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Circular No 435

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 6 Marzo 2010 No.435
Dear Friends, 
Good music by the Bajan Spice & Co. band, sent to me recently.
I hope Salah Wilson will send me one his choice for distribution. 
And now some more newcomers, Michael Ramcharan, Gary Thomas,
Re: Robert, Garth and Michael are you guys willing to join the "Brotherhood"?
From: Nigel P. Boos  
I'm so glad that at last we're contacting some of you Old Boys of MSB.
I'd waited a long time, in the hope that eventually, some of you would get in touch with us and begin to open up the 1980 period for us, to identify individuals and to explain what had gone on during the final days of the Abbey School
At last! The time has come!
I need your help, to look though the attached list of Old Boys, and to tell me, please, whether you can remember the boys whose names are listed herein.
You were at school in those days and therefore we have to depend on your memories.
We were not there!
Could you please try to identify the last year during which each / any of the names listed were students at the Mount?
Also, if you happen to know of any missing names, from your own years or from others, which should be included, please let me know.
I'm looking for email addresses, mailing addresses, little notes on anyone whom you might remember, telephone numbers, etc. - all this information I'm requesting.
Thank you in advance for your kind help.
If you make any changes to the attached spreadsheet, do indicate that they are changes by either colouring the cells themselves or at least the script, otherwise I might miss them.
Best regards.
The Circular is also looking, jajaja, to publish the last days!
To: Glen Mckoy  
These 3 Brothers were in the same class as me - 1975-1981 with the exception of Robert who came in 1978 or 79.
All are in good standing are eligible to join the Brotherhood.
By the way, we were all DAY BOYS!
We feasted ourselves on the young wenches of the St. Joseph Convent and the Lakshmi Girls School.
RE: Robert, Garth and Michael are you guys willing to join the "Brotherhood"? 
You have introduced 3 new names, are these gentlemen past alumni, if so please forward their profiles to Ladislao and Nigel, the year they attended etc. and of good standing with all brothers,
Thank you for this information, as soon as same is processed we will be glad to accept and welcome these lost brothers back to the Castle,
I have to be careful of who is knocking on our door, as other trinis, are aware of us, I don't know how,
If we are invisible, they would like to part take in this unique and special Club of ours, unfortunately there is only one way in, and it is written on top of "White Stones", protected by all boarders,
The Realm, and the only secret passage in, for only a true boarder will know. 
Long Live the Mount. 
Best regards your brother,
Glen McKoy. 
MSB Old Boys - another one found!
From: Nigel P. Boos  
FYI, Garth and Robert are already listed on the MSB dataBase, and do receive email advisories, etc. from time to time.
However, I hadn't previously had an email for Michael Ramcharan and so was glad to get your email to him, since I was able to extract his address.
Michael, would you please let me know what was your last year at Mt. St. Benedict? Also, would you please let us have your address?
Thank you.
Nigel P. Boos 
Robert, Garth and Michael are you guys willing to join the "Brotherhood"?
...14 feb 2010 
Robert, Garth and Michael are you guys ready to join the "Brotherhood"?
From: Cornel de Freitas
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010, 12:06 AM 
Hi Glen:
This absolutely " A M A Z I N G !!! "
We have been able to find another "lost" brother.
By the way thank you for copying me, and here is a good reason why.
While you were trying to locate 'Stephen Pitcher', a name popped up in one of the e-mails from one of our brothers.
It's a name I haven't heard in over 40 years!!!
In one of my 'Letters' I spoke of three Mount St. Benedict boys, and that brother Vincent (who was responsible for booking all of the flights for the brothers that lived outside of Trinidad) ...
If you can only imagine what a 'gargantuous' task that was...!
I spoke of three boys that were booked to go home go Colombia for their Christmas holidays, and couldn't get flights through Venezuela because of some problems
Those were the three Mount St. Benedict brothers that I was talking about.
They were booked to ARUBA by brother Vincent and my folks welcomed them into our home. 
Dinner that night at my home in ARUBA was more like a pre-Christmas 'Feast'. 
To me it was fantastic!! memory in my life, travelling together, the four of us on the same flight to "My Home" and actually having some of "My" brothers spending a night at my home. 
Can you imagine what that meant to me?
I am still talking about it Like it was yesterday!
Well ...> Here is my point ...(and to some it may even appear silly) BUT! I KNEW and remembered the name of only 'one' of those boys.  It was "Norman Smith" ...! ...and he lived in 'Medellin' Colombia.
All I could remember about the other two boys is that they were brothers!!! and also lived in 'Bogota",Colombia!
A N D ! the last name that could not remember just popped up !!!
(I am so excited about this)
>>>in a letter from 'Brian Kong' to 'Coscarart Salvador',  Brian mentioned the name "Anthony Seheult" !
I believe the two other boys that were brothers that stayed overnight at my home in ARUBA, were Anthony and Robert Seheult.
Amazing!.. Now I need to reach out to them see if they remember 'old' times.
You guys are the greatest bunch of brothers anybody could have or choose to have as brothers.  
I LOVE YOU ALL!! ...from your little brother with the sometimes' big' mouth that tends to get himself in a little hot water when he dares to speak out.
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 13:59:59 +0000 
We got this mojo working, it was a shot in the dark, I am so happy, we were of service my brother, have a wonderful day, and call on us anytime,  
Best Regards
Glen McKoy. 
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 04:18:53 -0800 
Hallo Glen, Salvador et al,
Very many thanks! I called and it is Stephen Pitcher!
I am very glad because I've been looking for him for months.
I spoke to his wife and, although they're separated now, she will let Stephen know that I'm trying to reach him and will pass on my contact info.
Three BIG cheers for the MSB Old Boys!!!
From: Glen Mckoy
Sent: Wed, February 10, 2010 6:27:00 AM 
Hello Salvador & Brian,
This is what I found, it was the only one.
We could be lucky.
Could someone in Ontario, call and check it out. 
Best regards
Glen McKoy. 
Stephen Pitcher, 
1270 Gainsborough Dr Oakville, ON. L6H212
Tel: 905-337-0707
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 21:46:56 -0600 
Hello everyone,
Our friend brian is trying to find his friend Stephen Pitcher , any help will be appreciated.
Thanks guys.
God bless. 
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 16:43:20 -0800
Dear Salvador,
Thank you for your very quick reply.
I'm still reading old MSB OB Circulars hoping that Stephen might have emailed in and I'll see his email address directly.
No luck as yet.
I see Nigel Boos is pressing for a more pro active OB website and Ladislao Kertesz has a database of over 500 email addresses, so he would have been my next on the list to ask.
I met an old friend, Anthony Seheult, today and he also went to MSB around the same time as you, and he also doesn't remember Stephen.
Other little memories which might stir yours - Stephen was a white boy with blond hair and grey eyes, from Bel Air in San Fernando who stammered when he became anxious.
His father, Oliver Pitcher, worked for Gransaull in San Fernando, and his mother, Jean Searl, was from Canada.
Today, Stephen must be around 52 or 53.
Thank you and all the other OBs very much for all the help.
From: salvador coscarart
Sent: Tue, February 9, 2010 8:10:23 PM 
Hello Brian,
Nice to meet you.
I don't remember right out of hand, but will do everything to locate him in Canada with all the other old boys that are living in Canada,
I can put you in contact with Nigel boos and he may have a better idea how to locate him over there in Canada if possible okey my friend.
I will pass your message to all the old boys.
God bless.
Salvador coscarart. 
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 15:49:42 -0800 
Dear Mr Salvador,
I got your name and email address from the MSB website and decided to write to you.
It appears that the older boys from the 50's are keeping in touch via the website, but very few old boys from your time, the 60's and 70's, so I thought I would try my luck in finding the whereabouts of Stephen Pitcher who attended MSB the same time as you.
I am Brian Kong who attended Trinity College with Stephen's brother, Wayne Pitcher, from 1965 - 72. Stephen was a boarder at MSB the same time you were there.
Do you remember him? Have you kept in touch with him?
The last time I saw him was around 1978 or 79.
He had married and had a daughter, Kelly.
He, his wife and daughter emigrated from Trinidad for Canada around that time too and I lost touch.
If you can contact him, please tell him that Brian Kong, friend of Wayne, is trying to contact him.
He can email me at this address -
Thank you.
Best wishes,
Brian Kong 
Use of the Abbey School Name 2010 is the year for accomplishments
...20 NOV 09
From: Don Mitchell CBE QC  
Hi Nigel,
The mystery deepens.
A deathly hush came over the scene.
All remains in darkness, etc, etc, as in the children's detective stories.
Why is everybody pussyfooting around the issue?
But, then, since I do not have the faintest idea what is going on with the use of the name
PS: You should have seen what I deleted before I pressed "Send".
Progress on the Association from Dennis Gurley 
I have today written to the Registrar on the use of the name.
I shall keep you informed.
Regards and belated Seasons Greetings.
Dennis Gurley 
My friends, I hope that the Circular has helped you find long lost friend.
Also I hope that new OBs come to the Circular’s help.
Please recheck you old photo album, or ask you family for old photos, the Circular needs them. 
Ladislao Kertesz editor,,
64TF0002AAPGMI, Alan Apo and Gordon Mitchell.
10AG0001AGYGRP, The Shoemaker and Gyuris families
09GI005MSCOUTBDGE, provided by George Iwaszkiewicz.
57CJ0001FCL, Fr. Chrysostom Lee Sing, “Fr.Chris”

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