a lot of people in contact. 
Now we have the all member attention, we can get back to, what we can do. 
Art for the Kitty fund, all my guys from my time donated, I worked on those projects in getting my guys, from my time to donate. 
About the book, an email came around awhile back, and that was it. 
We have an account set up is Toronto, which was used for the Kitty Fund,
If a few guys was buying books, it would be good to order a few, or if they want a donation for the book, I would buy two books, and only take one, the other one would be a donation. 
If we had an association in Trinidad, I would be glad to mail the money, or whatever, and they mail, the books up for us. 
Sorry for brining that up. I will get my copy somehow. 
Thanks again, Glen.  
Subject: RE: The Abbey MSB Book
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 14:13:44 -0400 
Deeply agree with you.
Time to spread the time and workload, maybe Glen will take up the challenge.
Life is filled with talkers, yet so very few effective doers.
As the saying goes "Action speaks louder than words!" Ask for an insertion in the Bulletin for volunteer workers and see how many you may inspire. 
On another matter, just contacted Dr Vitalis Gomes, who is located in the St. Catherines area of Ontario.
He retired 6 years ago, and is coasting along there near the border.
He would like to be put on the Bulletin List; his e-mail address, (hope it works) is purported to be (with an address like that we all may be able to get H1N1 shots fast and free). His phone is 905-892-8767.
He is fine and hearty. Trevor Evelyn has been chatting with him as well.
Viti is in contact with Phillip Pollanais & Peter Gaffney, so these are two more.
You are all doing such a meaningful and fantastic job of moulding Our Group together, I raise my hat and heart to all your efforts and dedication.
For ever,
Subject: Re: The Abbey MSB Book
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 09:37:58 -0500 
I'm sorry.
I'm much too busy to undertake yet another project.
And based on the very poor response to the Dalmatic Fund Project which I'm experiencing, I'd rather NOT attempt to get the OB's of MSB interested in this new idea.
Best wishes to you. I hope you can get many others interested.
On 2009-11-08, at 7:14 AM, Glen Mckoy wrote: 
Thank you I would like to purchase a copy or two, I will cc. Nigel, to see if we can buy a bunch together, or best if I can buy direct from the Mt. and they mail it to me.,
Thanks again, best regards,
Subject: The Abbey MSB Book
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 11:49:11 -0400 
Dearest Mounties and brothers,
If you would like a bit of "de ja vous" (was never good at French or patua); you would all relish the Historic and interesting book put out as a popular guide for all, by the Abbey.
It gently covers all the 'personal relics' (people, places and happenings) of our yester years; especially for those who walked (or drove) through the "Pax" portals of the Benedictine Tranquillity sitting like a monument above the clouds, in the mountains. 
But, being the effervescent urchins of that time, we sadly labelled it "Prison on the Hill"; yet, for me and a great majority of the others of my time, we relished the exposure and balance of all varied activities that were offered to us, and so create better citizens of us all.
Yet, the assorted multitudes of people who sought and ventured up the Mountain (the majority on foot, until they got the mini-vans); received and graciously accepted the blessings and healings, and thus were soothed and moved by the Holy Spirit. 
Jesus became a part of their lives (humble or elegant) as they prayed (with and for each other, and self).
They became much better individuals, but most of all coasted "down the hill" with an uplifting and new vision of our God (our light and guidance).
I beg to strongly suggest that each one of you make special efforts to obtain a copy, as I got mine two years ago from Abbot John, when I flew (and I was never an Angel) through Trinidad on a trip to Barbados. 
The title is :- THE ABBEY - Mount St Benedict,  by Mark Tierney, O.S.B.
                          Published in 2005 by Prospect Press 
It is an absolutely and rewarding exposure to far more than just The School, but enhances the dedication, foresight, and just plain hard work and determination that the Benedictines did to spread Our Faith throughout this wonderful exciting World.
There are far more good people in the World than bad.
Let us not allow all those deadly sins prevail.
It is why we were placed on this Earth.
Fight (don't kill) just love and care for your brothers in Christ.
He who hesitates is lost.
Don't just think about it, just buy it.
As always,Art

(Arturo, Scroongie, Hey You, Me, and all the other possible things that are not really relavant).
And here the last phrase: Keep on working !!!! 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
09GI005SCOUTKNIFE, Thanks to George Iwaszkiewicz
10UN0001VDL, Vernon de Lima
59UN0001FOOTBALL, Football team UNKNOWNS

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