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Circular No 437

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 20 Marzo 2010 No.437
Dear Friends, 
I had hoped to give you very good news, but was told to wait, maybe it shall be included in the next issue.
So back to the normal email exchanges. 
Do remember that I keep track of all the emails that are received for future historians, etc. that shall write about the school on its 100th anniversary year in 2043.
By the way it is my anniversary also, hope the association would think in inviting me for a dual cerebration, jajajaj.
From: salvador coscarart  
I am very grateful to be able to find my brothers from what ever time they went to mount.
God bless the knights.
Best wishes to all.
Salvador Coscarart.  
I am planning a trip to Venezuela in May 5th till May 19th. 2010.
From: Glen Mckoy  
Don't forget you are one of those people who made me like this, you showed me your love, before I wrote a Tale, or anything, you mailed me two guitars just like that, after 38yrs. and we have not met yet, you only give me tears, Glen ha!ha!
Well this is your doing, and Salvador who found me, I am a result of you guys, I didn’t sign up for this, you guys made me do what I do now, a reflection of my true brothers, thanks a lot man, you and your Kitty idea, look at how far that has gone, made something out of nothing, and Salvador going and find lost brothers and digging them out ha!ha!, just shows what a little bit of blood, sweat and tears can do,
I love you guys, thank you very much, we are going years now since we came back into contact. 
God Bless you both, and the many others, who have contributed to this special club, our place away from home (The Castle) Long Live The Mount.  
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 17:47:12 -0800
Keep on feeding our special club with gratitude and joyful words. Alleluia!
Saludos, Glen 
From: Glen Mckoy  
Mi amigo Anthony,
I would not use the word overwriting Judge, I would say, a judge who use few words but express so much, I am the over writer,
I say the same things over and over in different ways, to express so little at times, ha!ha!, however, when we do look into our hearts, we can find the right words, if we travel on the right path and recognize the value of divine inspiration. 
Yes, I did set the tone, I am always trying to get you guys to talk, I love to play chess, and my playing field is the mind, ha! ha!
And so few I find that can play, you are too good for me, you be the judge, I'll be the jester ha! ha! 
Take care, best regards to the really smart one (your wife Cintra), later my friend, have a wonderful weekend,
Cheers! Glen. 
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 14:14:33 +0000 
Hola Compadre,
Muchas gracias for your response.
My wife, Cintra, who is usually right says that there are times when I just seem to get the right words t express myself succinctly.
That is when I recognize the value of Divine inspiration.
I have learnt that there is truth in the saying that an over-speaking judge is like an ill-sounding cymbal.
I suppose this saying can apply to an overwriting judge.
I have no objection to your sharing my views with our brothers.
It would be more correct to say our views because you set the tone for what I wrote.
Thanks for sending your telephone number.
With kind regards,
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 23:29:24 +0000 
Hola Anthony, 
It’s good to read, your so true comments, I like the part about the first generation, after independence, a pride to build a nation. 
I remember those days. 
You have said so much, in so few words, all I can say is, Bravo for just being Real.
As a true brother, you can only get my highest respect, like the many other great minds, of this great Club, of Abbey School Alumni.
Thank you for discussing these topics of interest with me, I think I know you, much better today, I certainly like what I read,
I know it is difficult for you to write for the circular, due to your position, but I would like to share some of your words with a few others, like yourself if you don't mind, within the circle.  
best regards 
Glen. (902-477-7244).  
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 20:23:10 +0000 
Cher Glen,
Bon jour!
I concur; we are indeed brothers in the true sense, not in a meaning that is construed in varying terms of generality.
I hope to visit Hamilton for a few days during the first week of February .
I misplaced your telephone number, could you e-mail same.
I will telephone you when I get there.
You are correct as usual.
A person is admitted to membership after an assessment of the individual and upon very good recommendations.
The process, among other things, includes an interview by the senior honchos of the proposed Lodge. 
I presume to ensure that the applicant is not joining for a selfish reason or to promote himself.
The quest, as I understand it is for knowledge and to improve oneself in the area of spiritual and moral values.
But, as you know, there are some who join for there own selfish reasons and to make contacts in various fields on order to advance themselves in the business world or institutions to which they belong by directly or indirectly seeking favours or favourable consideration in personal progress.
If we joined any group it was not for a selfish reason.  
At the Abbey school we became part of a legacy handed down by the monks who came here.
They brought with them a different culture that they were able to blend with not only the local culture but that of other Caribbean countries and Venezuela.
So a legacy was left from which we have benefited.
Those of us who were at the "Mount' became brothers indeed.
We knew that every creed and race has an equal place, before Eric Williams coined the phrase.
We knew all about practicing discipline production and tolerance before Eric Williams said those were to be the "watch words" of independent Trinidad and Tobago.
So we were prepared for the future.
Yes amigo we are compadres in the true sense or preferably if you choose: brothers.
Avec mes meilleures salutations,
22 jan 2010
From: Glen Mckoy  
Dear Anthony, 
We are all natural Masons, not just only your brothers you show kindness to, but all.
You are a judge, and you must judge fairly without bias, and giving your best judgement under all circumstances. 
These clubs are modern day imitation of the great ancient clubs, and I find them more a good place to meet other business men, that's what I saw, and the essence of the great teachings are there for those who seek knowledge, however I found many were in it, for the business connections, and not for its true intrinsic value.  
You must be an upright person, and believe in God, in order to be a mason.
So you would qualify very easy. 
Now with Mount Boys, I find something greater than any of these clubs, which many of us do belong to. 
We lived together, we came from that same spiritual place, a home we call "The Castle", the Abbey School, we are so unique, you cannot buy into it, you cannot join us, if you did not attend the school, we were like chosen to this place, which I think is a privilege, in the times when an education was a difficult thing to obtain, and we had the best, thanks to the wisdom of our parents. 
Anthony all the names you see in the Circular and emails, are all upright gentlemen, and proud brothers, those who never contact us, and you never hear from, they have their reasons why, not all the people, in a church are believers, ha! ha! Anyhow, I only treasure one brotherhood, and that's "The Knights of White Stones", and you are part of it, its not by choice its just destiny my friend.
Best regards, to you and your family for 2010, your brother from " The Invisible Tribe, of an "Imaginary Tale", written in a book you cannot buy, "The King of Hearts", of the "The Knights of White Stones", long live the Mount..  
Its always a pleasure, to hear from you,  
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 15:26:20 +0000 
Dear Glen,
In 1985 or thereabouts while I was the Corporate Secretary and In-house Counsel of Royal bank of Trinidad and Tobago as it was then, Hubert Aleyne of Caribbean Light recommended me for membership .
All was going well until the night of initiation then I had to postpone.
Many were disappointed.  
When I became a judge here in T&T in 1987 it was mentioned that the so called Code of Ethics provided that judges should not be members of any private club or secret society so that ended that. 
Many friends and relatives are "brothers".
I have read the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown among other good books.
Most masons I know are genuine persons.
You certainly qualify.
I had suspected that you belong to the "brotherhood", believe it or not it appears silently in some of your e-mails.
With kind regards,
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 17:16:26 +0000 
Hello Anthony,
Yes I am a Mason, I was very active many years back, but not active anymore,
I became a Mason in the early 80's, in my quest for knowledge,
I do like ancient history, and Masons do have that, you are very good in your observation, are you a Mason also?
Best regards –
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 13:15:19 +0000 
Glen you speak of being a "brother" Great!. 
As you know, "brother" has a wider meaning, eg the masonic lodge
Subject: FW: Sharia Law will 'inevitably' become part of British law, says barrister – Telegraph
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:13:54 +0000 
Did you know that Winston Churchill warned of this, give one inch and they will take a mile, don't worry we still have 1 billion Indians, and 1 billion Chinese then there are the Russians, lets see how far they could push this, as for the west, well its the beginning of the end, what a time to live in, where is the love or peace in the near future. for the children of the free world.
This is not a good subject, however we must address it, if it’s in your face. 
Long live our Club, one for all, and all for one, thru all these things we must survive, we will always be a secret, never forget you have a brother here, there and everywhere,
Take care all my brothers, and enjoy the free world as long as we can. 
Best regards. 
This Circular is extra long, but the ASAA news is important. 
Your Editor
Ladislao Kertesz,
The photos for this edition are:
Codenumberscan10011bb, Photo sent by Kerry.
09GI005OSCOUTBADGE, Badge provided by George Iwaszkiewicz.
10JS0001JSHWFE, Joe Shoemaker and wife Adrienne
09PB0001PBO, Peter Boos getting an award.

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