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Circular No 450

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 
Caracas, 19 June 2010 No.450
Dear Friends,
Some more information on ASAA and a rehash on the problems that we had with our school´s name.
25 mayo 2010
From: Nigel P. Boos 
I had written an article for a local (TT) magazine published by Marie Gurley, Dennis' wife.  
The relevant section declares that "When the first monks, led by Dom Ambrose Vinckier O.S.B., arrived on October 6, 1912 at the site selected for them by the Right Rev. Dom Mayeul de Caigny O.S.B. a year earlier, they found only a tiny mud hut with a thatched roof.
Within two years, on August 14, 1914, after the monks had cleared the land and erected temporary rooms for their domestic use, the first little chapel was consecrated.
The new foundation was granted the status of a Consensual Priory on March 6, 1915, and was dedicated to Our Lady of Exile" 
It would be wonderful to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the monks arriving in Trinidad.
But is this idea being discussed at the Association level as yet?
Is the Abbot involved? If not, he should be!
Joe - anyone taking this up?
Nigel Boos 
FW: from Ian Gomes‏
From: Glen Mckoy (
Sent: Wed 3/17/10 12:54 PM 
My dear Ian,
I just wrote it as I saw it, looking from the outside.  
The excellent work that has been done, by you guys have been noted, for the home front, and yes the same guys did all the work, and the guys spent their own money in doing a lot of things, and this is not how it should be.  
You said the chairman is doing a good job, and it pleases me to hear this, well then problem here is your communication officer, we not getting no feedback, we are not reading in the Circular what is on the home base agenda. 
Ian, I know many of the boys do get together on little trips, and that's so good to hear.  
We do understand that, everyone has a life, and Ian, many of the brothers you and I know, are working just as hard out here, our life is our choice, I still have my son to complete university, if you have kids, you could never be rich, ha!ha!. 
Ian, I understand how busy our brothers are, all over the world.  
We take this into consideration, that's why, you don't volunteer to something, you cannot give a few hours per month, 
We are a shoe string operation, we require very little to operate, but do require a small fund for expenses.   
Ladislao sent out a circular on a couple of ideas, I see no feedback, about 25% of the mount boys, are in Trinidad
Ladislao had suggested someone in Trinidad, could be hired part time to keep up with some of the work load, which we will try to support from small donations, so please understand, we are not asking no one to disrupt their lives on behalf of us, we are just asking for better communications.  
You must forgive me for my urgency in these matters, however it has been like two years before, and we are not get some kind of explanation. 
The last thing I heard was Peter Tang, was going to speak to the abbot, any feedback there, good, bad, indifferent, nada.
Now Ian, I understand what you are saying, some bad dealings went on with the refectory etc., so the abbot refused to allow us to registrar the alumni, because the school no longer exist, and past old boys tried to obtain property belonging to the monks, for their own selfish gain, whose fault is this, ours? 
I understand his caution on this, but he can't hold back hundreds of members from forming a non-profit Alumni, did he attend a school, how would he like it, to be told the same thing. 
We would not draw up a document without the Abbots approval, we are gentlemen, and cannot allow a few bad apples, to spoil something that is good.  
He cannot just bury his head in the sand and think this will go away, if it’s our right, we will have it, if it’s not attainable, because of church law, well so be it, we don't exist, but we will have to find this out in our own way, I guess.   
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 17:35:42 -0700
I read the under mentioned.
While there is some merit in what you said, the group down here I believe are also very diverse and trying to find common ground is difficult.
I was one who wanted to formalize the group and Dennis Gurley gave it a shot but was shot down at the Registrar's office, when the Registrar said we needed a letter from the school agreeing to the association.
The abbot refused to do this as the school no longer existed and attempts were made in the past by old boys to obtain property belonging to the monks, for their own selfish gain.
In addition, one such venture resulted in the refectory now being in the hands of outsiders who have no respect for the monks and are laying claim to that property as their own.
This whole mess has left many boys here disillusioned, including myself.
Up to last week I was talking to Keith Allen and Milton Julien.
Keith is to try to contact Chris Knowles to see if we can call a meeting to try to organize a day visit to La Vega (Bert Manin's establishment in Couva - Douglas Watson manages the estate and is Bert's son-in-law) to try to bring together boys from all the generations for recreational purposes and to try to come up with ideas to go forward.
Let me also mention that we are not as fortunate as many of you out there, as we still have to work here and have families to maintain, including Kids in school here and abroad.
The work of the group down here is extremely difficult and (not trying to defend Joe or anything like that BUT) Joe has been an excellent chairman.
He was the one who got things done.
In the group, special mention has to be made of Chris Knowles, who recorded everything discussed and was instrumental in arranging all meetings in the past, as well as Peter Sammy, Kelvin Khan, Keith Allen, Norman Gabriel, Peter Tang, Winston Ramsahai, Gary Mathews and Jimmy Samaroo.
I was fortunate to work with these guys for the Last Reunion and they did a lot to promote the event to make it a success.
But we still have to go back to our jobs the next day and retirement to devote more time to the organisation is still years away, son.
It's not as easy as you make it out to be.
Dear Shaun,
Thank you for the suggestions, all good.  
I am sorry for confusing you and John, the names are close, like my last name also, we spell McKoy, there were two other brothers on the mount that, were also McCoys, different spelling. 
I must thank you for your honest comments; we are a very special and unique group,
I understand that Trinidad needs some kind of help, but right now, our brothers in Vene, have a lot more to worry about, this is looking at the picture from where I am.  
We as a group cannot be a voice, without unity, only then will we know our capabilities. 
Hi Glen,
Phew, where to start.
I love Macs. I just upgraded to the latest MacBook Pro 17" from a 4 y.o MBP 17"
I now have a very powerful machine and mobility. 
In deciding which Mac to get for yourself you have to weigh in your lifestyle. 
I needed as much screen size (real estate as they say) with mobility. I do sales and financial presentations all over the island. 
I also dabble with the creative side with photography, video and music. 
If mobility (even around the house) is not an issue for you, then the iMac is the next best choice.
So now you have to look at budget.
Buy the best you can afford. GO for a bigger Hard Drive or get an external storage HD (especially if you edit video a lot), wait a few months before upgrading RAM Memory.
Apple's own is expensive and you can get that cheaper elsewhere as the price drops (and it is easy to install yourself, without affecting warranty). 
I really like the 27 inch iMac. Plenty "real estate" and cheaper than the top of the line MacBook Pro.
Great for editing video and photos and music.
Also, if you buy the Elegato EyeTV for Mac, you can also watch, record and edit TV programs and so on as well. Sort of like TiVo.
The 27 in screen makes for a great spare TV.
Unless you use MSN Messenger a lot, switch your email over to Gmail from Hotmail. Much better spam protection and it integrates with Apple's Mail programme beautifully.
I don't use Messenger, I use Skype for video chatting with my kids in Australia
By the way, John Gioannetti is no relative of mine.
His name sounds phonetically like mine, but my last name is spelt differently (Gioannetti - Gianetti).
But we are friends and email each other stuff regularly and share similar interests.
I don't really have too much contact with past students of MSB, but I have been part of the listing for ages.
It is interesting to note that we have some "powerful" and I guess influential alumni within the society and maybe that will be of use some day. 
When I attended MSB, the Spanish Borders were being phased out.
SO there were only a handful there.
I never really experienced any bullying.
I was one of the "bright sparks" at the top of the class during my tenure, so I stayed out of trouble.
Both my brothers Michael and Ian also attended MSB.
I have never attended any reunions, mainly as Ladislao's emails tend to be 6 months out dated when he sends them out.
They are less regular now.
Whether I would actively get involved in Alumni stuff is debatable, as I am tied up in so many other things including being the President of the Offroad Motorcycle Association, organizing Motocross Races every few weeks. 
I don't really know if the Alumni have any focus or purpose at present.
What should they be doing?
Besides reunions, the occasional fund raiser, there could be a stronger more cohesive unit if we wanted or had the will to be.
Not that we necessarily want to go that route, but there are enough influential people within the group to effect change on Trinidad & Tobago, bring down this farce of a Government into a reality check.
Lobbyists, Political Action Group to effect change.
Get rid of the stupidity we are experiencing here.
Without a plan, any road will take you there (or something to that effect).
Like you say the lights on but no one is home.
Well sometimes the electricity gone too!
Chat soon
(I agree that there should be a person in charge to send out info on events etc, ed,)
Dear John, 
I am sorry for the mixup with Shaun, I am slipping up with age ha!ha!
Thank you the information, I've been working with cibc now for about 3 yrs, I get good discount on all, I am just a user, and it must work 24 hrs.  
I am proud to boast with pride that I am a mount boy, you are a mount boy, we have so many good brothers, its impossible, for me to hide, because one or two of my brothers, may have drawn negative vibes to themselves, while doing their jobs. 
None of this, is Club business, we don't judge brothers
On this site we walk in the light, everything we write is seen, by Great Knights.
Welcome back to the Club, let’s get the party started.
ha!ha! Thanks
iMac vs Mac Book  
I started with an iMac 2 yrs ago, when I saw how fast Shan's old Mac Book was I bought one so I have 2 right now
The reality is I hardly ever use the iMac, except for Photo Editing, but I use the MacBook for everything
LOVE IT, after my iPod it’s my best friend
As I said give me a call and I'll advise you IT / Computers has been my profession since I left school at 18, so I think I have picked up a thing or 2 
Re Shaun saying that we both have some common interest, which is highly exaggerated 
Our fathers worked together
We both went to Mount
We both are Mac fanatics and share technical info
We are both ipodophiles (people who like to play with ipods)
We both do photography
We are both lovers of motorcycles and motor-sports in general
We are both Curry Mount White Boys   
From: Glen Mckoy (
Sent: Tue 3/16/10 1:46 PM 
Thanks, I changed my password, the last tech, who did some stuff for me and a buddy, was good for awhile, but lately he's has been sloppy, I will be getting a new system or a new tech.
1st time I have had any problems, the last Mac pro I had my son has it, I am using a Toshiba, its o.k. but love the Mac, will be getting something soon. 
You see I want to record also, that's what I will use it for, and homemade videos, keep me busy and creative.
I am confused on which one, what you recommend??
Maybe an Imac?
Shaun, I don't know if you have any contact with the alumni in Trinidad, but man what a waste of time trying to make contact, we operate around them now,
What is their purpose, as it seems, most mount boys have nothing to do with them?
This is embarrassing, for all the guys outside, who really have a respect for the whole group. 
Like it’s hard for me to understand, as I have not seen many of these guys for like 30yrs or so.  
Now your brother John is from my time, a real nice guy, but was not aggressive, he was not a guy who liked fighting, a descent fella, not like many of the other animals ha! ha!, and he is right, when he speaks out about the bullying, man in my time, we had a few animals, but we don't talk about it, because none of them are on our list or in contact.
Now Berment, the chairman of the Alumni, is also from my time, good buddies with me also all of us, you know that guy never sent me one email since I have been on, I use to send him emails, but I just stop. 
This is our representative down there?
He told Ladislao, when we have things organize, and a vote, he will step down, step down from what ??  
Shaun, like yourself, so many good guys down there that are in contact with us out here, but have nothing to do with the local group. 
I know we are very diverse, but there must be a common ground, where we all could share a special occasion.
Shaun, I am sorry to ask you these questions, but you seem to be a well rounded young man, and I do respect your opinions.
Should we pursue having something in Trinidad ?? because what is there now, is not functioning, it’s out of order, the lights are on but it seems like no one is home.
Have a good day, my brothers, best regards
Glen Mckoy
Show details 16 Oct 2009 
Dear Ladislao,
Thank you for this Circular No.412, #1, please don’t be sorry for expressing how important, we the international body feels, about A NAME, we paid our dues, for our name. 
So what school did you go to?? Well, we are not allowed to use the name anymore. 
Is this a joke? It’s not so funny anymore. 
Also very embarrassing to all noble Knights. 
We cannot point the finger at any single brother, we are to blame only ourselves, for you are right, this is our time, however, any group anywhere in the world, that takes on a project, representing us, the entire alumni world-wide, must be prepared to deliver, must know when to ask for HELP, if there are obstacles, difficulties in a project, where members may be at a dead end, speak to the elders, past presidents, the Circular Circle, they will, then get the right experts involved, you are not alone on any project, anywhere.
You are alone, if you do not make proper contact, for we are a big group, in the hundreds, with an expert at almost anything, you can imagine.  
We must be gentlemen, under all circumstances, as we take firm actions, that a no reply or no response, as disrespectful, and looked upon by some, as a direct insult.  
I cannot predict the outcome, of this issue, or the many other obstacles we may, or not face on our climb up to "White Stones", but I can tell you this, there are many, Secret, Sacred Circles, around the world, and there is only one way in, you must have been a past student, of the "Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Tunapuna Trinidad. 
So what ever the outcome, as we say on our, "Pirate Cyber Sites" Welcome to the Club Amigos.  
I do not want to say too much more on this issue, until it is resolved. 
Just a few lines, thank you again, Ladislao. 
Now to the photos. 
Ladislao Kertesz at,
08TM0417TMEWFE, Timothy Mew and wife.
03MF0003DINNERCCS, Dinner photo taken in 2003.
08IG0008UNKNOWN, can anyone help, pls mention this number.
FARFAN-1, Pls Gregory, send me a 500kb quality photo.

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