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Circular No 438

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 27 March 2010 No.438
Dear Friends, 
Our friend Jean Ambrose Hosting the Pop Rock Festival. 
RE: How I Started OASIS‏
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Mon 11/09/09 6:27 PM 
Ladislao it is on the drawing board.
I just have to get to a better computer where I can copy and send.
Hopefully within a week.
God spare Life.
Thanks for the nudge, I only do max one Hour per day.
Will R.I.P. (Rush If Possible)
Art (computer challenged) 
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 00:38:48 +0000 
Yes we want to know.
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 18:03:28 -0300 
I just woke up to the knowledge (and hint by Don) that I never really attempted to write to the Mounties my story of "The OASIS" and its origin.
Now with winter approaching, I will make every effort to so do.
Hang in there. 
From: Glen Mckoy (
Sent: Fri 10/30/09 10:21 AM 
Thank you Art,
Its always a great pleasure to hear from you, your words travel far, an original Grand Master, of the Knights from, "White Stones". 
As we follow in your foot steps, we do what we can, when we can, I am also going thru a separation, for some months now, everyone needs a little space and time I too have my own problems, but it to will come to past, but when one health is involved, all else is less.  
I remember you speaking to me, of people praying together, such a great healing power, for all involved in the process.  
Its always good to hear from you, Good or bad, you hold a power in this group, only brothers like yourself, the original builders, when you say something, every one listens.
You also said, if money was raised for Kitty, why don't we just give the woman, the money.  
Well Art I am sorry, I am now relaying that message.  
Please give my best regards to Val & family.
A humble servant.
Respectfully yours,
Glen McKoy. 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:26:40 -0300 
Great work Glen,
Masterful contact and outreach.
Keep in touch,
Congratulations & Horrah‏
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent: Fri 12/04/09 4:16 PM 
Congratulations on your recent award of "The Golden Cross" which came through Clive in Spain;
you sure put a lot of time and effort into The Tourist Industry, and B'dos is now the safest W.I
Island for Tourism; hence our continuing visits, plus Jack's 'brood' there.
We will be there in Jan from 5th for 3 weeks, and son Ed and his entourage of 7 others will be joining us for 2 weeks at the Bath Area, so keep in touch with Eve.
Really looking forward to sun & fun.
As ever in Christ, love to Liz,
Art & Val 
From: Art & Val Knaggs (
Sent:  Fri 12/11/09 11:24 PM 
Just a short note that we are not sending cards this year, to help our rain froests, and save postage.  
Hello all you'
Just want to wish greetings and joy from Nova Scotia, and let you know we are still alive.
Guess you must be seeing time fly by as we grow happier and more wonderful.
We are all fine, and toying around with maintaining fun, excitement and routines, plus catching up on family and friends back here and overseas.
My health has vastly improved, and we are doing a lot more activities now, even though I have lost 30 lbs; the light weight is an asset.
Now I am on an exercise programme to build back some muscle, without stressing the old heart.
Lots of routines, diet and zest, plus variety and balance; absolutely exciting and motivational stuff, with great progress and enthusiasm.
Rise at 5.45 am and we crash usually at between 9.00 -11.00 pm plus if the action is needed (but this includes a siesta at about 1.00 till whenever.
Marvellous. Trying to sort out Christmas Gathering at us, but lots of other alternatives of our Nova Scotia Clan, so may go to New Brunswick to Derek's do.
Will eventually fall into place.
Leave on 6th Jan for B'dos for 3 weeks, and Ed & entourage of eight will meet there for two weeks up in the "Bath" area on the East Coast, and lap up some sun & fun.
All else fine, no major challenges, thank The Good Lord, and lots of opportunities and possibilities hovering in the atmosphere.
Love to all your family and those we may have missed out. 
All the very Best for Christmas, and a Fabulous New Year.
Love and God's guidance,
As always,
Val & Art 
On 2010-03-19, at 8:13 PM, Pete Da Costa wrote: 
Whatever become of Fr. Eugene?
Sun, February 21, 2010 10:04:50 AM
From: George Mickiewicz  
Hi Nigel,
Read in recent newsletter that the full amount needed was successfully collected. 
A big thanks to all MSB men who donated. 
A special recognition to you for leading this effort; without your leadership the money would not have been collected and the gift to the 24 deacons would not have been accomplished. 
Great job my friend!!! 
Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the new deacons.
May God continue to bless you for all you do for us,
Mon, February 22, 2010 5:07:19 AM
From: Lionel Roberts  
HI George!   
Greetings! When you get the opportunity please tell me something about yourself since you left the Mount........
It's been a while! What part of the world are you now living?  
As you may have heard I am living in the good USA, and have been since 1969.
With all our problems, it is still the best, in my opinion! 
Yes, tremendous kudoes are due to Nigel for the yeoman job that he did in 'quarter- backing, 'this project for the 'Old Boys'. 
I hope to say something more about this in the near future.
I know that the project went 'over the top', again, due to the indefatigable job that Nigel did, but it should not have been as laborious as it was, if he had more support from most sectors of this impressive group of men! But more of this anon.
We must also not forget the enormous contributions  that some of our other leaders did for us---the Arthur Knaggs, Ladislao Kertesz,, Gordon Mitchells, etc.
By their trail-blazing efforts in getting us together, by means of all those Circular Letters and Photos in order to make this possible. 
Much more to say but later.
I wanted to use your false name, but lucky for you, I forgot!
God bless you all and your families.
Fraternally yours, 
Lionel/Brother Vincent/Deacon or whatever. 
From: George Mickiewicz  
Hi Lionel
I am very excited to hear from you. 
You are so right about the other key MSB graduates that lead, created and sustain our global network. 
Recognition and great appreciation goes to them also. 
I came to the USA in 1963 after graduating from MSB. 
Went to university and obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering. 
As many professionals, due to business needs, have lived in many cities (Rochester, Detroit, Wilmington, Parkersburg, Charleston, Bloomington) and states (NY, MI, DE, WV, IL). 
Married Fara, a Cuban refugee, in 1970. 
God blessed us with three children (Marc, Matt and Melisa) and currently four grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 9. 
I worked with DuPont all my career.
My last assignment was at a plant in Memphis, TN. 
I lost my job after 37 years in 2006 during one of the many downsizing efforts that take place in the american manufacturing businesses. 
Left my situation in God's hands and the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to become a consultant through DuPont. 
Most of my work in the last 4 years has been in India
That experience left me with a strong impression of how blessed we are in the westen world versus the abject poverty that is so evident and visible in that very poor country.
Have also done consulting work in Mexico and different parts of the USA;  I am currently involved in a project in Texas
I work 25-50% of my time allowing me to enjoy the benefits of a retiree the rest of the time; especially spending time together with my children and grandchildren. 
I live in Collierville,TN, which is located outside of Memphis
I am attaching a picture of me with my grandchildren. 
I will also take this opportunity to thank you and share my appreciation for all you did for me personally and all other MSB "boys". 
To me you were the epitome of a true leader who loved, guided and taught us so many things. 
My love for sports today is a direct result of your leadership in all the different sports in which we participated. 
You were the only one who provided and took care of all our physical needs. 
The myriad of things that you did visibly and invisibly for all of us are a tribute to your big heartand loving soul. 
When I picture you today, I still remember the heartful wide smile that you always had on your face. 
I must confess that as boy then, I was heart broken when I learnt of your departure after returning to MSB from one of our vacations. 
As a man today, I fully understand, respected support your decision. 
I am sure that it was God who sent you to Brazil then and to different parts of the world thereafter. 
You are to be congratulated and praised for personally being a deacon in God's work today and for enabling/supporting the deaconate inception in Trinidad
I do not have the capability nor the right words to express my love for you personally and appreciation for all the kindness and help that you provided for me! 
Thanks, Gracias, Merci. 
May God bless you, your family and your work in your community,
PS - You probably remember me as Yury or better as "SHISH"
Hola ladislao,
Muchos saludos.
Desde Lafayette Louisiana aqui te mando la informacion de Raul Sojo estudiante del Abbey School en los 67 a 73. Vive en caracas y este es su email    y su celular es : 0414-433-1597.
Yo le dije sobre los circulares y me dijo que si le gustaria recibirlos.
Quiero decirte tambien que voy para venezuela el dia 5 de mayo hasta el 19 de mayo y haber si tendria el honor de conocerte en persona.ya te mandare mi itinerario haber si logramos una reunion con los abbey boys.
Tambien estamos planeando una reunion con las chicas de colegio coromoto de saint joseph school y haber si las ponemos juntas .hay muchas chicas que estudiaron internadas alla y nosotros √≠bamos  a su colegio a jugar volleyball y a bailes y ellas hiban al abbey school tambien .
Bueno a ver que se puede hacer. Un abrazo y que Dios les bendiga ..
Many greetings, from Louisiana, Lafayette here I send information on Raul Sojo to you, student of the abbey school in the 67 to 73.
He lives in Caracas and this it is his email and its cellular one is: 0414-433-1597.
I told him on the circular and he said to me that he would like to receive them.
I also want to tell you that I am going to Venezuela from 5th of May until the 19th of May and I would have the honor to meet you in person.
I will send you my itinerary to be able to have a meeting with the abbey boys.
Also we are planning a meeting with the school girls Coromoto, of Saint Joseph school and to have if possible meetings.
Many girls who studied boarding schools there and we were going to our school to play volleyball and to dances and they also went to the abbey school.
Good hope that it is possible to be done.
A hug and that God blesses to them 
Still waiting for news from TT. 
Ladislao Kertesz,
09BV0018BVI, Bro Vincent with UNKNOWN.
09GI1005PSCOUTBADGE, Scout badge
09GM0717GMIFAM, George Mickiewicz and kids.
08NC0087NCHRHO, Neil Charles and Rhoda

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