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Circular No 431

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 6 February 2010 No.431
Dear Friends,
Two newcomers, Ian Kirton, and Kevan Torrt, so two more to the group.  You, the ALUMNI, are doing just fine.
On 2-Oct-09, at 5:12 PM, Kevan Torry wrote: 
Hi Nigel,
Actually I found Attila via the normal Mount mailing list, wanted to connect as we were both aviation professionals.
On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 10:00 AM, Nigel P. Boos <> wrote:
I have a separate subset of my address book which I term "Pilots and Aircraft Afficionados" and into which I have placed both your name and Kevan's as well, among others.
Whenever I am sent or I find anything to do with aircraft, flying, space exploration of aerospace technology, I forward it to you guys as a group.
Therefore, everything I've sent to you must have been sent to Kevan and others as well, and vice versa.
It is possible that this is how he found your email address. 
(Just trying to keep you fellas in touch.)
Perhaps he can confirm.
On 1-Oct-09, at 5:24 PM, Attila GYURIS wrote: 
Hello Kevan: 
How did you find me? 
Are you getting the MSB old boy circulars?
Thanks for contacting me. 
I often wondered whatever happened to you too. 
You certainly remember me well.
You are all correct, about my Hungarian parents via Venezuela.
Yes I also remember you very well.
You used to wear glasses, didn't you?. 
Your father was a pilot also wasn't he? 
I remember you telling me stories about your dad flying the DC-3.
One time, during study hall high up on the 4th floor in the centre of the main school building, we were sitting next to each other, and we were talking about aviation.
Next you wrote down the aviation phonetic alphabet.
You knew it all by heart, which impressed me greatly. 
When I wasn't hiking in the bush up to the White Stones plinking with my air rifle,  I used to sit in the centre window up there just under the cross (see .doc photo attached) and make paper airplanes and see how far I got them to fly out into the distance.
That was until I got royally chewed out by Bobo for littering the hillside.
I also remember you cousin Michael, who was blond and did not look like you at all.
In fact look in the attached .jpg image at the blond kid half covered behind Azar with the frying pan, isn't that your cousin Michael Torry?
I guess, indeed, our career paths have been parallel as far as the aviation part goes.
Somehow I just knew that you would end up as a professional pilot.
I guess my gut feeling wasn't wrong
Impressive all the equipment you have and are still flying. 
Quite a varied career you've had.  
Sorry to hear about the "selective" layoff you had from BWIA.
I am guessing you guys didn't have a strong union to protect your rights.   
But such is life in the airlines. 
Back in 86' I also got furloughed from USAir
Never went back when they recalled me 2 years later.
By then I was already employed in the federal gov't as a special agent /pilot and that's where I stayed.
Now, with the economy being what it is, I am very glad I did.
I am lucky to have locked in a quite nice retirement and all the benefits that go with being a former fed..
Although I flew the B727 and B737 with USAir early in my career, I do not fly any airline-size aircraft anymore. 
I fly the small and manoeuvrable stuff with which we can do the missions at any altitude and land almost anywhere we need to. (Currently I am checked out as Capt. in the Citations, King Airs, & Sikorsky UH60 and Eurocopter helicopters).
I also fly missions in the MQ-9 Reaper, but I am not allowed to say anymore than that on those.  
Next I will be getting checked out in the Pilatus PC-12.
All our Sim and flight training is done either with the military or with Flight Safety Int'l.
Unless it is hard IFR, we seldom even file a flight plan, just use the Sat Track with home base.  
Almost like having your company assigned car and the gas credit card (& body armor and all the guns & ammo we need), except it is an airplane or a helicopter.
I can tell you that I have really have been enjoying it for the last 25 years.
It will all come to an end on 31 Dec 2010, at the end of next year, when I will be up for an early retirement incentive. 
Now I have the Dyn Corp people courting me to go work for them as a contract pilot. We'll see.
Sorry to hear about your separation after so many years of marriage.
That is always hard, both emotionally and financially. 
However pilots have always been known for having multiple wives (mainly consecutively).  
All those long trips away from home don't make for good family life.  
Sometimes I think it is cheaper when you meet you future ex-wife to just give them your house and belongings up front instead of marrying them. : - )
Yet I can see that those Venezuelan beauties have got a hold on you.
I can definitely understand that. 
My wife is also Latina Americana, from Quito.
What part of the US are you domiciled? Florida? Or are you living full time in Abu Dhabi?
Keep in touch,
Un abrazo y Muchos saludos,
Attila Gyuris 
From: Kevan Torry <>
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009, 12:57 AM
Hi Attila,  
I'm ex MSB and was there about the time you were.  
Was there from about 63 to 66 and believe I remember you, were you of Hungarian background from Venezuela.  
I was born in Venezuela of Trini parents and was a boarder, used to hang out with the Venezuelans and the Trinis as I was fully bilingual at the time (my Spanish is still OK but not perfect).  
Had two cousins there Michael Torry, who was my age and Ronnie Torry who was older.
Reason I am contacting you is that our career paths followed similar lines, except for the law enforcement part.
Currently in Abu Dhabi where I am flying the Airbus 330-200 and the A340-500 and 600 series on worldwide routes.  
Used to fly for BWIA in Trinidad until the government reorganized the company and selectively terminated pilots in 2007, was very political.  
Flew the Boeing 707, DC9, MD83, L1011, HS 748, Boeing 737 NG and the Airbus 340-300.  
Was captain on all except the 707 and L1011.
I'm separated now after being married for 28 years, the ex is a Trini whose mother is from Maracaibo and my current girlfriend is from Margarita, guess I can't keep away from my Venezuelan roots.
Have three children Charles 27, doing his Masters in Miami after getting laid off; Michelle 26, getting her Doctorate in Physiotherapy in Jacksonville;   and Diana 23, Sports Management in Cincinnati working for the Cincinnati Reds.
Hope all is well with you.
Kevan Torry 
Ian Kirton
..3 jan 2010.
From: Nigel Boos  
I've just spoken with Ian. His email address is:
I appreciate your help in eventually finding him.
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Nigel Boos 
On 2010-01-01, at 7:32 PM, Maria Pereira wrote: 
Here's Ian's address.
Ian Kirton
585 Atherly Road, UNIT 202
Orillia, L3Z 7L5
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 17:42:25 -0500 
Dear Patrick,
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
I'm trying to find out about Ian Kirton.
Would you please advise me whether Ian is related to you, and whether he is a past student of the Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict?
Apparently, he is based here in Ontario and if so, I'd like to contact him.
Is there any contact information you can give me, please?
Thank you, in advance.
Best wishes.
Nigel Boos 
...5 jan 2010
From: Nigel P. Boos
Thanks, Simon.
I'm passing this along to Ladislao, for subsequent inclusion in the MSB Circulars.
Keep smiling.
Nigel P. Boos 
On 2010-01-05, at 5:05 PM, Simon DaCosta wrote: 
Hi Nigel,
This is a photo of me and Monica my wife.
After I left MSB I worked a Coca-cola for a while then I got married to D'aguiar from Guyana.
Her family then left Barbados and went to New Zealand and we followed.
We have lived here for around 40 yrs.
I worked as a Warehouse and transport Manager for a Swiss multinational company called Ciba-Geigy for about 32 yrs until it closed down.
I am now retired and looking after the grandchildren.
I live at 4 Seaside Ave,
            New Zealand 1026
To get history straight: Eugène Stassin ARCHITECT of the monastery 
Born in Namur, Belgium in 1899.
He is educated at the Leuven university and graduates in 1923.
Maurice Storez, founder of L'Arche, introduces Stassin to Dom Bellot and he enters the atelier as architect in 1924.
When Bellot moves to Wisques in 1929 Stassin follows his teacher.
He would stay there until 1933.
After 1933 he is working independently as an architect.
He died in 1967.  
Stassin designed at least the following religious buildings: 
Monastery for the Benedictines on Trinidad (1935),
Chapel Misericorde in Tertre (1933 ?),
Church Notre Dame Médiatrice in Leuven (1937),
College for the fathers Montfortians in Rotselaar (1954). 
From: Glen Mckoy  
Hello Cornel, 
I had a Dutch passport once, it expired a long time ago, my father was from Suriname,
I think I told you so, my father’s cousin, a long time ago, was the chief accountant for Shell in Aruba, at the time.  Any McKoys on Aruba, are my family. 
The photo is like Nova Scotia, nice shot.   
Thanks Glen, and how are you doing?? I want to know. 
Tell me when yuh feeling up to par, we will go down to Aruba and party O.K. 
Its a deal, I would love that. 
Cornel, don't tell any ah them mt. boys about this place, let's just keep it our secret, or else yuh know them guys, they would come down and crash the party, anyhow some ah them to wild, for me Ha!Ha! 
Later Glen..    
Subject: FW: (11/09) - MOON BEHIND THE LIGHTHOUSE - A R U B A ! 
Hi Glen:
How are you????
As you by now realize, I really enjoy all the "stuff" you send me and I often share with special friends and others.
But this one is really special to me.  
It is a snapshot of the lighthouse on the western tip of the island of ARUBA, sent to me by my nephew’s wife in Aruba,
This nephew, Angelo, is the youngest son of my brother Carlos who passed away recently.
I do not know if you know this, but I grew up in Aruba.
Aruba is one of the six Dutch islands in the Caribbean, along with five others (Aruba has for a while enjoyed a sort of semi-independence from the other five islands; Curacao, Bonaire, Saba, St.Eustatious and St. Martin...- an interesting story for another time.
What do you think of the snapshot with the moon rising behind it ?
But to get back to this now very popular "Nightspot" on a remote side of the island.
It has been "fixed up" and is now, as I said, become a popular nightclub/restaurant.
I noticed that they have added on some new structures.
But when it was re-opened as a nightclub some years ago, my brother's orchestra, (then called "The Aruban Band") opened it playing there for several nights during the week for about 14 days/nights, and guess who was managing the band when it opened the refurbished Lighthouse/night spot?  ...ME ...!
My brother, Carlos was away on a trip to Venezuela and asked me if I could take charge for him while he was away.
It was a lot of fun for me, because I just happened to be down there on vacation from Canada.
Anyway, I wanted to share that with you.
Take care.  Hope to hear from you soon.
So that is all for this week, now check out the photos 
Ladislao Kertesz,
09CF0001CDFLHO, Light house in Aruba
09GI005FSCOUTBADGES, courtesy of George Iwaszkiewicz.
66UN0001CLASS1969, latest on the names, please check out.
64AG0012AGYGRP, Bunch of UNKNOWNS by Attila Gyuris

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