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Circular No 459

Newsletter for the alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 21 August 2010 No.459
Dear Friends,
Good to hear from Salah, but his video has not arrived for the Circular.
I shall include it as soon as I get it.
...8 ago 2010
From: Salah Wilson   
Hi Ladislao,
Good to hear from you...this is actually the first year that I do not yet have a copy of Audio or Video........unbelievable.......but as soon as I do will be a pleasure for me to forward the song to you so that you may share it with all my brothers....this was another for the Mount...(and I did see some old mount boys at the Toronto Panorama)..
Anyways I should have a copy this week.
God Willing
...2010 6 23
From: Nigel P. Boos  
Hiya, MaryLou. 
How nice to hear from you.
It's been such a long time, hasn't it? 
I'm so glad that Chris C. sent my email on to you, as it has stimulated this great response.
Congrats to Chris (F) and yourself for your 43 years of marriage. Wow!  
So here's what's going on.
About 7 years ago, a group of Old Boys of Mt. St. Benedict's Abbey School decided to try to find all our old friends and buddies of those long-gone days, and to set up various reunion meetings wherever we happened to be.
Net result: We've formed a dataBase of 1280 OB's and we've had a number of interesting get-togethers, in Trinidad, in Venezuela, in the US, in Canada and so on. 
My own responsibility has been to try to find the email addresses of everyone, for ease of communication, and that's why I'm trying to find Chris' email, (for which I thank you).
If you might happen to have the email address of Fr. Peter, would you please let me have it as well?
I had heard that he was quite ill, but I have no details.
Also, would you please confirm, if possible, the last year that Chris (F) attended school at MSB? 
Thanks again, MaryLou. 
Nigel P. Boos 
On 2010-06-23, at 3:27 PM, CHRIS D FERGUSON wrote: 
This is MaryLou (Wainwright) married to Chris Ferguson, some 43 yrs...yah old no arse!
LOL...and Chris did attend Mount St Benedict some point in his life; where he met Ben Hutton...
I just got Christopher C's email question...and don't mind at all answering your question directly....
I did see a pic of you recently on Fbook...great to catch up after so many years...
Chris and I live here in south Miami...we are also very good friends with your family, Helen (Boos) Hutton (married to Ben Hutton) as you know...see them often.   
Our son Wayne lives in Dubai and is good friends with your nephew, Damon de Lima...what a small world eh boy? 
Would love to catch up with you ...I know Chris would, but he is the world’s worst communicator...we both still work, but hopefully in a couple months I will be retired, so this might entice Chris to do the same. 
Trust you get this with no problem...this is our home email address..and would love to hear from you.. 
Blessings MaryLou 
--------------------------------------------------------------. Lew
Date: April 2010 15:36 
Nigel and Ladislao
Can you please send the circulars and any OLD boys MOUNT mail to my home E-mail ( ) instead of to alex lew@nova chem .com,
Since today the 27 of April /2010 I am retiring from Nova Chemicals in Sarnia Ontario after 34 years of working in this petrochemical lab,
It was a good 34 years I enjoyed the job all these years.
It was a good paying job, hard to find today.
So thank you again
Ps I am Myron Lew´s brother who you probably remember better.
From: Glen Mckoy
date: 28 May 2010 10:20 
Hello Nigel,
We were talking about the roll call; I do hope more brothers fill in the names, email addresses, or cell numbers, of brothers still missing, and photos without names.
Nigel, Knight of the Light, I must thank you for the information below, this is a Great Knight, and when he left the Castle, there were only a few Knights.
A man from the times, when the history of “The Knights of White Stones began, and moulded into what it is now, the Club.
He went from a Knight, to a Monk, and is an old boy.
Nigel, when you next speak to our brother Msgr. Urban Peschier, please let him know, that The Club, is still here, and I have two brothers he would know about, a David De Castro and Trevor Evelyn, oh yeah, they were on the mount, a few years before him, however, they may have even crossed paths, at the Club, in 1948. 
Very Interesting, thank you for sharing this True Story, this is not The Tales of "White Stones",(or is it?) but of a Knight who was there, the rest is his-story. 
Subject: MSB Old Boys DataBase Update may 26, 2010
I'm pleased to be able to welcome Msgr. Urban Peschier into our little group.
For those who do not know the good Monsignor, here's what I've found out about him:  
His DOB is 27 April, 1929.
He attended the Abbey School and I believe, graduated in / around 1948.
He was ordained a priest on 1st November, 1953. 
He served in the parishes of:
Princes Town Dec. 1953 - Dec. 1956;
Arima Dec. 1956 - Jan. 1961;
Erin Jan.1961 - May 1967;
Princes Town May 1967 - Oct. 1971;
Mt. Lambert Oct. 1971 - May 1977;
San Rafael Dec. 1977 - August 1984;
Study leave from August 1984 - April 1986;
Marriage Tribunal May 1986 - January, 2006 during which was appointed Judicial Vicar on 1st November, 1991. 
He has not fully retired as he assists in the Marriage Tribunal alongside the present Judicial Vicar, Fr. Joseph Harris C.S.SP., and is still consulted by the Archbishop on certain matters.
He resides at the Cathedral presbytery.
Thank you to Ms. Maria Afong, Secretary to Abp. Gilbert, for providing this data. 
Tuesday, August 3, 2010 1:28 PM
From: "Peter Chandler"  
Hello fellow Old Boys;
You last newsletter is bringing forth a very disturbing aspect of our group.
I can't remember the Mount Old Boys association or whatever you wish to call it, being a religious organization although we all have in common having being schooled at an institution with a religious a affiliation.
So please let’s leave religion out of it since it has caused and still causes enough wars and suffering.
Who is to say which is the wrong or right religion which I personally believe highly presumptuous of any to assume that title. 
Phillip Clegg
detalles 7 may 2010 
Hi Ladislao, 
                I just came across this particular email of yours that I had missed previously, along with some others, because I had left them un-answered at the point of time of receipt, initially for a time, just so that I could catch up on some legal work that I am doing with respect to a long-standing land development issue here in West London that is still on-going and as a consequence is taking up a great deal of my time - please forgive what may have seemed to be outright rudeness on my part - rudeness was not on my agenda.- it's just that the days just aren't long enough and my energy level perhaps not what it used to be. 
                With respect to my contacts with Nigel Boos - I had sent Nigel four or so photos, really just to put a face on the page that they the lads might recognise if perhaps they did not recognise my name - most generously indeed Alain Devaux did seem to recall me quite well indeed, as in fact I have also I recalled him - it has, after all is said and done, been a very long time since any of the MSB brigade saw me, and it may be the case when the truth is known, that I have a very forgettable face and personality,
in view of the fact that I had written Leary O'Connor what I had thought to be a fairly reasonable and friendly email, but nevertheless failed however to get any response whatsoever from him, which of course does unavoidably have a somewhat deflating effect on one.
By contrast however, I have had some level of on-going contact with the old School Hero, Trevor Evelyn, the guy who seemed to surpass everyone else at seemingly everything, who incidentally, I have discovered, was born on the same day as myself, i.e., 6Th November, (different year however).
I have to say that I am really pleased indeed to learn that his treatment has been successful.
I have also had the great pleasure of being in contact once again with David De Castro, who at the time I always knew as Dougle, who appears to be just as happy, cheerful, and buoyant as he ever was in the past, seemingly being every bit the same guy that I remember when at MSB all of those years ago.
However, even David had to admit that he only 'sort of remembered me' in spite of the fact that we did  knock around together quite a bit off and on when we were both at the Mount way back when, (It would seem from the discourse that we have had with each other that we had both commenced as boarders in 1944 prior to the opening of the New School on the Mount) leading me to suppose that I might indeed be a great deal less charismatic than I had supposed, and perhaps also just plain forgettable when all is said and done.    
                I had sent both Nigel and Trevor Evelyn photos of myself from times past. The photos of myself that I had sent to Nigel Boos I have already explained –
I think that I have already sent you another copy of the, "1951 Footie Team" that you had requested of me, if however I have failed to do so please email me once again with respect to the matter and I will of course email you another copy.  
                The photos that I had sent to Trevor would perhaps be of little or no interest to anyone else, as one of the photos was of my late mother's Hotel "The Montrose" that was situated in Camp Street, Georgetown, in BG, all those years ago, which I thought might interest him as he used to visit with my sister there in times gone by, whilst the others were of myself at the time that I was modelling here in UK in the 1970's, which I do not think will be of any interest to the MSB 'Old Boys.  
                 In addition, at the time that Nigel Boos was asking for a response to his "Roll Call" presentation, I had written a synopses of my stay at the Mount which I had captioned, "Before, During and After MSB - A Synopses". 
Having no way of knowing just what the other guys would write, I had done a fairly epic account of my experiences before MSB, together with a fairly detailed recall of most things that I remembered from the days at the Mount, explaining how my particular upbringing had made the event of being enrolled at the Mount a most traumatic experience for me,
Then recalling to mind various of the priests that I had known, at the same time recalling to mind what effect some of them had had on me, and then finishing it up by outlining what had happened to me after MSB right up until the present point of time - however, when I saw just how brief and cursory the other 'Old Boys' accounts were, mine seemed unnecessarily epic by comparison, and I realised that what I had done was probably not at all relative to the situation and probably was more fitting to a publication of my memoirs than for inclusion in your column - in fact just plain 'overkill', and that is why I did not send it off to Nigel, nor later to you.
If however you think that you want any of it, it is there for the asking - however if you do ask for me to send it off to you I would not want you to publish any of it if you supposed that it might have a negative effect on anyone.   
                  From reading the various emails that you have presented from time to time in your circulars, I have come to realise that I have evolved in a quite different direction to everyone else that I knew at the Mount.
I am very straight forward and perhaps too open-minded and outspoken, and also not at all religious (in a doctrinal sense) when compared to the rest of the Old Boys,
(having said as much, I have to tell you that I have never indulged in Alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, clubbing, etc., to the extent that most people who know me suppose at first that I am very religious), so I feel that I am now perhaps a bit of a misfit when compared to my old pals at the Mount, and it may be that things that I had to say in my Synopses might prove a somewhat too controversial for the general consumption and peace of mind of my old compatriots. 
I certainly would not like to upset any of the 'Old Boys,’ or worse still make enemies of any of them - that would be quite unnecessary at this point of time in our lives.    
          Should you want anything else form me do please feel free to contact me with respect to anything. Once again I would like to thank both yourself and Nigel Boos for all of the very good work that you are both doing for the MSB Old Boys.   
My very best regards, 
Phil Clegg 
On Mon, 1/2/10,
From: laszlo kertesz <>
Date: Monday, 1 February, 2010, 1:38 
Dear Phillip,
I finally reached to Circular No. 429 that has been reserved to your experience at mount and the photos.
You seem to have sent 4 photos to Nigel
I only got one, the football photo, but this photo has problems so please could you resend.
Also the other three, Nigel has not been forthcoming, HE MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN.
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
10SW0001PAN FESTIVAL, our good friend Salah at the PAN FESTIVAL.
09NB0006REUNIONAJAX. Finally with names.
10LK2925DBALKE, David Basanta and Ladislao Kertesz
09LK2158LKEGRP, Dinner in Caracas

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