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Circular No 440

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 10 April 2010 No.440
Dear Friends, 
Here is a compendium of photos taken during my short vacation in Valencia, Spain.
I spend two weeks a year visiting my two eldest sons, who live and work there.

Now to business, here is a mix of emails that should be read.
...17 feb 2010
From: Glen Mckoy  <
Hello Brian, ´
I have family in Aruba, they sent the photos, I am from Trinidad, however my father was from Suriname
I have been in Nova Scotia since 1977, when I got married, I can`t remember the last carnival I saw Ha! Ha! I love music, I had my share of carnival when I was young. 
Its good to hear that you have made a firm contact for Stephen Pitcher, I know the feeling, its once in a life time.
Have a good day,
 Cheers! Glen.
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 13:51:05 -0800
Thank you Glen.
Are you from Aruba but living in Nova Scotia?
I didn't go out my door this Carnival, not even looked at it on TV as I had planned.
Stephen Pitcher was away from home last weekend but we will chat this Sunday coming.
RE: Walter Darwent
...4 feb 2010
From: peter darwent  
Dear Ladislao,
I have come to Trinidad for our usual holiday and am trying to get so more information about Walter's school days.
He was a lot older than me and was only at the Mount for one year with me, and unfortunately spoke very little to his wife about his school years.
I have found some very old pictures he took of the first Abbots ordination and I will send to you when we have finished looking through his things.
He never got a computer and the e-mail address that I gave to you years ago, was his son's, who left Trinidad many years ago so Walter just fell through the net.
Thanks for your news letters unfortunately very little is said about the days I was at the school 1947 - 1950.
Hope to see more from the older boys.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards with God's blessings,
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 06:47:58 -0800
Dear Peter
This is very lamentable news.
For the Circular it is sad to convey the news, we never got a photo or even a line from him, although he was on our list for several years.
I am sorry that he never acknowledged any of our requests and his file remains empty.
I would like to ask Peter Darwent for a short resume, and maybe a photo, for posterity.
No Mount boy should go without a line.
God Bless
----- Forwarded Message ----------------------------------------------------------.
From: Nigel P. Boos
Sent: Mon, December 28, 2009 1:06:24 PM 
I am so sorry to hear of Walter's death, Peter.
I met him once, when my brother, Fr. John Boos W.F., was returning to Trinidad after his first 5 years stint in Burkina Faso as a missionary priest.
My parents lived at Maracas Valley and my mom decided to put on a huge luncheon (1100 guests) to raise funds for his work.
I had to erect a lot of scaffolding for various booths, and Walter very kindly loaned us the scaffolding for the venture.
A very nice man, to be sure.
Please accept my sincere sympathy at the loss of your brother.
But thank God for our faith.
We believe that he has gone to God now, and he has successfully completed his time on earth. May he rest in peace.
Nigel P. Boos 
On 2009-12-28, at 11:50 AM, peter darwent wrote: 
Hi Nigel,
Just a quick note to let you know that my brother Walter Darwent died in Trinidad on Saturday the 19th December after a very long fight against cancer.
Walter was at the Mount in the 1940s.
Best regards,
Re: The Malaver Brothers....
...26 feb 2010
From: Attila GYURIS   
Gracias por aclarar lo de los 3 Malaver....
No me acordaba del mas jovencito de los tres, Jose, ya que no era de mi grupo.
Respecto a los Roquefort, O eran Rocafort?  Cual es correcto?
Por fin, cuantos hermanos Roquefort eran , dos o tres? 
Como se llamaba el mayor?
El segundo Roquefort (el menor) es el de la foto de los scouts que mande. Lo reconoces? Es él quien se llama Carlos?
--- On Thu, 2/25/10, Salvador Coscarart <> wrote:
From: Salvador Coscarart
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010, 4:15 PM 
Hello attila
Veo que esta vuelto un culo con los malave jajajajajaja.
Son tres hermanos , Frank es el mayor , Carlos es el segundo y José es el menor que es de mi edad. 
De los Rocafort. El mas carajito se llama Carlos que era menor que yo.
Raymond McCarthy vive en California and he was angel da silva’s brother in law.
That is what Angel told me when I visited with him in Montreal last year , so I am trying to find Raymond.
Best wishes. Amigo. God bless. 
I see that you have difficulties with the jajajajajaja Malaver.
They are three brothers, Frank is greater, Carlos is the second and José is less that is my age. 
Of the rocaforts. The youngest is name is Carlos, who was smaller than I. 
Raymond McCarthy lives in California and he was Angel Da Silva brother in law. That is what Angel told me when I visited with him in Montreal last year, so I am trying to find Raymond.  
From: Attila GYURIS
Sent: Thu, February 25, 2010 10:42:32 AM 
Thanks...One more question is resolved!
Now, if we could resolve the Roquefort Brothers?
Attila Gyuris 
From: Oscar Cantore
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010, 4:30 AM 
Eran o son 3 hermanos que Alfredo y yo recordamos Frank el mayor, Carlos que era contemporáneo con nosotros y otro menor creo que se llama Jose.
From: Nigel Boos
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 2:47 AM 
Attila et al:
It seems that there were THREE Malaver boys at MSB:
Jose and Carlos apparently left in 1974 (were they twins?) and Franklin (when did he leave? Was he a brother to the others?)
On 2010-02-24, at 1:06 AM, Attila GYURIS wrote: 
You may be right, but we need someone to verify it.  
Also, I need first names for boy #1 (Roquefort, the younger).  
He had an older brother who was also in Scouts, with whom I used to get into fistfights all the time.
I got the first name for # 4,... it is CARLOS Malaver.
I am attaching the photo again; to see if anyone could help out with the first names.
Awaiting for a response from someone who remembers. 
Attila Gyuris 
From: Nigel Boos <>
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 2:32 AM
This correspondence has opened up memories of two previously unmentioned OB's - Lee Hong Sing and McCartney.
My notes to date indicate that there were 3 McCartney Boys who attended school at MSB - Thomas, Raymond and Richard.
So far, only Richard has been listed as a 2nd MSB Scout.
Therefore, I'd say that the odds are, that the boy identified as "McCartney" could very well be Richard McCartney.
Thanks, fellas.
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 07:00:30 +0000 
Out of nowhere, a Knight of Silence (on this Sight/List), a brother of the Tribe, of the Emerald Forest/ Tabor, contacted me, and this is what he had said, Glen, you must never give my name, but you can share the story.
I promised the Knight of silence, my utmost trust, as a brother of the Northern Knights, "THE TABLET'. 
Date: Sat, 6 Sept, 2008 18:36:08 +000 
Hi Glen,
The year was around 1944, we had to walk from the dormitory to the breakfast hall, about a 15 min., walk along a dirt road with a rock built retaining wall. 
One day returning from the refectory something caught my eye in a hole in the retaining wall.
As if drawn, by some magical power, I immediately stop my fooling around and went straight to the hole, without thinking {for there were many coral snakes in those days} I reached into the hole and pulled out an object without looking at it, for I wanted no one to see it I immediately put it in my pocket and rejoined my friends.
Later on in the solitude of the washroom, I took it from my pocket and began to examine the object. 
I realized it was some type of religious tablet, made in the form of a book, and made out of limestone with writings over it. 
At that moment I knew it was a scroll of some kind, and that I, had discover some kind of version of something, similar to the 10 commandments.
A certain sense of awe and fear came over me, for some reason, I never told anyone about it then, and to this day only my wife knows, about it and now you. 
I left Trinidad in 195X went to Toronto in Canada, travelled for years and then went to Montreal in 196X, when I was in Montreal unpacking my belongings, the tablet reappeared, to my surprise after all these years since then I have never let it out of my sight, then I moved to Miami in 198X, and again unpacking the tablet appeared again, this time, I was going to investigate, what it meant and what were the writings and what did all this mean.
I found it when I was X years old and I was now 45yrs old and this mystery was looked away too long without me doing any thing.
I took the tablet to a priest who had access to university professors, he told me the writing is in Hebrew, to take it to a priest that was a Jew, I did and the Jewish priest translated it for me. 
I must thank this brother for the permission, to share this true story with all brothers, and for the photos he mailed me, he said the Tablet has always brought him luck.  
I hope is sharing this story, we all get a little of that luck, 
Amen, and may God Bless you my brother, the keeper of the tablet, a little bit of the mount we hold, The Northern Knights of "White Stones". 
The Legion of Knights, that was raised on "White Stones", under the watchful eye of the Eagles in the sky.
High up in the mountains, still standing tall in the "Dutch Enclave" of Benedictine " Monks". 
Surrounded by the sacred Emerald Forest, of Mt. Tabor, a place the Caribs called Tunapuna, in the island of Trinidad.
Today we stand united, in the Power of One. 
Together we aspired and together we have achieved, our Spiritual links have been made worldwide, with every brother we could find. 
Now the Physical Body of the membership, that resides in the island of the Castle are reuniting, in a Reunion, that is drawing close. 
A rebirth of the Legend of a School, The Abbey School, that still lives on in its alumni, a signing of a Declaration, and the forming of a Non-Profit Association.
This is as much as I know, and also would like to know more, after this very important event, for the entire group. 
With such an excellent, Guest Speaker as our brother Lucky Anthony, I can see the Order of the day, going well. 
Since the Esmeralda sailed into Trinidad, the year is 2008, Pope Benedict XVI sits in the Vatican, many Knights come forward this year to say, I AM PROUD TO BE A MOUNT BOY.  
This reunion holds a significant meaning; in establishing legitimacy that we do exists, from a school that is no longer.
The future of this association are in the hands, of many well meaning brothers and great minds, that will be present for this historical event.  
I pray for Wisdom and Sound Judgment, that will Enrich and Strengthen our Brotherhood. 
As we approach the year 2012, a hundred years since, the 1st.Monk, 1st.Knight, 1st.Old-boy, stepped upon "White Stones", So, we still have many great events, to look forward to.
May God Bless and guide all my brothers who have taken on this important task. 
Thanking all my brothers for their time, and all the emails I have received from so many, thank you very much,
And here the last phrase: Go and take a vacations !!!! 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
10LK9400SEGOVIA, Roman aqueduct in Segovia.
10LK0056TRAINMUSEUM, your editor at the Madrid´s Train Museum.
10LK0163AIRMUSEUM, your editor at Madrid´s Air Museum.
10LK2816CINDERELLA, Lladro ceramis in Valencia Spain.

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