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Circular No 432

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 13 February 2010 No.432
Dear Friends, 
With Carnival time ahead, let us don our costumes and go to the streets.
That is for you in TT, because here in Venezuela it is to go to the beach.
Here in Venezuela we consider it a children’s party.
Just a note to Terrence Ferreira, please check out if you have any Scout Badges to add to George Iwaszkiewicz, collection. I am sure that your fellow Scouts would love to have a look at them.
Rafael Echeverr√≠a <> wrote: 
Hey Attila !
How are you !
I have seen and enjoyed your emails over the months and looking at Ladislao's frequent News Letters. 
Have some fantastic stories about your time in Mount and now I am learning that you were in Mount since 1964 !!! ... to 1969 ...
I was at Mount from 64 to 67 ... so it is only logical that we must have coincided. 
I read once an anecdote you wrote about Enrique Gomez. 
Enrique was a great and close friend. 
We played in a rock band together called Chains, do you recall that?
Norman Smith (second guitar) and my brother Gustavo (lead guitar) were also in the band, I played the bass. 
In spite of all those stories I confess that I do not remember you and I am sure - I am positive - that we must have coincided at some point in time. 
I look forward to finding moments in which we may have coincided so that light comes to my mind and say "AJA !!!! ... Yes ! ... That is Attila !!!!"
I know through your mails that you seem to have developed your life as a pilot (please correct me if I am wrong !) and that you had an incredible experience world wide and that you now live here in Florida, USA. 
Please feel free to contact me at any time if you require any assistance. 
You are my Mount Boy school mate and that has a lot of value. 
I have been - for four months now - writing about Mount Boy's Chronicles which is a project I have invested time, effort and care. 
I know you would be an incredible source of some good stories. 
I believe I have a story about you actually "operating" and sewing some one's foot after some serious injury which you assisted and saved your school mate. 
So I am getting an image of you being some sort of Mount Boy Rambo !!!! JAJAJAJAJA!!! 
Did you perhaps alternate more with my brothers? Gustavo, Leo or Xavier?
Perhaps I was on "higher" years and that's why I don't recall your friendship.
In any case, I am happy to know about you and your experiences and I look forward to meeting with you in the future and share our Mount Boy's stories !
Siempre Amigo !
Rafael (CheChe)  
(Rafael, I need the telephone of Leonardo and Gustavo, so that I may invite them to the monthly dinner, ed.)
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:21:29 -0500
Hi Glen McKoy ...
It’s me CheChe ,,.. you know I am also playing music of the 60s .. Beatles, Stones, ELO, Gensis (70s) ... YES .... we are four ... my son (who grew up seeing me play with my pals in my band in Maracaibo) is now the drummer ... he is a n excellent musician.  Very talented and plays many instruments and sings beautifully ... incredible ear for harmonies ... very talented indeed.
Today we have rehearsal .. like any other ole'good rock band .. we play in Eli's garage ... the lead guitar ...the name of the street is 22nd Court ... so that is the name of our band ... 22nd Court ... we have great times finding ourselves ... we have a "gig" in March .. so we are rehearsing for that .. we are also planning to record .. however, we still don't know what ... I'd like to record our own versions of some Beatles ... or even Stones ... we are in Aventura ( North Miami area ... Florida !! ) ..
I have met with Glen Evelyn some times ...and we have done some little music together ... just jamming ...  
So ... I'll try to send you some photos of the band ... have to look them up ...  
Together with Norman Smith ... in 1964 to 66 ... we formed a band in Mount ... Chains .... it was the first Rock Band of Mount ... (Beatlemania at its peak !!!) ....there was another band but they played calypsos and so ... The Interpreters ... they were good ... leaded by John Abraham ... Terrence Ferreira was the signer ... Norman Smith in the Bass ...later played rhythm guitar and did voices with us ... I was on the bass and voices ... still are !!! ... Norman and I formed Chains brother Gustavo in lead ... Enrique Gomes in drums ...   
So .. it has made me very happy to find a musician of the 60s among the Mount Boys who is STILL playing rock 'n roll like I do ... so my salute goes to you with all my heart
So Glen ... Keep on Rock'n man !!!
(What happened to the Florida JAM?? Session, ed.)
From: Glen Mckoy  
A few years ago my life collapsed around me.  
I’d worked myself into exhaustion, around the same time, my father died, my relationships with my work colleagues and loved ones were in turmoil. 
Little did I know at the time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift.  
I’d been given a glimpse of a great secret, which came to me, day dreaming, of a book, a Jesuit.
Monk's manuscript from 1912, that continues up to now, as the book " The King of Hearts", this book will become, a hundred-year-old book, in the year 2012. 
To some, that year is the end of the world. 
To a chosen few, it’s only the beginning. 
Tales of the "Knights of White Stones" from the book "The King of Hearts" (Chapter X, In the Future of Now).   = THE PRAISED KNIGHTS =

The year 1978, the beginning of the end
The abbey school is closed, in 1984,5?
These are the praised knights, the young and the last of the lost tribe, for they do not know, of the great treasure that lies ahead for them, left by the great and older knights, who went before.
Their day will come in the sun, and they too will shine in the light, they must listen and they must learn well, for it will be a long while before, they will have to perform this final mission, for they will be the club. 
All that is written, in the book "the king of hearts", they will hold, in their hands. (from chapter x, the last knight, of "white stones",206x).
Also written, is the reunion of 2042, all who could make it, did.  
One of the last knights, gave winter historical tours, to the islands, up to the year 205x, he would always make the mount, a must stop when in Trinidad, for the groups he would bring down. 
When ever he reached the castle, he would sit down and laugh, they made it up the hill, then he would, shed a tear or two, for a second, and then tell his great mysterious stories, and tales of this place, his brothers called the castle, how great gentlemen, they all were, who once attended this fine institution.  
The Abbey School, Mount Saint Benedict, Tunapuna, Trinidad. 1942-1984.  
Then at the end of the tour, after visiting a room, dedicated to the past students of the abbey school., he would sell copies, of a book , called "the 1st. Knight, a Jesuit monk. " long-live-the-legend. 
Mission = two-zero-one-two 
The knights of light, in a circle of bees, they make their way up to "white-stones".
On a dark moonless night, they dig into a sacred, secret, spot, under torchlight, the chest is removed, and the book is found, and is taken down to the castle, the year is 2012, the alumni is registered, and the tribe becomes visible.
All is shocked, how can an imaginary legend, become so real? And what becomes of the castle? Oh! The best is still to come.
I will meet you there, don't be late, you know the place, the castle/2012/100yrs /later/ Glen Mckoy.  
...11 oct 09
From: Glen Mckoy  
Hola mi amigos,
I am going back into import & export, container loads or less, of everything and any thing, I can export from The port of Nova Scotia.  
I have good contacts for all fish products, lumber at good prices c.i.f. your port, letter Of credit of course, and in 20 something days you get whatever, apples, blue berries, potatoes, used right hand cars, etc, name it we will send it.  
We are here for repeated business, not on no get rich quick plan, my partner, who was once Head of customs here, is doing it, as something he enjoys doing, as he is retired now.  
Looking for serious buyers.  
Just wanted to let my bothers know first, I am at your service, if you are importers.
Also Canadian export grants ext.
Best regards Glen Mckoy. 
Novamac trading inc.
...12 jan 10
From: Nigel Boos
No problem, Chris. 
Hi there, Alex. I see you have a new email address, and I've updated my records accordingly. 
Happy New year to you both.
To answer your question, Alex:
Bro Vincent (a.k.a. Lionel Roberts) is now an ordained Permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church and a lawyer.
He lives at 2725  66 Terrace South, St. Petersburg FL 33712, USA. His phone number (cell) is (727) 215-9728 and his home number is (727) 865-3993. His email address is
Lionel has sent me some old MSB photographs to be scanned and returned to him, so I'll get these done soon and send them out to you guys.
Keep well, and God be with you.
(The Circular is anxiously waiting for the photos that are being scanned by Nigel, Bro. Vincent, ed)
On 2010-01-12, at 6:47 AM, Chris Knowles wrote: 
Dear Nigel, 
Can you help? 
I have been having some problems with my computer stuff, only got to this on Friday, and have since discovered the increasing scope of my electronic distress, hence my tardiness. 
Also, as a result of the above, your latest update (and correction) expired from 'yousendit' before I could download.
I would appreciate you resending. 
I hope my computer behaves itself and lets me in. 
All the best for the New Year to you and yours.
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 14:56:05 -0430 
Hello Chris,
I am trying to get hold of the email address for Bro. Vincent.
I know its there in the Circulars with some information regarding his whereabouts but for the life of me I can't find it.
Are you able to help?
Hope all goes well with you and I take the opportunity to say Happy New Year
Best wishes
RE: Happy 2010
...7 jan 2010
From:   Glen Mckoy  
Well, it all goes hand in hand with the church, if we could have some kind of cooperation, which we though the guys in Trinidad was establishing, with the Abbot, however none of this happened, so it put a wrench in a lot of plans, back to square one,
I hope you understand, what I am trying to say, we can organise something, but we must have permission to do this.  
The brothers in Trinidad must also want this, we cannot just do this on our own, it’s a big event, if done well, but for now it’s just a pipe dream. 
I am now trying, only this new year, to keep international, and don't involve myself in local politics.
to remain silent on some issues and of course, will support whatever the majority is in favour of. 
Good Vibes, respect all my brothers, and must thank all, for the support, they have given, in their own way, over the past many years.
We were trying to establish a home base, which is still possible in Trinidad. 
A retired brother, our man in Trinidad, who can keep up with stuff, with Nigel and Ladislao, local events, not someone in charge but a main contact, for international, connections etc., things we need a body to address, representation of the offshore brothers, a help line contact, and for this, we would like to compensate the brother in some small way, a meet and greet, when brothers are visiting from overseas, also a mail box on the mount would be perfect, a small donation. say $50. a year from those who wish to contribute, to keep the wheel in motion, the circular and the list updates etc, and from the circular, we can generate, a small space, on an island in the sun, we call the Office. 
Now these are just a few ideas on the table.  
Sorry Jerry, you asked me a simple question, well this is my simple answer. 
Please send me your comments all.  
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 08:53:13 -0800 
Thanks Glen...
Great expectations upon receipt...Happy 2010 Jerry..............Say Glen, we should be thinking about 2012 on the Mount...what are your early plans or thoughts...? 
My friends, soon we shall have the photos that Carlos Ghio gave to Nigel to scan, just as Bro. Vincent´s.
Shall inform you better yet you shall see them. 
Ladislao Kertesz,
09GI005HSCOUTBADGE, thanks to George Iwaskiewicz.
09LK0085EDIMSB, Tea shop and rest house.
09LK0086MSBVAN, Replacement of the old VW buses.
09LK0057EDIMSB, Small boys dormitory taken from old refectory.

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