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Circular No 464

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 25 of September No.464
Dear Friends, 
I have had some busy weeks, travelling in Venezuela.
But I am going to send out a couple of Circulars this week God willing. 
Here is the eulogy for our Pax Honey Brother, the late
Monk of Mount St Benedict Abbey, Trinidad 
With a passion for discussing politics and a penchant for playing “All-Fours,” Bro Camillus took life seriously. 
As the apiarist at the Mount for many years, he had a smile as sweet as honey, and a tongue that stung like a bee. 
“Cammy”, as his brother monks fondly called him had a big heart. 
He gave the appearance of a stern countenance, but always charmed those who ventured beyond this façade. 
At his Confirmation in St John the Baptist Church, Plaisance, Guyana, on Trinity Sunday, June 11, 1933, Ivan chose the name Benedict, and in so doing prophetically indicated his future decision to become a Benedictine monk. 
He was only eight years at the time, having been born on October 03, 1924. 
At the age of 23, having read an article in a Catholic Standard edition of June 1947, Ivan Culley was drawn to the Benedictine way of life. 
There were no Benedictine monks in Guyana at the time. 
However, a visit by the late Dom John Chrysostom Lee Sing from Mount St Benedict in that same year captured his imagination. 
It was Fr Lee Sing who had written that article which was the turning point in the life of the young Ivan. 
Two years later, on his 25th birthday, Ivan left his job as a Town Constable in the City of Georgetown to join the monastery in Trinidad. 
And from that day, he never turned back. 
On the successful completion of his novitiate, he pronounced his monastic vows on November 30, 1952. 
Bro Camillus loved to read and his favourite author was the Trappist monk, Thomas Merton. 
He had a great love for the psalms and the rosary. 
For those outside the monastery, he was well known as the apiarist behind the success of PAX Honey at the Mount. 
A summer course on apiculture at Pennsylvania State University in 1968 enhanced his skills, which were not only employed at the Abbey, but also in Barbados and St Vincent, where he advised the respective Governments on various aspects of bee-keeping. 
For his fellow monks, “Cammy” was known more for his community-mindedness, his sense and appreciation of the past, and his child-like trust in God. 
He was a faithful friend! 
We will miss him for these qualities. 
Cricket enthusiast that he was, he knew that some day his innings would have to close. 
And this it did on Tuesday, 09 December 2003. 
He was clean bowled, but he had batted well. 
The game continues … the match is not yet over!  God bless you Cammy! 
All-powerful Father, by the resurrection of your Son from the dead, death has no power over those who have fallen asleep in the true faith. 
With this confidence, we pray for your servant, Camillus, who served you in the monastic life while in this world. 
Mercifully give him a dwelling place in the bosom of Abraham together with all the saints from the days of Adam until our present time, and make us all worthy of your heavenly kingdom. 
We ask this through Christ our Lord.  
On 2010-02-14, at 9:53 AM, laszlo kertesz wrote: 
Dear Nigel,
Please look at the code at the bottom of the photo that I sent you.
The code is structured as follows: 
60 - year the photo was taken
The ending is: CLASS1960 - year of the form V graduation
It is filed in the 1960 year group, so all photos of the class taken as a group have the same ending, it does not matter if taken in 1954 or any other date, the file is CLASS1960.
Taken this as the starting point when looking at a photo to straighten out the code on any photo.
Usually after the first two year numbers, there are two letters, these are the initials of the person taking the photo or initials of the person submitting the photo.
I can always make corrections if I make a mistake.
In our class photo, the wall with open doors was replaced with windows that were built around 1959.
The refectory was concluded in 1961?
God Bless
George Mickiewicz
7 Sep 2010 
Hi Ladislao; 
With the recent historic change in the politics and government in T&T, I added the below commentary to an article by our Dr David Bratt.  
God bless,
Submitted by shish on 31 August 2010 - 1:43pm.  
Recommend that the new government recognize the many contributions made by The Abbey School at Mount Saint Benedict by naming it a Historic Landmark.
Very many Abbey School graduates have made meaningful and value adding contributions to the social, health, political, industrial, business, judicial, and spiritual welfare of T&T.
Other graduates have journeyed to the four corners of the world to lead and influence other global entities with the principles, values and education received at the Mount.
My six years at The Abbey School also presented me with my first opportunity to learn and experience multi-cultural and racial diversity in a positive manner.
The teachings learned in The Abbey School, if practiced by all T&T citizens, will transform the nation to create a state where harmony exists among all races and religions, crime and poverty are eliminated, education and health care is available to all and a bright future becomes visible and attainable to/by all. 
7 de marzo 2010
Re: Re. Anthony Seheult 
Hallo Ladislao, 
Many thanks for your email and good wishes. 
Yes, that is the Anthony Seheult that I know.
He was with BWIA until they folded and now he gives guitar lessons at the Living Waters Catholic Centre.
Since Nigel Boos cleared up the mystery of the two Anthony Seheults, I haven't been to look for this one.
However, I know where to find him should the need arise and I'll pass along your greetings when I do. 
I finally found Stephen Pitcher with the very kind help of Glen McKoy and delivered the message that I had for him.
He thanked me but hasn't replied to my further emails asking for information (dates of attendance at MSB, DOB, current address and contact info) for your database.
I haven't as yet requested his permission to tell his story, but it is an intriguing one and I'll try to find some way to tell it.
The only thing I can say now, is that Stephen has issues that he needs to address before he can answer my questions.
I just have to be patient.
I have his email address and tel # and will contact him from time to time to see how he is going. 
I'm very glad to have discovered the Abbey Old Boys in my search for Stephen and to be (partly) included in your emails and circulars. I'm grateful for the help (it's been 16 months that I was searching for Stephen) and, never fear, you'll hear from me again in a follow up email. 
Thank you and God bless,
From: ladislao kertesz
Sent: Sun, March 7, 2010 9:13:44 PM
Subject: Re. Anthony Seheult in TT 
Dear Brian
Some five years ago I met Anthony in TT, he worked at BWIA reservations, is he the guy that is your friend??
If so please give him my greetings.
I have no info on Pitcher
But any good story is good for the Circular.
Please help me keep it alive for at least 2010.
Stories and photos are welcomed.
God Bless
Ladislao class of 1960 
Not too good at Computer!
(I did have a computer problem myself, and lost a few messages, ed.)
Subject: RE: How I Started OASIS
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 09:16:21 +0000 
Hi Art,
How is the compendium of the OASIS story coming??
Hope all is well and you have had time during these cold months.
God bless
Re: Foundation Stone of the Abbey School
From:  Nigel Boos   
Thanks so much for your very clear instructions.
I'll see what I can do about finding the scroll and hopefully, getting a copy for our records.
Desmond, please tell me about yourself.
Where do you live?
Are you married? Single? Kids?
What did you do during your working life, etc. I'm about to send out my quarterly database report and I'd like to include some of your personal details, if you would permit it.
Finally, if you have a nice picture of yourself, can you scan it and send it to me, please?
Nigel Boos 
Laz, can we look for this niche and try to get a copy of the scroll for ourselves? 
On 2010-08-24, at 4:34 PM, desclaire smith wrote: 
The little Niche was a small concrete enclosure probably 2'x2'x2', this was located at was to be the future main entrance -approximately mid building, I am not certain of the cardinal directions but it is the side that overlooks the Caroni planes.
As I recall the enclosure was sealed with a grey marble slab and engraved was the date and names eg.  the Archbishop, Fr. Prior, and Fr. Bernard.
As long as the building has not been renovated I believe that this will not be difficult to find. 
As students you all must have passed the enclosure without noticing its existence since the enclosure is at ground floor level and in those days this was not of historic interest to you or any other of the student body. 
In fact we the boarding students were not very happy to be ordered to attend the ceremony - we would have much better preferred to go the sport ground and play some cricket but alas we were ordered to dress in our Sunday best and attend the ceremony.
I do not know if the present Abbot will permit your body to open the vault but in any case engraved on the marble tablet are the names of the Archbishop, Fr Prior and Fr Bernard. 
I do not believe that John’s name is on the tablet.
Keep me advised on your success.
Foundation Stone of the Abbey School
...24 ago 2010-10-16 
Dear Desmond,
I was fascinated by your story, given to Ladislao Kertesz, concerning the laying of the foundation stone for the Abbey School, Mount St. Benedict.
Thank you very much for your welcome input. 
You said: 
“1945 the student body exploded and the eventual Abbey school site was excavated and levelled.
Boy did we have fun on that site during the construction.
I was fortunate to be present at the laying of the foundation stone.
This was presided over by Archbishop Finbar Ryan also present were Fr prior Dom Hugh Van Der Sanden, Fr. Bernard and also signing the document on behalf of the students was John Darwent.
The scroll was rolled and placed a large glass jar (alias a sweetie jar) it was then placed in a niche at the main entrance.
Now, I'd be very interested in finding this glass jar and taking a copy of the scroll, if that were possible, and then replacing it within its niche.
Can you be a little more specific as to where the niche was located?
Thank you very much.
Nigel Boos 
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
59NB0015BCA, Bro Camillus, Pax Honey
09SC0012SCOGRP, Salvador, Zanella, Sarkis
58UN0001SPORTS, Yours truly and the rest.

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