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Circular No 476

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 18 of December 2010 No.476
Dear Friends, 
Remember John Davenport?? He lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
From: Tim Mew MHC  
Hi Nigel,
Sorry to hear your news of having to give up, but honestly I do not know how you and Ladislao have done so much for so long.
I guess it is time for someone else [the younger ones!!] to take over.
I dread the time when Ladislao passes on the same news.
If you guys are ever in Melbourne [I know it is far away] just let me know in advance.
But I saw that Ladislao was in Spain, so you never know.
My sincere thanks again for all your kind work on behalf of MSB.
Thursday, November 6, 2008 7:49:48 PM 
Hello Ladislao Kertesz,
Your friend Tim Mew wants to talk to you for free using Skype.
Hi Ladislao,
It was really nice to talk to you today and I will first send this info on Skype for you and then follow it up with an email with more details for all MSB members who may wish to talk to each other.
This has all the necessary info for you so that at least you are ahead of the bunch.
The message below is from Skype on their list.
All the very best and will be in touch Tim & Gail & Family.
Download Skype and make and receive free video and voice calls with other people on Skype like me.
You can also make great value calls to landlines and mobiles, and send SMS messages. 
From: "Tim Mew MHC" <>
Date: October 19, 2008 12:30:00 AM GMT-04:00 
Hi Nigel,
I used the emails from your list to reach a few of my class colleagues, but see the results below.
Do you have any other newer email addresses for them?
Sorry to trouble you but do you get through on the addresses I used?
----- Original Message ----------------------------------
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2008 3:27 PM 
Hi Luciano,
It seems you may be the only recipient of this email.
Isaias, Urbano, Roberto L, Roberto B, Norman and Ricardo all bounced!!!
What a shame.!!!!
Do you have any of their email addresses.?
----- Original Message ----------------------------------------------------
Sent:Sunday, October 19, 2008 3:16 PM 
Hello to all my "old" MSB friends,
The years are ticking bye at a fast pace and I thought I should try to get in touch with at least a few of you.
The recent excel list from Nigel Boos has helped me to do this.
A quick back ground on us:
Married in 1963 to Gail, left Guyana in 1974 with three daughters [Michele, Karen, Lisa] for Australia.
First in Sydney and now for many years in Melbourne.
Two more twin daughters were born to us in Melbourne, Alexandra and Alicia.
Karen has two sons, Timmy [19] & James [7].
Alexandra has Thomas [2] and Sophie [three weeks].
So four grand kids for us.
Michele is married to Ralph.
Karen is single now.
Lisa is going to be married in March of 2009.
Alicia has a partner Fletch.
Alexandra is married to Vlad.
The attached picture was from April 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Gail is 63 and I am 67. 
So YES the years roll on!!!!
I will not be able to attend the re-union in Trinidad scheduled for this November, distance, cost etc. prevents.
However it would have been great to meet up with any of you.
I am still trying the email address for Ricardo Figuera that I had, but it has not worked for quite awhile.
So if any of you guys particularly in Venezuela have his new address, please forward and let me know.
I have been in touch with Ricardo over some time but not recently.
He also sent some pictures in the past of your meetings in Caracas, so I have an idea of how the years have treated you.
As you can see, we are about on par!!!!
I have often enjoyed Roberto Boddington's photos on the circulars from Ladislao, so thanks to you for shooting these, although I can not remember you doing so.
Will also try to find and attach a picture of our family for you.
With love and best wishes to you all and your families and I look forward to your replies.
Please try to keep in touch and help me with any other email addresses from 1958 class.
Re: Abraham Laquis‏
From: Tim Mew (
Sent: Mon 5/12/08 10:37 AM 
Hi to all & Alain,
Alain & Annie , so sorry to hear of your dad's recent illness and I sincerely hope he will improve over time.
Please say hello to him for me, as I am sure he will still remember all of us from his class.
I will try to find & attach a recent photo of my wife Gail and I, for you to show your dad, although I am sure that few would recognise me over all the years.
Age catches up with all of us "old " Mount S. B. boys and time runs it's course.
Ladislao, I thought from memory that Ricardo and I some time back had virtually given all the names on your attached picture.
But if lost we can send again.
I must apologise to Ricardo for not emailing sooner, although I always have the best of intentions .... however one seems to be busy these days, but I promise I will in the very near future.
Our love to all and God Bless you and Abraham especially too,
Tim Mew.
Class of '58
Now resident in Melbourne, Australia. 
From:  krishna toolsie   
I wish you well as you focus on your endeavours and extend my sincere gratitude, on behalf odf all Mount boys, for your dedicated service in compilation of the data base.
You have been, as Ladislao, the glue that held the loose association of Abbey ole boys.
The invaluable data you compiled will now require another shepherd to maintain the flock, but your value cannot be replaced or your diligence duplicated. 
It is my sincere hope that another will take up the challenge and do justice the material you engineered. 
I remain ever confident that Data Base remain viable and that it be utilized in the Centenary Mount Celebrations. 
I also hope that, should you find the time, you accept my invitation to visit San Diego. 
I know we will have stimulating and thought provoking conversations.  
Warmest regards my friend,
Krishna Jerry Toolsie (1974) 
From: Nigel Boos  
Dear Ladislao, 
I've attached the most recent MSB Database for use by any of the Old Boys who might find it useful. As before, it is designed with 3 tabs (see bottom of screen) to permit ease of access to information. 
This file is available until December 13th 2010 
I now also wish to advise you that I shall no longer be able to continue my involvement with the dB, for a number of reasons, not least of which is my need to focus on my work. 
I am therefore passing the file to you, for your own purposes, and I trust that you or anyone you delegate will be able to do a great job with the info. 
it has been a wonderful experience, during the past few years, keeping in touch and developing contacts with many of the Old Boys of MSB. I wish you and everyone involved a very happy and blessed Christmas, and I look forward to hearing good things concerning the Old Boys Association of the Mt. St. Benedict Abbey School. 
Kindest regards, 
Nigel Boos
Class of 1960 
From: Nigel Boos  
You're quite right. When I started the dB, I had one name - mine.
Then I started to build, and what you've received is the result of about 7 years of searching, one name at a time.
if your name hasn't turned up, it's there now.
Sorry about that, but we're constantly been looking for help to complete the full list of names, addresses, etc.  
I've passed on the file to Ladislao Kertesz in Venezuela, and I'm sure he'll include your name from now on.
Maybe you can also remind me as to which years you were at MSB.
(It seems to me that you were actually there for less than 1 term, if I remember, but I must be wrong.) 
Keep well, and have a very happy Christmas. 
Here's one for you: 
On 2010-12-08, at 3:19 PM, John Davenport wrote: 
Hi Nigel,
I was at Mount for 2 years yet I did not see my name in the old boys list.
John Davenport 
From:  Nigel Boos  
Thank you, Sherry. 
I'll pass it on to Ladislao Kertesz for his update.
I'll let Jackie know that you asked for her.
Merry Christmas from us both.
On 2010-12-06, at 3:49 PM, Sherry Lloyd wrote: 
Hi Nigel;
Seasons greetings !    
I happen to be on the MSB list, and noted that you asked Edward for Maurice's address.
He actually gave you a slightly incorrect one. 
The correct address is:   11943 - 189A st, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1W9
Say hi to Jackie (if she remembers me).
Have a wonderful Christmas  and all good things in 2011.
... Sherry 
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
06WK0027UNKNOWN, Taken during the reunion 2006.
62DB0001DBRGRP, David Bratt and Group,
10UN0001JDA, John Davenport.
04SC0003SCO, Salvador Coscarart and Unknown.

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