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Circular No 427

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 9 January 2010 No.427
Dear Friends, 
Good to be in 2010, with plans for a REUNION in TT in the air.
Finally to have an Association, not only in words but as a reality.
Also maybe we shall have a paid officer to take care of the day to day matters??, let us say 4 hours a day would be a good beginning.
I am sure that by now the bylaws are ready, at least a draft form??
Also I bet that Joseph Berment has thought up and instructed the preparation of the monthly programme of activities.
Everything is slow at the beginning but a start is a start.
Maybe this is a WISH LIST but never the less a list. 
Of course if need be, we can pitch in from overseas to get things moving. 
So: I would like all those that would like to work out a programme, please send me the 10 most desired activities that the Association needs to realize to get the ball rolling. 
Those outside TT, please make the necessary alterations. 
After being in TT last May and being in contact thru the Circular, with ALUMNI in TT, I am startled at the amount of ideas that were put forward but have not been implemented, after 7 months. 
It is time to wake up, the beginning of the New Year is here, so it can be an excuse to retrench and think about a fresh offencive against the conformity. 
That is the editorial, jajaja
----------------------------------------------------------------------------, for you enjoyment, sent by David Bratt.
From: Glen Mckoy
Only a dream, the unity of all, as one under the same - "The Realm". 
In the year 2009, in the month of June or July, the Knight of the Sky, is escorted by the Eagles, from the main land of South-America, to the island of Trini, to a location hidden in the sun. 
For matters of utmost importance, local representatives were present, for the Circle of the Circular, meeting.  
The GodFather of the Circular, sat quietly as he waited, for one or two others to arrive. 
He stared out the window in front of him, and on the mountain he could see the "Castle", as he wondered, how many years ago, it was that he attended, "The Abbey School". 
Now on a mission, right here and right now, so important to the world wide membership, to some. it was 20 yrs ago, 30 yrs ago, 40 yrs ago, 50 yrs, to a few 60 or more yrs ago, to some its trivial. 
He made this trip to form concrete relationships, to establish legal rights, in building the proper foundation, for an alumni, that will represent, the entire brotherhood.  
In trust and cooperation. an imaginary "Club House", with a help line, a place we send our get well cards from, a one stop connection for all, a place we can rely on. 
The Godfather was not successful, in obtaining the answers he was looking for; he even at times believed some promises were lies. 
As a man of wisdom and of great understanding, the Godfather would never express his true feelings or emotions openly, but was saddened by the fact, that we are not grounded. 
We do not have a place we can call, home of the Alumni, main base of operations, i.e. an address, a telephone number. 
This trip confirmed to the Godfather, that so much work, that still lay ahead. 
The only glue, the Circular and the List Maker.  
Soon a time will come, for an international vote of recognition, who are we?
To organise ourselves, in the years to come, we are all boarders, however no boarders, will prevent us from serving and helping our brothers.
On this planet and beyond, we remain One, we will protect our own. 
In time as our works materialise, it will be a privilege, to be member of this, Club. 
4 dic 09
From: Glen Mckoy  
I did not know him, good to know, in case we move the club to Barbados, ha! ha!, however Arthur, knows him I believe, I think he was a day boy,
Thanks great news,
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 08:23:58 +0000
I don’t know if you already know it but our old Mount boy Cecil has been awarded The Golden Crown by the Barbados Government for his contribution to the Tourist sector.
Jorge Iwaszkiewicz
25 Jul 
Estimado ladislao/Dear Ladislao:
It was great to receive the updated Circulars.
I enjoy them and look forward to them whenever they arrive.
Due to a recent move to Bogota, Colombia I have had a chance to look through some of my old archived photos and paraphernalia from Trinidad, and I took this opportunity to scan whatever I could scan.
I am sure I have other places where I can find some treasures from Mt. St. Benedict days, but this will have to wait a bit longer.
Nevertheless, I am appending the following items which you can post in your next Circular!
As you will see I included several photos of my time as a Queen's Scout (cannot find the Certificate at the moment), nor can I remember exactly the place where this photo was taken (can someone identify the place?).
Also included are some of the badges and related Scout badges.
Another photo is of me playing ping-pong at the house by the football field.
Another is the MSB Choir Group dated March 23, 1956 when MSB Choir came in 2nd place in the competition...
I still can't sing! I never knew how they picked us to join the choir...probably by height????
The reverse has almost all the names of the Choir group, but I believe some are missing!
In addition, I have enclosed a copy of The Abbey School swimming sports.....
I have it complete (some 25 pages, including all events, names and on the left side all the advertisers..............if you really need it, I can always scan the full booklet for posting?????????????
At the moment I am living in Colombia, but getting ready to depart in late August on a consulting assignment in Mozambique for about 2 months........I hope to keep busy and working for several more years!
All the best to MSB, and keep up the great work!
Saludos a todos los "hermanos" de MSB y lectores. 
Tel: Colombia (571) 244-3478 or (571) 368-7871
Tel: France (33-1) 39-64-5821
Tel: USA (408) 779-1929 
Greetings from Bogota, Colombia
Monday, June 15, 2009 11:46:31 AM
From: Jorge Iwaszkiewicz  
Dear Nigel:
Nice to hear back from one of you.
As you asked, there never was any "Gustavo Enrique", and I am the only Iwaszkiewicz that went to MSB.
My first name was "anglicised" when I arrived, as I originally went by my French spelt name of "georges", with an "s"!
I have various nationalities, but currently I use my Canadian citizenship as I spent some 25 years in Canada working at BNS, Toronto and then BOM, Montreal.
As for MSB, I never did finish Form V, as a matter of fact I left just about the time I completed Form IV as my parents immigrated to the US (New Orleans).
There I completed High School at Cor Jesu.
The Principal of the school thought I was more advanced than the others, so they made me jump 1 year.....I guess the good schooling from MSB helped a bit!
I then went off to LSU graduating in Economics and then another degree in History.
[Since leaving MSB, the only person I kept in touch with, from-time-to-time was George Mickiewicz.
Otherwise, I did meet David da Costa in Barbados years ago when I was working for Pricewaterhouse-US.
Unfortunately, George mentioned that David passed away a while back.
He was working as Director at the then "Caribbean Financial Services Corp.," with HQ in Barbados.
After completing my Economics degree, I returned to Argentina for a year where I worked with Ford Motor, but given the political mess there I came back to the US, finished my second degree at LSU and then moved to Canada where I went to visit my godfather working at the Chilean Embassy in Ottawa.
I guess after a while I found Canada was the natural place to stay and so I did!
My two sons are there now, one in Toronto (Newmarket) and the other in Banff, Alta.
I am attaching a couple of photos of myself and my wife which should help in placing me in the photo spread. (Number 11).
I am also planning to be in Toronto sometime early July for about 10 days as I need to fix a few personal things and start my Pension payments!
Maybe we can arrange to meet someplace in Toronto????
Given that I am just moving in, and have many personal effects all over the "world", it will take me a little while to recover these, but hopefully, I can find some old photos of my years in MSB. BTW,
I was also and briefly involved in the MSB photo Club and a Queen's Scout..
I think our leader was Fr. Cuthbert????..somewhere I know I still have the badges and medals!
At the moment I am still working independently with various UK based consulting firms, and travelling to Africa.
Currently I have a Bank project in Mozambique (Portuguese speaking) and I am planning to return sometime late August for another 2 months.
I will be happy to provide more details later on as to my worldwide travels since leaving MSB.
All the best for now to everyone and let see if we can arrange to meet in Toronto.
Jorge Iwaszkiewicz 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 09:20:24 -0400 
Thanks. I'll try again.
Jorge - please respond.
On 15-Jun-09, at 8:23 AM, George Mickiewicz wrote: 
Correct address is
----- Original Message --------------------------------
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 6:51 AM 
Hey George,
What am I doing wrong? Jorge's email has bounced back to me.
Are you talking to him via his email address?
If so, would you mind asking him to send me a note, so i can confirm that I have his address correctly? 
From: "Nigel P. Boos" <>
Date: June 14, 2009 7:52:25 AM GMT-04:00 
Thanks, George.
Well, of course, if they're not the same person, then you've opened up for us the name of another missing Old Boy of MSB, and for that I thank you.
I'm copying Jorge on this email as well as Ladislao and Don Mitchell, so that they can follow the developing story of another "find", thanks to you.
Jorge, welcome!
We had been looking for Gustavo Enrique Iwaszkiewicz for a long time, and suddenly George Mickiewicz came up with your name and contact information instead.
I am very happy that he has done so, and that we're able to re-establish contact with you after so many years.
Your name is not unfamiliar to me, to be sure, but it would really help all of us if you could drop us a line and let us know something about yourself since leaving Mt. St. Benedict.
A recent photograph of yourself would also be of great help, in trying to "place" you.
Is there really another Iwaszkiewicz, by the name of Gustavo?
Or am I making a mistake?
If there is, would you mind telling us if there is a relationship between you both and would you have his email address or telephone number?
Led by Ladislao Kertesz (Class of 1960), the Old Boys of the Abbey School are experiencing some sort of resurgence, in that he has been able to stimulate interest and reaction from hundreds of alumni, who have been writing in, sending photographs, anecdotes, historical notes, and so on, generating a wellspring of emotion and memory recall which has resulted in a few reunions, meetings, dinners, letters, etc. - all for the better, I think.
So now that George has found you, our database of Old Boys is one step closer to finalisation.
I look forward to having you on board and getting some news of your whereabouts and involvements.
Nigel P. Boos 
From: Nigel P. Boos
Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 4:32 PM 
First class, George.
Can you please share his email add with me? I'd like to include it  in the upcoming "Database Update".   
Jorge Iwaszkiewicz 
BTW, is Jorge the same person as "Gustavo Enrique Iwaskiewicz?    
If not, then we must have 2 OB's by the name of Iwaskiewicz.
On 13-Jun-09, at 12:34 PM, George Mickiewicz wrote: 
Hi Guys:
Have been able to connect with George; a "lost boy" has been found.  
He works in banking as a global consultant.  
He is currently in Bogota.  
Have given him Ladislao's e-mail so he can communicate with him and a link to the MSB blog.  
God bless,
Now to the photos.
Ladislao Kertesz, 
So, now you have all the exchanges and photos.
08LK3118LKEBDO, Bro. Dorset and Ladislao Kertesz at his local parish in Caracas.
09GI005CSCOUTSBADGE, Thanks to George Iwaszkiewicz for helping the Circular in recovering old data.
60CV0008GUYANESE, The team dressed up for a photo session in Guyana.
09LK0418TTVISITJDM, Jean de Meillac and your editor, Ladislao Kertesz.

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