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Circular No 475

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 11 of December 2010 No.475
Dear Friends,
Some information on the Aruba´s murder incident and about a mango trip.
Gmail Jan
Saturday, February 2, 2008 10:11:58 AM 
Nigel, you have good pictures from the Mount! 
I will not bother you much more with Natalee Holoway, it is indeed one of many cases.
The reporter himself did not say anything yet, that is due coming Sunday evening.
Last night in a talk show on tv there was a telephone conversation with Jorin van der Sloot himself in which Jorin said that his remark on the hidden camera was "after sex she passed out and a friend with a boat slipped the body in the sea" but that this remark was a made-up joke. 
All the other details are to come Sunday evening, but indeed we have the same questions if she really was dead or not.
That is what the theory is indeed, that she might be eaten by sharks why nothing of her is found yet. 
But besides this Natalee Holoway case, in fact more news is that this Peter R. de Vries again solves a case which the Dutch police-detectives cann't solve.
Two times he allready got convicted men out of jail because they were innocent after years of jailtime and his reporting, and several times he could deliver proof to justice which solved other murdercases.
(For example the body of an Irish girl was found in the water of Amsterdam. After 18 years Peter was able to track a witness and solved the case). 
This is not to blame the lack of quality of the Dutch police because the best Dutch police detectives have only treated 15 cases at most in their career, while Peter R. de Vries is doing crime report for the past 30 years and has treated 461 cases.
Dutch police-detectives don't work like Jack Frost in A Touch of Frost, the system is different, for each case a separate group of police detectives is formed which falls apart again after the case. 
Can you imagine the biggest drugs criminal Klaas Bruinsma in Amsterdam early 90's who was delivering the drugs to all Europe that time.
He got shot in 1991.
He then had a 19 year old girlfriend.
This girl was never in the news and she was completely forgotten.
In 2002 the brother of our royal crownprince wants to marry Mabel Wisse Smit.
He has to ask the parliament approval.
The approval was expected to be given and the procedure a formality.
If so, Mabel Wisse Smit would be the wife of the second heir to the royal Dutch throne.
But three weeks before the marriage Peter R. de Vries came on television with his report.
He flew all the way to Chile to find the mate Charlie da Silva of Klaas Bruinsma.
Mabel Wisse Smit was this 19 year old girlfriend of Klaas Bruinsma, and had been sleeping on several occasions with him on his boat.
The boat was so small, only two rooms, one for Charlie, one for Klaas.
Where could she sleep?
She had not told our prime minister that there was more than only waving to him from sailing boats in the official interview for the approval.
It had deep impact in Holland.
The marriage went on, while they knew they would lose the heir to the throne.
After that our crownprince got three children, who come before him, so it really didn't matter much.  
Now Peter is doing it again . . .
Nigel P. Boos
Saturday, February 2, 2008 7:11:23 AM 
Thank you for the note.  
I know nothing about someone breaking a shoulder on the track to Whitestone. However, I do know for sure, because I witnessed the aftermath, that Richard "Mousie" Farah fell off a mango tree branch (I heard that the branch actually broke with his weight, but I can't vouch for that) when, one day, during our weekly trek to "Grounds", a number of the boys had gone off on a mango hunt.
Michael "Joe" Azar, I'm told, broke his fall, and was able to avert what could have been a more dangerous situation.
The net result of this accident was that "Mousie" broke his leg and had to be transported to the side of the MSB road, and laid on a bench under the almond trees, to await a lift to hospital in a Mount vehicle, in the company of one of the priests (I believe it was Fr. Bernard.)
The setting done of his leg was not well done, but I do not know the details.
As a result of this unfortunate accident, however, "Mousie" was left with a short leg, so that he has, since then, always walked with a noticeably different gait.
This has not in any way stopped him from doing everything that anyone else does routinely - driving his own car, working at his job, and so on.
Now, these are the facts as I remember them, but if anyone else can correct my memory and claim otherwise, I'd be only too happy to accept another version of the story. 
No, "Sambo" was not, so far as I know, involved in the Whitestones story.
But look, I have a photograph of St. Lawrence House during a March Past from 1959/60, and there is a black kid in the picture.
I can't remember his name, and I'm not even sure if he was "Sambo", but he was younger than I, and perhaps, since you came to Mount 3 years after I left, you might remember his face/name. 
I was thinking of what I had said earlier, that "Sambo" had come to the rescue of, I thought, Michael Azar.
I now believe I was wrong. 
I think it was Robbie Huggins who told me that, during the 1970 Black Power problem, he was driving along Long Circular Road in Maraval when he was suddenly accosted by a mob of angry black men who approached him in a threatening manner.
He was very concerned for his safety, when, out of the mob stepped "Sambo" who spoke to the others and explained that he knew Robert and could vouch for him.
This allowed Rob to get away from the area, which he immediately did.
I also heard that "Sambo" had died, but I cannot be certain of that! 
Re. the Natalee Holloway story:
I find this very interesting, and of course it must be regarded as a major breakthrough in the case.
However, is the reporter saying that she "passed out" during sex, or that she died then?
Seriously, if she had only "passed out", and hadn't died, why did the young man / men feel that her body should be disposed of?
Surely, she would awaken eventually.
What do they mean by "passed out?" Regardless of that however, if this is true, then her body will never be found,
The waters off the coast of Aruba, I'm told, are filled with sharks, and that would be the end of that!
Thank God we believe in the immortality of the soul. 
I shall try to see the ABC story, but really, Jan, this is not a matter that concerns me too much at this point. I have many other pressing problems to deal with and I am sure that I will read all about it eventually, if I miss the programme on TV. 
Be good, keep the faith and God bless you. 
On 2-Feb-08, at 4:44 AM, Gmail Jan wrote: 
Nigel, I don't remember Sambo. I only heard that some boy broke his shoulder on the tracks in the mountains going up Whitestone, and that somebody rescued him. Maybe you refer to this event? But that was before my time. 
Last night there was a telephone conversation with Joran van der Sloot on a news show on our televison.
It seems that he has confessed that Natalee passed out during sex and that a friend with a boat slipped her body into the sea. In the telephone conversation he said the confession was "made up" and not true. But later on in the conversation he admitted that the friend and boat do exist. Sunday evening we can see it all. It is said here that the broadcast will also be on ABC televison in the USA sometime later. Can you watch ABC from your place? 
Greetings Jan 
I have often, over the past fifty years wondered what happened to "Sambo". My recollection is that he was named Arthur Richards. 
He only lasted up to about Form 1.
I never learned why he left.
Given the number of fights I got into in his defence, I imagine it was because of the merciless teasing he got from Monks and boys over his being black. 
We were terribly racially prejudiced in those days.   
Saturday, February 2, 2008 10:11:58 AM 
I think that is the story I meant, my memories are vague.
There was indeed something broken and the boy had to go to the hospital, and what I vaguely remember it was on the tracks in the bushes uphill in the valley in the direction of Whitestones where there were still trees.
But the event was before my time, I only remember it being told from other boys.
You have much more details about the story.  
I know Lindsay Moffat was at the Mount from 1960 on.
If you send him the pictures and the story maybe he can tell you more.
He said he does not have a computer at home but checks his emails at places like public libraries.
It might take some time before you get an answer, we got mails from him past Xmas.
His mailaddress is He lives in Glasgow
 laszlo kertesz ...
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 8:42:57 PM 
Dear John,
Thank you for the email.
Sorry that I took so long to answer, but I am a bit late with the lots of email in the first part of the year that I could not answer and late with the circulars.
I am still missing Andrew’s email address.
I have no information as to his resume for the listing.
I used to be the Javelin and Discus champ for 1960.
Made airplanes and rockets.
Used to paint tennis balls for the tournaments.
I believe that you have the attached photo.
I left Mount in Dec. 1960.
The second tallest boy at Mount, after Howard, “daddy long legs”.
Please send me the article on Yip Chuck.
There seems to be a mix up with Chow Fat the other pinpong teacher.
Need to clarify.
Any news on Claude Johnson also from St. Lucia, living in UK Telf. 012 28 511747,
44 1228 538 644. 
Maybe the telf are wrong, the address I have is.
3 Eden Place, Stanwix, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 9JQ, UK 
God Bless
Lindsay John Moffat wrote:
Dear Laszlo,
Thank for all the information you have recently sent.
Also pictures of Yip Chuck.
I must confess that it is Difficult for me to remember your name and wonder if I can with your face to go with your name.
Were you in a class or two above me??
May be Andrew or Nigel's year??
Anyway I still appreciate your mail.
Maybe sometime the jig-saw will fall into place.
Andrew is well and living in Taunton, Somerset, England - At present away on holiday with his wife in Cuba.
Quite a time to be there - I wonder if Castro the admirable old dog will finally pop his socks while he is there?
That will be historic.
Nigel died of complicated illnesses on 25th November '05.
Until then he lived in Bristol - England.
I am an artist and live in Glasgow, Scotland as you probably already know through the network.
I remember Yip Chuck well and with fond memories.
He was my favourate teacher and biology my favourate subject.
I will write more about him later as I am now on the run - (not from the law) - am busy doing last minute preparations in haste to travel off to Barbados to see my ailing Mum then off to St.Lucia to see relatives there too.
All recently arranged trip after many years - so must dash.
Meanwhile keep well and best wishes...................
Lindsay John (Moffat) 
From: laszlo kertesz
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 09:11:01 -0800 (PST)
Dear Linsay,
I would like a few more lines on Yip Chuck.
Can you???
Nobody remembers him.
God Bless
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
67UN0002UNKNOWNS, Please check it out.
07NC0001REUCA, Neil Charles and a group.
06WK0023PTAGRP, Peter Tang at reunion.
10UN0001LMA, Llewellyn Mac Intosh.

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