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Circular No 463

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 18 September 2010 No.463
Dear Friends,
Re: HOMILY GIVEN BY ABBOT JOHN PEREIRA at the Funeral Mass of Kitty Marcus on Friday 17 September 2010
From: Nigel P. Boos <>
Dear Fr. Abbot, 
Thank you for sending me a copy of the homily to be given this morning at the funeral of our dear Kitty Marcus.
I had no idea that she had been at the Mount since 1938.
That's 5 years before I was even born!
It's also a revelation to me that her mother is also buried at the Monastery's Cemetery.
I wonder, did her father, if he were alive at the time, also migrate / escape from Austria?
Whatever happened to him? 
Kitty seems to have lost touch with her entire family, as a result of the War, and the fact that her mother was buried at the Mount must have provided her with some consolation and support day by day, as she passed by her grave.
Kitty has left us now, but she has also left us an example of courage and conviction and of service which those of us who were privileged to have met her will never forget.
May she rest in peace.
Nigel P. Boos 
In Honour of Kitty Marcus R.I.P.
From: Nigel P. Boos
I'm not sending this out to all the OB's. Rather, in the interest of time and effort,
I'm sending it only to those who have responded in some way regarding the funeral arrangements for Kitty.
This is merely a small memento of the Grand Old Lady. R.I.P.
From: "Nigel P. Boos" <>
Date: September 16, 2010 3:03:55 PM EDT
Dear Fr. Abbot,
I am unable to attend the funeral tomorrow morning for Kitty Marcus, at Mt. St. Benedict.
However, I'd like to offer you a PowerPoint presentation in her honour, on behalf of the Old Boys of the Abbey School.
Ms. Marcus holds a very special place in our hearts, and she will always be remembered for her peaceful spirit, her quiet solicitude for us boys, her respectful manner in dealing with us, even when we gave her trouble in class.
She was a true lady, a friend at the Mount, while we lived far away from our families for three months at a time, and we consider ourselves blessed to have had her as our teacher and companion for so many years.
Please accept this presentation in the spirit in which it is sent to you, and, should you wish to make use of it at any time, please do so.
With respect,
Nigel P. Boos 
Ref: Kitty Marcus has left us.
From: Chris Knowles  
Dear All,
Please note the undermentioned.
If you are getting this message from multiple sources multiple times say a Prayer each time for the repose of Kitty, who was known to nearly all the Old Boys, either as a teacher or prior to that involved with making sure that we had enough to eat, and more.
May she Rest in Peace, and may the Lord comfort us all.
Chris Knowles.
(I am out of TT).  
Re: foto's of Miss Marcus
...16 sep 2010
From: Nigel P. Boos
Dear Mieke,
Thank you for your charming story, and for the delightful pictures of Kitty Marcus.
I am including them in a small PowerPoint presentation in honour of Kitty and I shall be sending it out to the Old Boys and to Fr. Abbot at Mt. St. Benedict.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our old friend and teacher during your visit to Trinidad.
Nigel Boos 
From: []
Sent: Thu 9/16/2010 4:31 PM
Dear Ladislao, Don, Michael,Nigel.
My brother Jan Koenraadt (ex MSB) asked me a year ago whilst visiting Trinidad, to visit Ms. Marcus.
So I did and I met a remarkable sweet old lady.
She was still very fresh in memory, and said of my brothers
"those were them dutch boys, but they didn't come from Holland but from Suriname".
After a while she said that she needed to leave because the choir in which she was a member, was waiting for her.
See some nice pictures of her, and if you feel so spread them amongst others if you wish.
All the best
Mieke Koenraadt (sister of Jan Koenraadt.) 
From: Nigel P. Boos
This is interesting.
Are you therefore saying that Kitty was already at MSB while you were a student there. Really?
That would mean that she has been a resident at MSB since, let's see, 1949 or thereabouts.
I'm amazed.
I honestly thought that she had first come to the Mount in / around 1956, but I must be wrong!
It would make more sense, actually, if she was a WWII refugee, that she should have escaped from Austria around 1944, and therefore, a date like 1949 (or even earlier) would seem to be more reasonable than 1955.
Great old lady. May she rest in peace.
On 2010-09-15, at 7:19 AM, Art & Val Knaggs wrote:
Deeply appreciate the alert on the passing of Kitty; she also was in my latter days.
Our prayers will be with her always.
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 21:58:13 +0000
Dear Che Che and Dennis,
I am so sorry to receive this news, it was a shock as I read that our dear Kitty Marcus passed away this morning.
She certainly was blessed with a long life, which she really used well up to the end. 
For us the past students, it was good that we did show her our gratitude after so many years, for her service to us when we attended the Mount, I think we did put a smile on her face, and a little joy in her heart. 
May God bless her soul, 
Best regards Glen.  
Thank you Dennis for informing us.
God Bless Kitty Marcus !
May she be always remembered an honoured for the significance she had in lots of lives and all the hearts she touched during her wonderful life. 
On the passing of our Chemistry Teacher Miss Kitty Marcus
...15 sep 2010
From: Salah Wilson  
Each one of us I am sure will have had some special moment that we can think of when we remember Miss Kitty Marcus.
For me it goes on even before I attended Abbey School (1963-1970) and even after leaving Abbey school many many years later.
Living in St. John Village and my mom working in the 'College' as the Matron from somewhere between (1950 -1966),
Miss Marcus would visit her friend my Mom at our home in the village especially at Christmas time, when she would pull up in her volkswagon and drop off her Christmas gift of which my mom would reciprocate with something like a christmas sponge cake (home made of course).
This event continued for as long as I can remember.
Miss Marcus was an interesting chemistry teacher and did give support to students when required.
As the sun goes down on all of us who were a part of that beautiful experience of attending the Abbey school.
I just wish to give thanks and praise to the father above who gave me the opportunity to be a part of that experience.
It certainly has shaped me into being the person that I am today and I am extremely grateful for that and to all the brothers that I have come into contact with during that period, my sincere best wishes to you and your families and also to all the others who attended this great institution.
I had the great pleasure of re-uniting my mom and Miss Marcus when I visited Kitty Marcus at the Seniors home in 2007. 
I also took my Steelpans and my wife and I provided some entertainment for all of the Seniors.
I proudly gave her one of my Steelpan Text books.  
At that time Kitty was still active and requested that she introduce me before I performed.
She took the microphone and spoke.
I did not think that she would have remembered so much about me and my mom and Abbey School but she did ...that chemistry mind was still functioning. 
We had a great time it was a great party with dancing and singing.
Unfortunately when I revisited in the early part of 2010, she was no longer the same
...... the sun was going down and going down fast, but she was still able to recognize my mom and I and composed herself as best as possible .
I remember my mom taking some good Starch mangoes for her it was a real treat, she enjoyed it.
I know that when you all read this little experience that you will join me in a silent prayer for this good lady...May she Rest In Peace.
Regards to all
Salah Wilson 
On 2010-09-14, at 10:28 AM, John Pereira wrote:
I forgot to tell you that the funeral is on Friday 17 September 2010 at 10:00 am in the Abbey Church. 
She will be buried in the Abbey Cemetery.
Fr Abbot 
On 2010-09-14, at 10:21 AM, Nigel P. Boos wrote:
Dear Fr. Abbot, 
Thank you for your kind note.
I shall do the needful, although I very much doubt that many will be able to attend at her funeral, since the notification period is so short.
Further, I can send out only 60 emails per hour, and I've got close to 500 to send.
Kitty was a wonderful teacher, and a great friend to many of the students at the Abbey School.
May she now rest in peace. 
Nigel Boos 
On 2010-09-14, at 8:39 AM, John Pereira wrote:
Dear Mr Boos,
The sad news is that Ms Kitty Marcus died this morning. 
The funeral will be in the Abbey Church at 10:00 am. 
Please inform the Past Students of the Abbey School.
Fr Abbot 
From: John A Gioannetti
Some recollections of Kitty 
You guys would take those plastic bottles with the spout, that had water in the lab, and every time she bent over they would squirt them up under her skirt
One day Glen Evelyn heated a Geometry Compass with a lighter, and passed it to me.
After I got burnt, I began to heat it up to pass it to someone else.
Just as I got it good and hot with a Zippo.
Kitty asked me for it.
She had it in her hand as was waving it around while lecturing me on the importance of paying attention in class.
Then suddenly she felt the heat and as it burnt her, the compass went flying.
I explained to her that I did not like Chemistry, and Physics was the One True Science, and I was doing an experiment with heat.
She took it in good faith and that was the end of it.
Of course the sex starved degenerates that I went to school with would always sinker and giggle, when Kitty went on about her Pussy (Feline Cats).
In fact they would even encourage her asking about the well being of her Pussy and if they could do any thing for it/them. 
Of course all will remember how passionate Kitty was about Chemistry, and the easiest way to disrupt a class was to ask her about her Heroine Madame Curie.
Kitty could talk for hours on that subject. 
Well I hope she is in that big Monastery in the Sky, and mixing Chemical Concoctions with Madame Curie, but if Bobo is also there he will have them mixing Johnnie Walker concoctions for him................... 
Cornel de Freitas
15 Sep (3 days ago)
Gentlemen, I am writing this in the colour of 'Burgundi' our school colours, in honour of Our Beloved "Kitty"
Dear Nigel,
Thank you for sharing the sad news of Miss Kitty Marcus.
I can only imagine the sad feelings that are passing through us.
All of us, as boys, who are part of this really "Special" group of boys, that attended that 'Wonderful White Castle In the Sky' on 'The Mount' (as Glen has so lovingly named it). 
This is the place where we got to know a really nice Lady, known to us as "Miss Kitty"
Thank you Dennis Gurley, Glen Mckoy, Rafael Echeverria and all the many others, for letting us know the really sad news, and to share with our Brothers, their memories of that very - truly very - kind "Lady".
I do not know if I am allowed to say 'Saintly", (she did have her moments when you knew she might have been upset, but you just couldn't be sure, because she was such a gentle person... [smile] ...)
I remember her so well, and the news of her passing really saddens me, as I am sure it does all of us!
I started to write about the effect hearing the news of our dear Miss Kitty Marcus.
I got to the point where I just had to quit; I couldn't just coldly sit and write a response.
Too many memories and feelings were rushing through my mind.
I had to save and collect my thoughts, and to go back to it, as I am now.
The news of her passing has an affect on me, as I am sure it has on ALL of the "Brothers" of MSB.
These are those things that you could not have thought of until it happened.
We were most fortunate young men. 
To be able to say that we were ALL privileged to attend school at The Abbey School, Mount St. Benedict.
With Father Bernard as our 'Headmaster'; Father Eugene - replaced by our Father Cuthbert as Dean; Brother Vincent (the multi-talented Bro. Vincent); Father Augustine (he taught me Latin - I don't think he liked to smile(?)), and then there was the really nice and friendly Miss. Kitty Marcus, a 'Rose' amongst the thorns.
As I read the words when I got the news from Nigel, my first reaction was that of shock/surprise...
That kind of news, even though we kind of expect it, is never received in a good way.
Then followed by feelings of deep sadness, because the images of her during 'your time' start coming into view in your mind, like a kind of slide show.
All those memories....
I remember sitting in her Chemistry class.
That little classroom, that was accessed by going down the staircase at the Prep Dormitory, hang a right at the seniors bath, and another right at the Barber shop, down the short hallway towards the Piano room, (where I once took piano lessons) and then hang a left.
It was a class-room where the desks were like on steps, looking down towards the teachers 'long' desk, where the experiments took place.
It was the same room, where on a Friday night; we were privileged to go down at night, in groups by class, to look at a black and white TV perched on that same desk.
I remember it well. 
The show in our half-hour "slot" (all 30 minutes of it) was: "Bewitched".
When you would see Miss Kitty, walking toward you with her - happy to see you-welcoming smile....
The memories/pictures of her start flying through your mind - and to tell you truthfully, I am not able to bring forth any image of her, where she ever appeared to be angry or upset, even when you know that she has a reasonable expectation of being 'upset', she handled herself with such patience and grace and "Lady-ness".
She now dwells in the house of Our Saviour, accompanied by all of her family our friends and relatives who have gone before us and the Angels in Heaven.
May she rest in Peace.
Cornel A. de Freitas
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 14:00:25 -0400
It is with sadness that I have to let you know that our dear Kitty Marcus has died this morning.
She is to be / has been buried on Friday September 17th at 10.00 a.m. from the Abbey Church.
You are invited to attend. May she rest in peace.
A prayer for her departed soul would be very much in order.
Nigel Boos 
From: Jon Golding
Dear Old Boys
I think we all acknowledge the passing of ‘Miss Marcus’ with some satisfaction and blessings that she is no longer struggling with old age on an earthly planet she wanted to depart a long time ago from how she talked when I last saw her over 7 years ago.
Yes George, you got it just right below. 
They’re rejoicing up there for sure. 
Let’s hope they remember to use their influence with the Boss to get us a one way ticket too! 
I remember her teaching us Chemistry in her German accent always with a gleam in her eye.
The Periodical table. 
She really loved chemistry.
I can’t say I did but I eventually got the ‘O’ level thanks to her grounding. 
And that was the one mandatory subject that actually got me into university believe it or not! 
THANK YOU Miss Marcus (I never knew her as Kitty – sounds like a cat!).
She doesn’t need our prayers, we need hers! 
But she certainly gets my blessings and respects.
God bless you and keep you in one of His many mansions, Miss Marcus!
Jon Golding (1955-1961)
From: George Mickiewicz []
Sent: 15 September 2010 12:57
Dear All;
Kitty is now in a "fete" with Bobo, Vushhh, and all other MSB clergy and alumni that preceded her. 
She is liming with Christ her brother. 
God The Father acknowledged her goodness, love, suffering, joy and hard work with an "EXCELLENT JOB MISS KITTY". 
They are all getting ready to attend a "jump up" with an All-Star cast of calypso and steel band heroes that entertain everyone in heaven.
Let us all celebrate her great life and all that she did for everyone she came in contact with.
Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
----- Original Message ---------------------------------------------------
From: Rafael Echeverría
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 8:35 AM
Thank you Dennis for informing us.
God Bless Kitty Marcus !
May she be always remembered an honoured for the significance she had in lots of lives and all the hearts she touched during her wonderful life. 
Rafael Echeverria  
('CheChe'... as she also used to call me !) 
From: Don Mitchell, CBE QC []
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2010 1:16 PM
Hi John,
Kazim Abasali started a website that we should all visit at least once:
It has been pretty dormant for some time; I suspect since so few people visit it or responded to Kazim's cris de coeur.
I also started a Google Groups site several years ago for people to comment on photographs on Ladislao's Circulars:  (my password is 112mitch)
But, not much came of it.
Hope yours lasts longer!
From: Rafael Echeverría   
Great words George !!! ... God Bless you for that !!! 
----- Original Message ------------------------------------------------
On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 8:21 AM, <> wrote:
Dear Colleagues;
I am informed by Garry Matthews (an Abbey School alumnus) that Kitty Marcus passed away in the early hours of the morning today….may she rest in peace.
Dennis Gurley
On 7/17/2010 11:16 AM, John A Gioannetti wrote:
Domain: (MUST click link above first)  
As soon as the following people join, I will grant them moderator rights 
My role will be purely Technical
Shaun is also very Tech Savy, so I'll give him my Creator Rights, so he can do anything
I have never done an online forums before, I just have about 5 min experience, so please be patient with me on technical issues.
PS Pass this link to other Old Boys as its open to all former inmates sorry Freudian Slip students of Abbey/MSB, The Priest, Teachers etc.
The alumni may be interested to see this.
I was disappointed that there were only a handful ( maximum 10) of old boys who attended the funeral today.
Dennis Gurley
----- Original Message ----------------------------------------------
Great words George !!! ... God Bless you for that !!! 
Now to the photos.
Ladislao Kertesz at,
10SW5677KMA, Miss Kitty Marcus, last photo.
Eulogy of Miss Kitty Marcus
60LK0001LKEMAR, Ladislao Kertesz with Miss Kitty Marcus farewell lunch before leaving The Abbey School.
03UN0001KMAREUNION2003, Miss Kitty Marcus and companion.

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