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Circular No 473

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 27 of November 2010 No.473
Dear Friends, 
An encounter in France by two old boys.
Meetup Paul Zeven and Jan Koenraadt in France and the Netherlands
From: Jan Koenraadt
Dear Ladislao,
Wish to send you some French and Dutch connections of MSB alumni for the Circulars.
Paul Zeven contacted me via the Circulars.
His father happens to stay in my home town Oosterhout in the Netherlands, so last February he came by to visit me at my home.
He is also staying in a renovated place in France little bit east of Clermont Ferrand, about a 90 minutes drive away from our place in France.
So I visited him too at his home last June and enjoyed very much the excellent view he has on the Puy de Dome Mountains.
During holidays, friends with families came to stay at my place in France.
I showed them how to make a tower with rope and poles like the MSB-scouts used to do with bamboo.
Much greetings and many thanks for all the good work you do for all of us!
Jan Koenraadt 
Ed Lloyd
Friday, February 22, 2008 12:52:22 PM 
Dear friends and family
I have decided to hang up my hard hat and retire from the oilfield (one more time) to enjoy family, friends, golf, woodworking and importantly to not hear the lament of my dear wife - she is simply tired of waiting for me to come home.
We both will take a short break here and then take a holiday in Trinidad via Barbados.
No plans have been made as we both have commitments prior to this announcement, but bear with us; we will be calling on you all when we get down.
Love to all from us both
Edward & Betty Lloyd  
From: Ed Lloyd <>
Date: April 23, 2009 9:54:40 AM GMT-04:00 
Hi Nigel,
Yes, Maurice lives in Vancouver (has been for the last 39 years).
His postal address is 11943 - 118A St, Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 1W9 and his cell is 604 644 2905. He can also be contacted by email at the above address
From: Nigel P. Boos <>
Date: Thursday, 23 April, 2009, 12:52 PM 
Hey, Eddie,
Would you please tell me - does Maurice live in Canada?
If so, can you let me have his address and telephone number, please?
Keep well. Love to Betty and the family.
...28 dic 2009
From: Anthony Cintra   
Many thanks Nigel,
Seasons greetings to all.
On Boxing Day I visited the Abbey where I had a brief meeting with Fr. Cuthbert.
There are times when the full impact of reality "hits' you as it did as I walked around the old, yet familiar, paths.
There are just two monks who were there in my days.-Fr. Cuthbert and Fr Augustine, who still looks like Richard Burton . 
I said to myself with a smile Anthony you are "old".
Now there is another Justice Lucky in Trinidad, our second daughter Gillian.
So some lawyers, in my absence, refer to me as the old Justice Lucky.
I am still a judge of the International tribunal for the Law of the Sea.
The Headquarters and Court are in Hamburg. I pass through Amsterdam on the way to Hamburg to attend the Sessions.
Whenever we arrive there I reminisce and think of those who came to the Abbey from Holland.
I had been in contact with Fr. Paul and Fr. Francis before they passed on.
Fr. Ignatius is still alive.
We received a Christmas card from him last week.
With kind regards,
Anthony Lucky 
Glen Mckoy
Monday, October 20, 2008 12:04:33 PM 
Hello Anthony, 
You would not believe the funny comments I got for that one, this is the first time no one was actually offended.
I get so many rude stuff from the guys, I just delete them, and once in awhile I send the good ones on.  
Well just travelling along get one jet lag and sometimes takes a day or two, to adjust to normal, so you must be a bit tired. 
I was shocked to read that you were the guest speaker, I thought you would be too busy to fit this in, however I am so pleased, all the time I thought the Abbot, was lined up for that, ah guess the Abbot have to take 2nd. place.  
Anyhow, you have your job set out for you, glad it’s you and not me giving the speech, don't worry ah behind yuh all the way, whatever you say, 
Best regards to you and your family, 
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 02:52:24 +0000  
Dear Glen,
I had hoped to be home on 20th but I had to pass through Vancouver for a few days.
We leave for T&T via Lancaster, Toronto tomorrow morning.
If the prudes who were offended did not like the humour then they should not read the jokes.
I have completed a Session of the Court with many social engagements I had to attend. Needless to say it was enjoyable but I am tired.
From: Anthony Cintra 
Sent: 12/27/2005 8:57:53 PM  
Dear Ladislao,
My family and I wish you and yours a Happy and Holy Christmas and a Bright and prosperous New Year
Many thanks for the Newsletters, through these I am informed of the progress of "old Boys" and those not "so old".
I access the mail while in Hamburg.
I visited Caracas very briefly in October last year to deliver a lecture at the Pedro Gual Institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Venezuela.
It was a two day visit filled with meetings and conferences.
A working lunch was arranged with Professor Isidro Morales Paul at his home.
I was very sad to hear of his passing-on.
At the last session of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, I was elected president of the Marine and Environmental Chamber Court for the next three years.
Cintra, my wife for 42 years and I have four daughters, two are married and live in Canada.
The other two live here in Trinidad, Cindy-Ann the eldest is a medical doctor and is currently an assistant professor in clinical medicine attached to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
She is an emergency physician at St. Pauls Hospital Vancouver.
She is married, her husband is also a doctor and they have a daughter Isabel, who is three.
Gillian, the second is a lawyer and currently the member of Parliament for Point a Pierre.
She is a member of the Opposition and was Minister of Legal Affairs when her party was in Government.
Elizabeth , the third, has a degree in Industrial management and Accountancy, she is married and lives in Hamilton Canada, they have a son Matthew. he is three .Antonia the youngest graduated with a degree in geography (Fr. Ildefons would be happy about that) She now has a Masters degree in Environmental Management and is currently the Environmental and Safety Coordinator at the national Gas Company.
Cintra has retired from active teaching and is Chairman of one of the Secondary School boards.
I do not like to write about myself
If you wish have a look at under judges you will see what I look like.
With kind regards,
Anthony Lucky. 
Re: Postcard Mount St. Benedict about 1963
Jan Koenraadt
Monday, July 7, 2008 6:17:29 AM 
Hoi Attila,
I can’t remember properly if I answered this card.
I think I did if I got such a reminder.
On December 2nd in 1967 I was with my head under water in a swimming pool, not looking for marbles or coins or rings, but holding this girl in my arms and kissing until I was out of breath . . .
And the rest of the time I was with my head under water in my dreams . . . ha ha! 
In the seventies as a student I visited the national archives often to figure out my ancestors up to about 1650.
From there I took on the hobby to have my own archive and the family archive of my parents.
Sometime there I sorted all old letters by date, which survived the moving to a retirement home of my parents, and put them in order, hardly ever looked back at them.
Could be I still have your letters from then.
Interested? :-), then I will have to dig deep and take a look.
Greetings Jan Koenraadt 
----- Original Message ---------------------------------------------------------------
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 1:09 AM 
You never cease to amaze me with what you have kept throughout the years!
So, did you ever answer to that card? 
I don' t remember.
Attila Gyuris 
Jan Koenraadt <> wrote:
Date: Sunday, July 6, 2008, 11:01 AM 
Dear Nigel,
You asked if we had any other material to add to your memorial.
I have this postcard with a nice aerial view of the entire Mount St. Benedict monastery.
Keeping it in a box, never gave the backside any thought, until now.
It is Attila Gyuris who sent me the postcard!
Maybe I can add this story to it.
After I left MSB in 1967 I went to a mixed boy-girl school in Paramaribo.
Every day I drove with a motorcycle from home to school, which was at the other side of town.
After school and in the weekends I had a lot of free time to skylark through town on my motorcycle.
This was something we had lack of experience in at MSB.
Being able to cope with all that freedom.
Only the last term before I left, some boy was caught by telescope from the monastery that he was talking to girls outside the boundaries.
It was announced on Saturday evening during supper through the loudspeakers that the boy was to write lines in study every Saturday evening for the rest of the term.
This is how I remembered Mount the rest of my life where it comes to contacts with girls.
So the story of Attila about girls coming to dance at the basketball court from about 1968 on astonished me very much.
I had never known before.
And then the next term I was having all the fun with girls as much as I wanted at school in Surinam and not being punished.
I realised that most of the students of my new school were on a boy-girl school all their life.
In fact I was walking years behind and had a lot of catching up to do.
Managing all this freedom and develop some self-discipline instead of just following the bell was something I was in lack of.
That - and getting dumped by the girls - made that I failed exams that school year. The only year I had to double in my life.
The lessons it had for me later on in my life, was that I let my children go to a combined boy-girl school.
Jan Koenraadt 
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
10JK0272JKO, at his farm in France
10JK0538JKOPZE, Jan Koenraadt and Paul Zeven
09KA0010KABBTA, Bernard Tappin and Kazim Abasali
10LK2855LKE, Ladislao Kertesz  your editor in Valencia Spain.

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